FactCheck: No, a Covid-19 vaccine will not make your arm magnetic

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FactCheck: Claims have been shared online that a Covid-19 vaccine can make your arm magnetic - these claims are false

VIDEOS HAVE BEEN shared online in recent months which show people saying they were able to stick magnets to the site of their Covid-19 vaccination.

Dogné had examined her arm to see if there was something magnetic there following her Covid-19 injection. The results were “completely negative, meaning there was no magnetism around where the arm was injected,” he said. They also removed any stickiness from the individuals’ arms using magnesium sulphate and after that, found that the people who had reported stickiness lost all stickiness on their arm.

Eric Palm, of the UK National High Magnetic Field Laboratory also spoke to the BBC about the viral claims. He said, ”There’s really no physical reason [for magnetism] – the vaccine needles are extremely small, a fraction of a millimetre in size, so even if you injected an extremely magnetic particle it would be so small in size that there wouldn’t be enough force on it to actually keep a magnet stuck to your skin.


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Well don't know about becoming magnetic when a vaccine is taken, which I have not but it is giving you the virus & that's enough to worry about besides the side affects known about & the ones yet to become known after long period after the jab has been given

Mercury in the vaccines, is slightly magnetic

Fact check; No a spongebob doesn't in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea Wow you really think you're groundbreaking here fact checking the obvious

Can you share proof of this since you print it. Other run risk of a fine.

it is disturbing to me that needs to be even fact checked......

Bill Gates up to no good as usual.

The Journal doesn't do impartial

Who fact checked this somebody working for the mainstream scaremongers no doubt

If the journal are fact checking it I guarantee there’s an element of truth in it

I’m fully vaccinated and right now I’m covered in fridge magnets😱WAKE UP a SHEEPLE

Source: 'trust me, bro'

Explain this then..

I've seen magnets stick to people's arms

What about my boobs or my bum 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

FACT: 100% of dead people aren’t currently alive factcheck

If the journal says it's false then it's probably true

Tinfoilers are hilarious

I was just thinking my OH had been a bit clingy lately..

That's their story and they are sticking to it.

Im sorry but anyone who believed this and needs this ‘fact checked’ for them was, is & always be an idiot of the highest order.

Be handy if true. It’d help me find my car keys

Wow the fact that u even have to report this is worrying 🤦‍♀️😆

Reading the journal can make you stupid though.

No silly, bill gates has to flick the switch, then the chip turns on, starts transmitting back to bill, thats when it turns magnetic. 😉🤐🤥

now do one about all the claims of severe adverse events.

Did you really need to fact check that 😂


Was wondering why my arm kept sticking to my fridge. 😆

At least the vaccine will pick up 5G internet so you can hotspot on your device or so I’ve been told?

Damn near spit my coffee out

If you needed The Journal to fact check that for you, get in the sea.

Anyone believing these claim has a magnet for a brain.

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