Criminal's Dirty Money 'Cleaned' At Central Bank - Independent.İe

Criminal's Dirty Money 'Cleaned' At Central Bank - Independent.İe

Criminal's dirty money 'cleaned' at Central Bank -

Criminal's dirty money 'cleaned' at Central Bank


Criminal's dirty money 'cleaned' at Central Bank

A suspected drug trafficker cleaned €5,000 in dirty money through an unwitting Central Bank.

On examining the cash, gardai found that some of it was in €5,000 bundles made up of €50 notes, but other bundles were uneven.

The section allows the public to exchange damaged notes for new ones.

The investigation into Boyle's assets culminated last week with a High Court order allowing the CAB to sell his home, which was bought for €70,000 in 2013 and is now worth €250,000.

The CAB later established that Boyle had spent €3,546 on that shopping spree, including €2,779 on a 65-inch television which he later hung on the wall of his kitchen extension.

Detectives calculated that €48,000 had been spent on the house and €13,000 on the bulletproof windows.

Boyle is also believed to be the beneficial owner of a property in Bulgaria - an apartment in Sunny Beach worth around €25,000.

The CAB has claimed the two properties were beneficially owned by Boyle but were registered in the names of his parents to conceal their son's involvement.

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