Donnelly expects four million people will be vaccinated against Covid-19 by end of September

Update from Minister comes as HSE tells hospitals to speed up discharge of patients

14/01/2021 11:00:00

Stephen Donnelly expects 4m people will be vaccinated against Covid-19 by end of September

Update from Minister comes as HSE tells hospitals to speed up discharge of patients

The number of deaths reported on Wednesday is the second highest during the pandemic. The highest number, 77, was reported on April 20th.With ICU capacity expected to be used up by the weekend, the Health Service Executive has told hospitals to minimise patients’ length of stay and facilitate their discharge “to the fullest extent”, as well as using the private sector to maximise capacity.

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In a letter to senior managers, HSE chief clinical officer Dr Colm Henry says hospitals are “under pressure” due to the high number of Covid-19 patients and associated high staff absenteeism.Urging staff not just to focus on the peak of this surge, he says it is important to understand that “because of the volume of cases and the longer-than-average times patients spend in hospital there will be a slow downturn in the numbers in hospital” afterwards.

By next Monday more than 2,000 Covid-19 patients will require hospitalisation, Dr Henry forecasts, compared to Wednesday’s figure of 1,770. More than 220 of these patients will require critical care, easily using up remaining capacity in the system.While a vaccine is being rolled out, Dr Henry says “this is not a solution that in the short term will address this surge”.

Evolving timelinesIn a letter seen by The Irish Times, Mr Donnelly said it was “important to stress that our projections and timelines are constantly evolving, as more vaccines are approved and delivery schedules finalised”.He wrote “the administration of vaccines will be limited only by supply. We plan to use these vaccines as soon after delivery as possible.”

Ireland has opted into five Advance Purchase Agreements (APA) for vaccines and the process on opting into a sixth APA (GSK/Sanofi Pasteur) in underway.Mr Donnelly said that following the initial phase of the roll-out, there will be a “considerable scale-up”.

“This will be achieved through partnerships with GPs, pharmacists and ultimately delivered through mass vaccination centres (MVCs).“Engagement with GPs and pharmacist representatives is advanced and we expect to conclude terms for their participation in the vaccination programme in the coming days. The HSE is also finalising plans to have GPs vaccinated.”

Mr Donnelly has also announced that figures around how many people have been vaccinated will be published on the Covid-19 data hub from this weekend onwards. Read more: The Irish Times »

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England have just announced they have vaccinated 3 million people.. that’s 75% of the Irish population vaccinated ina couple of weeks.. what is going on More soundbites and management cliches. Yet frontline Paramedics in DFB have had all their vaccine appointments cancelled due to 'technical issues'. Stephen Unfuppingbelieveable Donelly

I don't know who he's talking about. Every single person I know and every person they know won't be taking it. Vaccinate the old & vulnerable but young healthy people don't need a drug for something they cannot die from. The vaccine doesn't stop you catching or spreading covid19. Is that full double dose?

The Government expects that at least four million people in the State will be vaccinated against Covid -19 by the end of September. Q. Is this a piece from an American Newspaper 😂😂 This entire country has the population of large city compared to other countries, what the hell is going on ? other countries like Israel will have their entire population done by march

Too slow. Absolutely disgraceful. We've one of the smallest populations in Europe and we will be last to vaccinate everybody. The North will have everybody vaccinated by March. Can we travel across the border to get vaccinated? Donnelly needs to go now and somebody needs to take control. They also expected that printer to fit didnt they 😂

Big bag of jabs with the lads. September which year Wonder why did his press advisor quit ? Is he talking about Ireland or in general The man has no clue what’s going on If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. September. What a joke. DonnellyStephen I expect 25 degrees today and ☀️ all day in Ireland...

EXPECTS is a good word This guy really is our very own Comical Ali. What a time to be alive! Let’s see, I’m sceptical to be honest Let’s hope he uses his arrogance to do this. That needs to be dibr by May ..let's learn to walk many by this Sunday and by end of January Expects or will make it happen We all know how plans go in Ireland.....