Gardaí to launch operation discouraging Easter travel

Gardaí are to launch a nationwide policing operation tomorrow to discourage people from leaving their homes and travelling to holiday locations over the Easter weekend

07/04/2020 22:11:00

Gardaí are to launch a nationwide policing operation tomorrow to discourage people from leaving their homes and travelling to holiday locations over the Easter weekend

Gardaí are to launch a nationwide policing operation tomorrow to discourage people from leaving their homes and travelling to holiday locations over the Easter weekend.

Garda patrols are also to be stepped up at key locations such as parks and natural beauty spots.The initiative comes amidst Government concerns that increasing numbers of people are congregating and not remaining within two kilometres of their homes. Read more: RTÉ News »

too late...blackwater and kilmuckridge black with visitors from first hand accounts...asleep at the wheel Social Welfare Offices are still open and dealing with people who, many for the first time, find themselves looking for assistance in these terrible times. Many thanks to the lady in the Blanchardstown office who was very helpful and took a lot of the stress from the experience.

Unless you start handing out serious finds nothing is going to be done I would give them the harshest penalty, fine or jail time it's the only way to stop people traveling Close all holiday sites and beaches. As if the gardai need any more power Don’t travel more than 2km from your Dublin home . Travel to Dublin from outside Ireland from wherever ? Same thing , no ?

Stay at home for sure , flatten the curve .This is difficult for people who have country homes to retreat to so as to escape city life but you have to stay at home . Q. Why then are we leaving our airports open for people to travel here from mass infected areas . Same thing ? Standing around O’Connell St when every public park in the city is full of people is definitely not the way to do it !!

Too late the rats have left for the coast since last weekend. Two weeks to late U should spot the criminals easier team. Good work. It takes them over 5 hours to come out if you need them, friend of mine who managed the petrol station was robbed and it took them 4 hours to come out because there is no police in the area this is going to be a right mess up.

To little to late their already in wexford About time why is ok for most of to obey but others putting people lives at risk because they want to enjoy the sun Wouldn't it be easier to order the holiday home owners to keep the holiday parks locked until the lockdown is lifted, thereby removing the temptation to travel. Partial refunds may be warranted from the tenants but we live in a new normal and everyone is taking a financial hit.

I don’t understand why people are so selfish. Staying at home is simple and lucky that people have a home. I am sure the frontline workers and homeless would give anything to stay at home. Now, the poor guards are managing adults like children to tell them stay in their play pens Easter is cancelled They can stop you from going to your holiday home, but they can’t stop illegals from just barging in and making Ireland their home. Funny kind of police force, that.

Why tomorrow? Would Friday not be better when people are travelling for the long weekend, turn them all around and a stern warning not to try a different route FergalBowers This is appropriate and if it saves lives it’s worth it Quite right Checkpoints on the aprons of all airports, ferryports, and the border so I hope for all non essential travelers.

So will the British 'tourists' be sent home? Great news. A little late unfortunately. The 'holiday homes' are all practically full now. Eastmeetswest 😕 Well done 👍 people stay at home Northerners sneaking to Donegal: Quick question what are the new regulations and when do they expire? In fairness it’s only Wednesday tomorrow, hardly counts as the weekend !

Discourage versus stop. There’s a big difference! They need powers to arrest, stop vehicle and impound vehicle with hefty release fee. Hope it works but are restless Ocean_handrail Put roadblocks on all the roads out of Dublin StayHomeSaveLives Great news, hope it’s strictly enforced!!! FergalBowers Given what I've seen here in my area in West Cork yest & today, there's already an influx of people here in ' holiday mode ' at the local beach & surrounding area! Behaving like it's a typical Easter week.Yet it's anything but. Stay at home & don't undo the huge effort we've made

Get down to Kerry GardaTraffic and send them all back home From Ballydehob to the Mizen seconds already full. Thanks covid holiday makers Good. Turn them around. Good! Have a bit of cop on and stay home. It won't kill you. 😏 Good. Stay at home. Holiday can wait. Don’t be COVIDIOT StayHomeSaveLives Must of them will be travelling at night time so will d Gardaí be out then StayAtHomeSaveLives

I really hope they do. I have a holiday home for the past 38 years also my two sons albeit less time. This is the first year that we can’t use it but so be it. I just wish everyone else would he if the same mind 😢 FergalBowers Letting people know today so they can go before the policing operation starts! StayAtHome

Good luck FergalBowers Gardai must ask for licence so they can see a person address otherwise people will just lie FergalBowers Is someone going to look at the cars coming from the UK and people going to their holiday homes? Really? What is happening? They need to be sent to jail. Unfortunately this is going to be difficult unless the law is passed BEFORE weekend. And stop English cars coming off ferry heading to west cork

Everyone stay home. What is wrong with people. You are SAVING LIVES by STAYING HOME. How hard is that to understand. 🤔 'I'm going to the shop Guard' 'erm.....right so' Just go to the caravan parks and shut them down. Problem solved. Why hasnt SimonHarrisTD signed the bill to give the Guards the powers they need.

Bit late just seen 6 cars towing caravans heading West on Athlone bypass about 2 hours ago StayHome FergalBowers But there is no law against it right? Which is pathetic That horse has bolted . Anecdotal evidence of people driving in the very early morning , tipping each other off re. checkpoints etc.

Too late? Good news for sure. Stay at home this weekend,your first home, not your holiday home! Hope they're not already too late from some comments I've read today.... FergalBowers ‘Discourage’? We need much more than that. Word discourage , replace with STOP Too late. Holiday homes being filled around here since last weekend. D regs galore

Buy a dash cam and mic just in case they're in breach of puttin words in your mouth All holiday home parks should be closed that will keep the bulk at home Stay at home Gemma O'Doherty! Only a matter of time ! I'm delighted to hear this. Everyone needs to stay at home. I'm a young mother with underlying health condition. My 4 year old and husband don't want me to become seriously ill or possibly die because of selfish entitled people who don't care about anyone but themselves

About time They need to be given the power to arrest ppl, was like a June bank holiday this afternoon round my way, gangs of kids everywhere good keep it up for the week The fact that this is even necessary is worrying! Stay at home people!! COVID19 COVID19ireland Discourage ? Turn them away!! Dublin has the majority of positive cases so we should try to contain it & not spread it needlessly. I live in Dublin & wouldn’t consider going anywhere beyond 2km from home. We all have a responsibility on this

Almost a sense of people starting to get more relaxed about the situation which might not be a good thing, we were shitting more a couple of weeks ago after 7 deaths, 36 died today so it's not good, take note everyone. Weather is not that good for the weekend anyway. FergalBowers Galway is doing great, and we want it to stay that way! staysafe stayathome

What's definitely needed. This is a a great comfort to hear. 🙏 They're already piling into Wexford They need the legislation to back them up. FergalBowers Why has the minister for health not signed the regulations? Great well done Gardaì Good stuff, whatever it takes to get people to stay at home and don’t be spreading the virus. There are enough people sick and dead because of this. Don’t let anyone else suffer from the virus or from the death of a loved one. Stay at home for Easter.

Should be doing this all the time Anyone who was going has left that's the Phoenix you have a better a check on the M4...or just outside Roundstone?....or Wexford ? tris2506 Easter will be the UK’s undoing. Particularly if the weather is nice. lockdown Cop on people.Where are your conscience's 36 deaths today . These people died without family or friends . It's unforgivable to even think of traveling to your holiday home. Covid_19 drhoulihan

Great news I hope it's strictly enforced. Those of us who are not frontline workers have the easy bit! JUST STAY AT HOME!!! 😡 Good I hope it works Excellent news. We’ve far too much Covid19 in County Clare already thank you; certainly don’t need any more from tourists! Well done 👏👏a little bit of respect for us culchies please. .Stay in Dublin

Easter Bunny an 'essential worker' during virus crisisThe Prime Minister of New Zealand has assured children that both the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Will the Easter Bunny deliver for all Leaving Cert pupils in this fantasy world of the Department of Education? McHughJoeTD LeoVaradkar cancelthelc What is an Easter bunny?

Sunny side up: Warm days on way for Easter egg huntsFamilies chafing under the Covid-19 lockdown and planning back garden egg hunts to occupy their children face an Easter weekend of sunshine and showers. ummm easter egg hunts in a pandemic. suriously What a bad headline. Easter egg hunt when we are in a pandemic. Nice work Indo. Easter egg hunts? Haven't ye heard of this virus thing that is around? Or maybe physical distancing AND the NEED for all to stay indoors unless ABSOLUTELY necessary ?

New Zealand Prime Minister reassures children that Easter Bunny is an essential workerUtterly useless woke leader. Leo's twin sister. Let COVID run wild on a remote set of islands that are barely populated. Now shutdown their economy to cover up her mistakes

Gardaí seize €50,000 'hit bounty' paid for murder of Robbie LawlorCriminals linked to the Maguire side of the Drogheda feud are now the chief suspects for the murder of Robbie Lawlor after gardaí seized a €50,000 bounty they believe was paid for the murder of the gangland hitman. Rounder's Clowns to be on roads in these circumstances He looks like some spastic

Health Minister Simon Harris assures children the Easter Bunny is an essential workerMINISTER for Health Simon Harris has assured the children of Ireland that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker and will be allowed to work his busiest shift of the year this Sunday. Although Tao… I thought I had blocked this lying rag ,an insult to journalism since the 80s

Taoiseach appeals to members of the public not to travel to holiday homes this Easter weekendFears have begun to surface that some may take advantage of the good weather and flout the current emergency measures. Ye can be sure a hell of a lot will. It's already happening ffs, many have been flouting the emergency measures the whole time ffs, easier for them to ignore it and pretend everybody is abiding by what they asked Give the Gardai the powers to do something about it. Whats the delay in bringing the new powers into force.