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End of the road for electric car grant for company cars

Government changes tax incentives for electric cars and hybrids


The Government has ended the €3,800 grant for businesses purchasing electric cars or plug-in hybrids, in a decision seemingly at odds with efforts to encourage the move to electric transport.

Government changes tax incentives for electric cars and hybrids

(SEAI), was on top of the €5,000 tax rebate on Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) on full-electric vehicles.

The changes apply to all applications received from Wednesday October 23rd. This gives consumers two weeks to apply for purchase grants under the existing rules – provided that the vehicles are registered and the grant claimed before the end of 2019.

The changes were announced as part of a wider range of Budget measures relating to electric vehicles. The Minister for Finance,

A further €3 million has been allocated for new electric vehicle charging infrastructure, bringing the total budget for the Department to €6 million, in addition to €10 million support to develop the public charging network from the Climate Action Fund.

Read more: The Irish Times

Lettiemccarthy So disappointing, how does this square with the ClimateAction plan RichardbrutonTD ? So it is true, the new carbon taxes are a money grab for central exchequer funds Wait until Brexit! Ireland won't know what hit it! 🤭 Govt not serious about reducing carbon footprint no incentive to go electric it’s just an excuse for govt to take more from us ! bringontheelection

deshocks Better to put that money into electric buses and trains than SIMI dealer pockets. hegarty_ruth The government are too dependant on fossil fuels as a major tax source to be turning the consumers onto electric cars and renewable energy sources. They only need to appear to be doing something while in practice doing nothing . Its a win win for the political elite

deshocks They want everyone’s money thats about it a joke Did...did they think that people wouldn't notice? It's pretty obvious when speech is coming out both sides of a mouth, isn't it?!

Brexit talks could end this week - Number 10 sourceBritain will take an aggressive stance towards the European Union if Brexit talks break down, threatening to withhold security cooperation to convince the bloc not to allow any further delay, a Number 10 source was quoted as saying. They never started. Well the only thing they offered was let our off bag last night

The right hand giveth while the left taketh away.

Does US withdrawal spell end of Syria's Kurdish region?At the beginning of this year US President Donald Trump planned for a withdrawal of troops from Syria and vowed to 'devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds' when the US was gone. Saudi Qatar Turkey and US armed the Jahadi rebels..Then when they morphed into IS Kurds with US air support fought them..Now US is leaving and Turkey will take over and banish the Kurds.Invade like they did Cyprus...At least Trump is ending this horrible Syrian regime change war In light of Russia's support for the Syrian government, how would Erdogan get the okay to attack Syrian Kurds? Don't think Russia will take on Turkey a NATO member...Russia will do nothing if Turkey invades....

Gardai hunt missing car after 'shots fired' in Irish townOfficers have warned members of the public not to approach the vehicle

Gardaí in Louth hunt missing car after 'shots fired' in Ardee

Diplomat's wife 'fled UK from US airbase on private flight' after fatal crash - Independent.ieThe wife of a US intelligence agent accused of killing a teenager in a car crash was spirited out of Britain on a private flight from a US airbase. Diplomatic immunity being abused to evade natural justice. Disgraceful, my heart goes out to the family of young man..

Father-of-one extradited from UK and sent for trial in Dublin over guns, silencers and bullets found in car - Independent.ieA FATHER-of-one has been sent for trial on firearms charges over the seizure of two machine guns, three handguns, silencers and 100 rounds of ammunition in a parked car in a Dublin apar

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