Denmark to set up temporary control at Swedish border

Denmark will set up temporary border controls at the Swedish border starting next month, Danish justice minister Nick Haekkerup has said.


Denmark has said it will set up temporary border controls at the Swedish border from next month after two Swedes were charged with being involved in an explosion in Denmark in August

Denmark will set up temporary border controls at the Swedish border starting next month, Danish justice minister Nick Haekkerup has said.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at the time that the government was considering strengthening controls at its border with Sweden.

Denmark is connected to Sweden via the Oresund bridge across a 16km strait and thousands of citizens from the two countries commute across the border daily by train and car.

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Whole Swedish political establishment said yes at once. Lotsa criminals enter to Sweden through Denmark. smoylan142 Swedes? Hmmmm. The reintroduction of hard borders and we didn't need Brexit. “Swedes” is the new “teens” Freedom of movement in the EU is compromised now. Immigration will break up the EU eventually. First Brexit. Poland and Hungary refusing immigration. Nations are questioning things now.

Hans and Magnus at it again! Swedes my bollocks You mean 'swedes' RTE is a JOKE, do you think we're total idiots or something. well..there are plenty of sheep..2 swedes my bollix!

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Oh those Swedes with their dark curling hair and dark eyes... Two Swedes you say? I read somewhere that Sweden needs these 'new Swedes' to do work indigenous Swedes won't do. Seems like this work isn't absolutely necessary to be honest, don't me. “Swedes” I want names and pictures. The increase in violent crime across Europe is due to migrants and their progeny.

Two 'Swedes'😄😄😄😄😄 'Swedes' come on. This is awful. The Oresund rail and road bridge linking Malmo and Copenhagen was built without any border infrastructure as it’s designer and political commissioners could never envisage any scenario in which it would be needed. they dont have to leave the EU to control their borders...just sayin...

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