Gardaí introduce a working definition for hate crime

An Garda Síochána has introduced a working definition for hate crime as part of its diversity and integration strategy


An Garda Síochána has introduced a working definition for hate crime as part of its diversity and integration strategy

An Garda Síochána has introduced a working definition for hate crime as part of its diversity and integration strategy. Under-reporting of hate crime was a concern for Garda Commissioner Drew Harris at the launch of the strategy today.

He said he hoped a new working definition for gardaí would help protect all minorities and diverse groups in society.

Over the next three years there will be enhanced reporting, recording, investigating and prosecuting mechanisms put in place for dealing with hate crimes, along with a pulse record for non-hate crimes.

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Are they? Same as in Britain and across the globe all making up fake hate crime laws! This is a globalist agenda when it's everywhere all at the same time like the climate change scam and the lbgtq agenda! This really is lawlessness. It makes me sick to my stomach. Ireland is being absolutely destroyed. I am truly saddened that Ireland is being taken away from Irish People. Despicable destructive ideology.

Why even wait for legislation? You know they'll pass it anyway. Manufacture a crisis with a few low rent actors in a Lidl ad and you can transform a country's laws overnight. Perception is in the eye of the beholder I recall the brave Gardaí harassing LGBTQ in the George in the 90s. Brave brave men is thought crime next?

Doesn't surprise me that some dickhead that used to be in the RUC wants to restrict people's rights I honestly don’t understand the purpose of “hate crimes”, surely a crime is a crime? Common Purpose cult is creeping into the Gardai. Those who advocate mass immigration to Ireland and thereby support the replacement of the Native Irish are surely displaying hostility and prejudice to an ethnic group. Will Drew Harris charge the cheerleaders for mass Immigration with Hate Speech?

Seems all the racists are feeling very triggered by this news.....

'If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, report it': Hate crime definition introduced for gardaíGarda Commissioner Drew Harris said the definition will enhance the service gardaí can offer to victims of hate crimes How? By giving them preferential treatment?

Marxism - Police State Cultural Marxism - Moral Relativism - Legal Relativism - 'Hate' Speech - Police State Ultimately the same aim, to control our lives and deny us freedom. This is a bit dubious. We need legislation, not the Guards’ interpretation based on the ‘feelings’ or ‘perceptions’ of randomers. We need concrete definitions after a consultation process.

ClownWorld gardainfo Crime can be characterized as an objective action not a subjective reaction How about not carbon-copying horrible ideas from the English? Who died and made all the Guards our legislators and our judges? Ireland is turning into 🤡🌎. It’s not the Ireland everyone remembers and thinks fondly of. It’s turning into another multicultural non-cohesive society like South Africa. Thanks Marxists and RTÉ style neoliberals!

🤣🤣🤣 working definition not worth a damn .It ain't on the statue books so its a load of hypothetical nonsense. And the Garda became law makers when? Will you be allowed to describe the ethnicity of the perpetrators of crime? Say for example an extended clann of males from a country close to India were mass raping the native girls of a town about the size of Rotherham? Will be reporting the truth, Hate as well?

Trial date set for man charged with murdering Garda Adrian DonohoeGarda Adrian Donohoe murder trial date set for man charged with killing detective

Gas how M15 no longer hide in the shadows. They now officially head our Gardaí and make no bones about it. Drive down with armed RUC/PSNI from the north. Write the rules themselves Any plans on dealing with the racist African gangs that are plaguing towns along North Dublin rail links? Any plans on repatriating some of the families that are causing chaos in Tyrellstown or Balbriggan? Or are these 'hate crime laws' simply targeted solely against White people

“Perceived by the victim...” The permanent offended now have a vehicle to legally punish perceived hurty words Divide and conquer!! Who’s going to investigate the Garda hate crimes ? Are the Gardai getting 500 extra staff to deal with all the fake / malicious complaints? GardaTraffic Took a full 24 hours before a guard called to my parents after a burglary, how long will they take to respond to some name calling?

Pure retardation. I was called a white €unt a few times, what should I do? Because someone perceived what a comment may mean,they get to choose what it means? These laws are only designed to go one way. As in England they will be used to silence or imprison anyone who speaks truth to power. Take Billy Charlton for example

Drug driving will 'very shortly' exceed drink driving, garda warnsAssistant commissioner in charge of roads policing, David Sheahan, said that five out of six people tested positive at a roadside drug test in Dublin over the weekend.

Why am I not surprised? 🤡🌎 Perceived by the victim ... in plain simple words ... so in my mind I perceive your not listening to me or calling me an illiterate fool ... so off to the Garda I go to report your hate crime ... what a country we live in Sgt McCabe “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” George Orwell 1984

Censorship! This copies what Britain has done. Nothing original or intelligent. It leaves the door open for malicious complaints by a newly elevated class of everyone but straight ethnic Irish people to use as a personal or political weapon. This is clown world policing, a regressive step. Perceived by the victim ... guilty till proved guilty by anyone that doesn’t agree ...

A certain former journalist in Ireland will fall foul of more than a few. Any criminal offence perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender

Trial scheduled for man charged with murdering a gardaA 15-person jury will be sworn to hear the trial of a man charged with murdering a garda more than six and a half years ago, a judge at the Central Criminal Court said today.

Whilst they are a law onto themselves when did the Garda actually start making new laws up? olgamedb Thoughtcrimes here we come! Is calling the Garda rotten corrupt bastards a hate crime? I'm afraid I won't be complying with anyone's definition of Hate. 🖕🏻 Fuck off I will call it as I see it! I will not have opinions forced on me and silenced

Gardaí are a subsidiary of the NGO complex now Hi, where can we find out what organisations framed this for the Gardai? Can we get the full consultation list somewhere?

700 new guards to be recruited with increased garda budgetTotal investment in justice and policing will see an increase of €120 million next year, a 4.7% increase on last year's Budget

Rank-and-file officers accuse government of 'building garda reform plan on quicksand'The GRA has pointed out that €15 million for the Trump and Pence visits will have to come out of the additional €81 million announced today How much money was spent supplying security for visiting Eurocrats in 2019? €15 million? For what Trump may want to pay it back out of the tens of millions tax he'll collect on Kerry Gold butter exports to the US.

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