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Some wise words of advice from the man behind SupermacsIRE 💡 Listen to a brand new episode of Life and Leadership where bobbykerr talks to fast-food restaurant legend, Pat McDonagh 🍔 With thanks to Amundi_ENG

Pat McDonagh opened his first fast food restaurant in Galway back in 1978. He has since gone on to open over 100 Supermac's restaurants across Ireland and also owns a hotel chain as well as motorway plazas.

Pat talks to Bobby Kerr about his early days as a teacher, his entry in to business, his low points and regrets, the occasions where his opinions got him in to trouble, his leadership style, his path to success and more.


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bobbykerr Amundi_ENG Because that’s the problem yeah? Poor people are just not working hard enough. Oh boy . Whetting

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG A load of balony

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG There's a job in Ireland for anyone who wants to work!! Throwing money at people who don't is not right.... people who work everyday,full time,and do overtime, can't afford to do fuck all!!

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG The middle class is really just the working class. Living pay cheque to pay cheque, always behind on bills. The social welfare class can clean 4/5000 a month and have more disposable income than the 'middle'.

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG Also. Automation and ai . But let’s ask the old lads what they think

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG Trust Newstalk to push divide and conquer politics. The smell of classism off this post is rank.

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG That country is a joke! Glad I got out of it..

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG Cheeky prick. The wages he offers his own staff isn't exactly the greatest incentive to work either!

bobbykerr Amundi_ENG He’s kind of right, the working poor and middle classes are carrying the can, and struggling to do it. Yet all we hear on newstalk is Targeted this and Targeted that. That’s fine if it was only aimed at the old, young and those that cannot work, but it includes wasters.

SupermacsIRE bobbykerr Amundi_ENG Don't forget to make sure you can pay your workers a shite wage, then berate low wage workers for not working for you because you don't pay enough.

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Ireland Latest News, Ireland Headlines

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