Dáil hears call for church assets to be seized if religious orders refuse to pay for abuse

Seizure of Catholic Church assets is being mooted in the Dáil as a possible resort if its bodies will not pay compensation to the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes

14/01/2021 01:01:00

Seizure of Catholic Church assets is being mooted in the Dáil as a possible resort if its bodies will not pay compensation to the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes

Seizure of Catholic Church assets by the State is being mooted in the Dáil as a possible resort if its bodies will not pay compensation to the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes.

“We need to ensure this time round, that those religious institutions make their contribution,” said Labour Party leader Alan Kelly.“If they don’t make their contribution, we will pass legislation — I will draft it myself — to ensure that we can take their assets to ensure that they make that contribution.

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“We cannot go through what happened in this country before, in relation to them not making their contribution this time around.”Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman repeated to the House that he had written to the religious orders involved. pointing out the need for a financial contribution to the Government’s intended “restorative justice” scheme for survivors, asking also for an early meeting.

He said the Government intended to have a redress scheme in place by April. It would “represent the State,seeking to start the process of rebuilding a relationship with those that it has so badly let down.”He added however: “I hope and I believe that is essential that the religious congregations, charitable organisations and Catholic and Church of Ireland primates will also begin the work of rebuilding trust, both in terms of apologies to mothers and adoptees — but also in terms of concrete measures like contribution to the restorative recognition funds and making institutional papers available.” headtopics.com

Tánaiste and Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar said: “It is late in the day, but now is our opportunity to make restitution on behalf of the generations that preceded us.“The means by which we do so should be guided by the men and women who survived these institutions. They should be given time to read and reflect on the report and they should inform us as to the next steps.”

But the Commission had pointed the way in its recommendations, he said, meaning a formal State apology, appropriate memorialisation, better access to health services, counselling and housing, access to records and information, including birth certificates and medical records, financial recognition, a repository to archive all documents relating to residential institutions, and assistance with advocacy.

Mr Varadkar added: “We should not forget the survivors now living overseas and in Northern Ireland, where inquiries are less advanced.“This report teaches us that when good people believe bad things about others then terrible actions can be rationalised away.

“There are lessons here forus as a society and a State today. A meaningful response has to go beyond denouncing the horrors of the past from the safety of the present.” Read more: Independent.ie »

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The Church should be stripped of every single asset and those assets handed straight to every survivor of institutional abuse, their ill gotten gains having been received on the back breaking work of these survivors. This sounds a lot like Communists seizing private property and placing it in the hands of the state.

The church are not alone in this. It was the Irish Government who handed the church the power over the Irish people in the first place. The State is just as complicit. A useless fucker Well since one can't undo the crime there should be accountability & restitution to the victims. After all their assets were ill gotten from the vulnerable anyway were they not?

Bon Secours Sisters own 2 large private hospitals in Cork and they offered to contribute to any redress. CONTRIBUTE they should be stripped of their assets. alankellylabour Oh yes. Like that will ever happen....... Didn't the state /michael martin 2002 make a deal regarding the churches indemnity? Should be, but will never happen they don’t have the balls.

Their Assets should be just ceased... due too debt now due too be paid too the Irish Woman & Children. Who were so cruelly treated by this regime.... Ok and can we seize the property the Protestants haven’t given back yet? Don’t believe a word out of his mouth. When in opposition say one thing, when in government say another. We don’t forget you and the Labour Party’s u-turn on water charges. Ye can’t be trusted and ye brought it all upon yourselves.

Seize the homeless shelters and soup kitchens that they run! They must be worth millions. That will show them. Let's get rich members of the ProtestantAscendancy to tell us what to do. Populist crap from labour Can we seize the property the Protestants haven’t given back yet? Seizure of all state Pensions , salaries and properties from all political parties and dynasties involved in the perpetuation of Crimes against the Irish people.

Here’s how they get hold of the schools and get full control of your kids!! Oh seize the lot ❣There is a lot of people to take care of❣💯 .while your there a priest sent this to denounce yourself from the the church.This is real motherandbabyhomes Only too right, and try and recoup some of the money lost with the fraud when a opus say minister negotiated a shit deal with his own organisation

Hearing about these 'calls' for years.... Good luck with that one! Now for any sensible options... Thx Catholic Church puts €€€ ahead of anything else ... it’s not going to change now The Vatican has more than enough dosh to settle up, sue them in the Hague They should bring in CAB if they are serious about redressing the victims . However I fear the government is only paying lip service and this will all be forgotten by those in power come next week.

The government didn’t make them pregnant Populist BS, aiming for votes...It was politicians who tried to bribe victims away with cash they never even asked for...The justice they did ask for was never delivered by them same politicians either but. Money may benefit some, but it still wont be justice for most.

One of the better ideas this fool has come up with if it’s him at all ? Nothing will be done. Maybe they will make the tax payers pay it. That's about it. People have short memories , we have been here before and Martin has a lot to answer for! What about the deal Michael Woods FF Minister did on behalf of the government and his beloved Catholic Church.👎

What a joke this crowd wouldn't have the balls🤣🤣🤣🤣 Agree, money and keeping women subservient seems to be the only things that matters to the Catholic Church, but could the state legally do this? Take the Goya that was on the wall over the meeting of Bishops s in Maynooth in the 1980s.siezeassets Take their gold chalices. Disgusting when you think the Vatican had so much splendour while poverty was rampant. Yet like fools we kept sending them more and more money, giving them total control of our communities.

👀 Kelly venting his inner communist. Does anybody believe they'll stop at the Church assets? May well have already been safely moved into trusts. The all time champions of wagon circling. Should apply to the governing parties of the time too, and the opposition parties that didn’t attack them for tolerating it.

That's what CAB was set up to do - Seize the assets of criminals They should be up in the Hague for crimes against humanity. Maybe throw the government up there with them. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are every bit to blame. Looks like the court case of the century will unfold over this. People could forget what it was all about before it concludes. Let’s hope not.

Look where they got money to pay off americans😳 The Pope has his own bank and wears gold threaded clothes Was the catholic church in charge of these homes? Women allowed men who did not love them, and who would not marry them to inseminate them, and they became pregnant. Now they want to blame the State and claim compensation!

Like ye did with the banks yep all the churches fault of course yet the political parties voted in time and time again by the people of this country that allowed this to happen won't have to pay out a penny , a true banana republic Compensation should also be coming from the coffers of the political parties who were in power at the time.

Why are we accepting the narrative that compensation for criminal damage to these women can somehow be negotiated by those responsible Churches in Spain and Italy and of course Rome that are just full of gold. I've visited some. A few artefacts from them would pay a lot. sean_ocathain Oh declanganley is going to love that !!

Reason for Alan Kelly's photo please Can the state seize British assets currently in Ireland while they’re at it? It's about time Probably enough gold on the altars to feed the country for a year. Strip em. Get rid of the angelus as well. Long overdue.