Gardaí İn Process Of İdentifying İndividuals Who 'Posted Racist Abuse Online' Forcing Young Family T

Gardaí İn Process Of İdentifying İndividuals Who 'Posted Racist Abuse Online' Forcing Young Family T

Gardaí in process of identifying individuals who 'posted racist abuse online' forcing young family to leave Ireland -

Gardaí in process of identifying individuals who 'posted racist abuse online' forcing young family to leave Ireland

09/10/2019 14:58:00

Gardaí in process of identifying individuals who 'posted racist abuse online' forcing young family to leave Ireland

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said gardai are in the process of identifying individuals who allegedly posted racist abuse online forcing a young family to leave Ireland.

EmailFiona Ryan from Co Meath, her fiancé Jonathan Mathis, from the Cotswolds in England, and their one-year-old son Jonah appeared in a television and billboard campaign for supermarket Lidl last month.However a number of racist messages were posted on social media about the family and they have since left the country to return to England after receiving a threat that left them fearing for their lives.

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Speaking in Balbriggan, Co Dublin, this morning as he launched the Garda's new three-year diversity and integration strategy, Commissioner Harris said officers are in the process of identifying those behind the abuse."We remain in contact with the Ryan family. We are now in the process of identifying individuals, identifying those we believe are suspects of offences that may have been committed.

"And then we will go through a process of interviewing them, gathering evidence and reporting that matter to the DPP."There's an investigation on-going with the outcome of bringing individuals to justice," he added.The new strategy defines a hate crime as any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be, in whole or in part, motivated by hostility or prejudice based on age, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Over the three years of the strategy enhanced reporting, recording, investigating and prosecuting mechanisms will be put in place in respect of hate crime.It will also see"non-crime hate incidents" recorded on the Garda's Pulse database for the first time.

An initial online reporting facility for hate crime will also be developed.Also speaking at the launch minister of state David Stanton said:"Actions such as this go to the heart of what is needed - concrete steps to ensure that all groups and communities in an increasingly diverse society have the confidence that they are respected, valued and safe."

He said the Department of Justice is reviewing the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989 and a public consultation on the act is due to start shortly.It is hoped the strategy will lead to improved trust and confidence in An Garda Siochana by all sections of society.

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Rang the Garda because young pups had broke in to a neighbors house while on holiday,took them 1hr 45mins to appear,now I know why!!! they’re too busy following up on social media threats but What happens when travelers threaten each other? The real criminals must be delighted Hold on. Wasn't he being relocated with work anyways. That's not being FORCED abroad. Now I'm confused .... hmmmmmmmmm......

Disgraceful. We are all humans. No word on this yet though. God bless the Family, i wish them well. oceanclub Glad to hear it ! Beautiful family. Racism is ignorant & sad It's the Nazis we need to rid Ireland of. Starting with the Blonde Smiley face White Supremacy in Ireland IrelandForAll1 Twitter Facebook time for self regulation is over these companies have failed miserably

IrelandForAll1 You don’t need to identify it all stems from Gemma Ugly Doherty Good Get Colleen Rooney on the case. It will be sorted in no time. Let’s get rid of racists, not races. They've chosen their own plans Nobody forced them to do anything. Are they the only people to ever be abused? Do they all choose to run away? Is there No abuse in other countries? Was all planned to leave in truth. Actors acting.

gemmaod1 ? Gemma nO Dignity (gemmaod1) the deluded freak is loving the publicity that she's getting out of this. Here is one they can start with And Rightly so “ Bizarre - your own tweet has a different alarmist emphasis than the actual article. The article says (1) “*allegedly* posted racist abuse online” (2) “the family are *returning* to England”. - the whole story’s just a ball of smoke but at least keep some semblance of truth to it

Excellent news, this family deserve a postive outcome out of this vile harassment gardainfo it was gemmaod1 who very openly endorsed the online abuse. checking her feed and the feeds of all the wannabe nationalistic hardcases (read cowardly nitbagz) that she appeals to, might be a good start Jail them!

Why call them the Ryan’s did he take her name or sumtin 😂 Fake News Well it's going to be a hard investigation because under law you can't give out details to anyone under data protection be the law or not read up on it Gemma. O. Doherty. Shortest investigation ever if you just start with her. gemmaod1 Jail babes 😂😂

Erm in the process? Gemma ODoherty Anti Irish nonsense. People are entitled to express their opinions. News media really dragging the life outta this story while brushing reality under the rug. Great! How long does the 'in process' take? Grand, as long as they are prosecuted, and all their social media access barred for the rest of their naturual lives. Disgusting behaviour esp when the Irish sought and got sanctuary in so many countries over generations.

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