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Stayathome, Covid 19

Govt clarifies 2km radius for exercise not shopping

Parts of Dublin that are normally teeming with people are largely quiet as people heed the message to #StayAtHome | Live #Covid19 blog:

28/03/2020 18:14:00

Parts of Dublin that are normally teeming with people are largely quiet as people heed the message to StayAtHome | Live Covid19 blog:

'Cocooning' for the over 70s and certain categories of people who are vulnerable to Covid-19 is in place, while 2km from your home for exercise is allowed where appropriate - follow our live blog for all today's developments.

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What resonates most with me is the poor guy sat alone on the bridge Where is Bono 😱 I don't see any shots of Dublin airport? Very strange times.😔 Poor person sitting on the bridge. Bless him he won’t collect much The homeless guys are still there on the skinning-cold bridge. Fantastic , i wish it were the same here in France

SimonHarrisTD Thank you. Great presentation. Clear and honest. SimonHarrisTD so in fact you can food and essential shop in a shop 2km can you? - I would have thought if you want to contain a virus you should shop local to you in a 2km radius (presuming you have a local shop to you in 2km?) SimonHarrisTD Bloody heck, Harris just went hard man. 'There is a special place in hell for those who extort ... when this is over, we will remember who they were '

SimonHarrisTD Doing great job SimonHarrisTD Could a live mic be set up for journalists in press room? Hard to hear their questions to minister. SimonHarrisTD Stay at home SimonHarrisTD Are HSE healthcare support assistants working in the community to be given access to the p.p.e.? The lads on O’Connell bridge aren’t going to give up their positions easily.

Shwinging the camera round a bit fasht ❤️❤️ valarieoleary CherGreening The last time it was this quiet was during Italia 90. CathMurphyTD Did anyone else notice the outside lane-hogger (even though nothing to overtake) in the motorway scene? 😂 Love Dublin 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 ☘️ ☘️♥️♥️ Classy Hawaiian palm tree effect.

Last time I saw O’Connell street that deserted was the night of IrlVItaly in USA 94.

Covid-19: 2km travel limit does NOT apply to food shoppingPeople have been advised that the 2km travel limit announced by the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar last night applies only to physical exercise.

Public told stay within 2km of home for two-week lockdown to stop Covid-19IRELAND is on a two-week lockdown from midnight tonight to stop the spread of Covid-19. Everyone must stay at home unless they are doing essential work, buying food, visiting a doctor, leaving for …

Taoiseach clarifies that 2km limit just for exercise, and confirms takeaways will stay openTaoiseach clarifies that 2km limit just for exercise and takeaways will stay open Anyone else think that whenever leo speaks he only drives the hoarders cracked. 2Km ? WTF ? Is that 2km by road or as the crow flies? Asking for a crow.

Govt to publish full list of essential workersThe full list of essential workers will be published this morning.

Govt to publish full list of essential workers'We Will Prevail' - Retail body issues letter for essential workers

Coronavirus: Local and independent radio stations to get €2.5m from GovtThe money is being re-purposed from the Sound and Vision scheme to help mitigate against falling advertising revenues.