Dr Ciara Kelly: 'Spare A Thought For Those Not Feeling The Spirit Of Christmas' - Independent.İe

Dr Ciara Kelly: 'Spare A Thought For Those Not Feeling The Spirit Of Christmas' - Independent.İe

Dr Ciara Kelly: 'Spare a thought for those not feeling the spirit of Christmas' - Independent.ie

Dr Ciara Kelly: 'Spare a thought for those not feeling the spirit of Christmas'


Dr Ciara Kelly: 'Spare a thought for those not feeling the spirit of Christmas'

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception to you. Not to be confused with the virgin birth - Jesus being conceived without sex -the immaculate conception was Mary, mother of God, being c

The booze shopping - only at Christmas do we imagine that we need to have the whole contents of a bar available in case anyone drops round - even though no-one drops round anymore and most of us have disconnected our doorbells.

The school WhatsApp groups are a minefield as people try to decide, if a fiver or a tenner, is the acceptable contribution to various collections for various people. It isn't even just the fact that all that money adds up. It's the stress of organising eight small presents per child, on top of everything else.

But the real issue that makes some people dread Christmas isn't the money, the stress or the work load. I think the hardest part for people is probably the fact that Christmas shines a giant fairy light on what you don't have by way of friends or family.

Or you are the only person who hasn't pulled together a giant group of friends who have your back and whom you can laugh and cry with.

Feeling out of step with the 'Joy to the World' narrative isn't easy. And who do you say it to? Admitting to loneliness, or despair, is difficult at the best of times. Admitting it at Christmas is nearly impossible.

Maybe invite a friend you haven't seen for coffee. Or maybe ask someone you know doesn't have many people in their life - around for a plate of food. Maybe reach out with your time and your company, rather than just your cash.

Easing someone's loneliness is probably the best present you could ever give them.

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