Covid-19: Push to reduce the two-metre rule and allow children to play

Push to reduce two-metre rule as Government considers lifting more restrictions

23/05/2020 08:50:00

Push to reduce two-metre rule as Government considers lifting more restrictions

Ministers have pushed for the two-metre social distancing rule to be eased as the Government considers lifting more Covid-19 restrictions.


Bull. Using children as a front is gutter tactics by the vested interests. After every shop and footpath on our streets put down 2 metre markings? Will they have to pay to change them again? Lads children are playing. Reduce it in the dail,so our govt can go back to play first. The medical experts will always have the most cautious approach...That is where governments have to come in..Medical experts in Germany say 1.5 metres WHO say 1 metre....

Push to reduce 2 metre rule to allow children to play,' 'research' by children on children - let experts decide? Ye are spot on PHYSICAL distancing FFS‼️ Absolutely. We need to get the economy moving again.Subsidies need to be stopped as planned on June 15th unless employees from Hairdressers & Pubs. These Subsidies are making our nation work shy & need to be nipped in the bud.

Why is there a photo of that muppet ? Sons of bitches have already ruined our economy for 10+ years. So they now realise that the lockdown measures( yes they helped the health system) and economic activity cannot coexist. When it comes to it economics outweigh health Absolutely not because currently people don’t even know what 2 metre is! Better safe than sorry at this time

So when the independent retweets an article to clear out comments, should we read an agenda? Clientelist pressure from pubs & smaller shops I’m guessing. While not unsympathetic to their plight, I worry this is sending out the wrong message yet again - it is too soon for me. Give an inch & a mile is taken. I doubt NPHET think this is a good idea.

So sports clubs can open? The detail the politicians will ignore Is that there is no safe zone - it’s about risk mitigation and there are two components - distance AND exposure time. 5 seconds at 1 meter is equivalent to 2 minutes at 2m, and so on. MIT research demonstrates cough spread of 20ft. Here we go. Politicians with their realpolitik.

Absolutely. It's gone beyond a joke now. Open up. These subsidies need to be gone as scheduled on 8th June unless you work in Hairdressers or Pub. Enough is enough! Leave the 2 meter rule alone...its keeping us safe....get over it.ive never heard so much talk about what kids need. What about the rest of us

Children have been outside playing on my estate for weeks. They are playing anyway. Wear a mask and work all day just like healthcare worker now do safely in hospitals we have eliminated new staff infections in this way.. In enclosed environments masks are only safe and practical solution. Not downplaying that social distancing also has role in some situations!

They don't know anything about rules, they take it like holidays and don't keep distance. I see everyday group of 9/15 kids spending time together outside. Just crashing trees and throwing litter around, doing mess ... no one don't control them Fantastic we need to progress, unlock our jobs and businesses, schools and essential health services. The elderly and vulnerable were sacrificed, Most healthy people were never gonna get this virus. Flu season is over the scaremongering needs to stop

No one I see in shops or outside working together or meeting up is obeying the 2m rule anyway . The reality is: Only a small percentage of populations have actually had the coronavirus yet. There is no herd immunity if it’s even possible. COVID19 has just finished its warm up stretches. Independent, North Korea comes to mind, I've mentioned before, stop using the word Allow, no crime committed. You have to revise you vocabulary.

Why do we need to follow other countries. Let's follow our own path. Great idea. We have the virus on the run, let's go against the advice given by those who have spend years studying similar viruses and give it the kiss of life. 100% right call Absolutely...should have been done weeks ago. They have been treated cruelly up to now. Open the playgrounds too.

Cretins It’s been broken anyway. Question is...'will Dr. Tony allow it.'

Covid-19 could hit farmers' incomes by €1.6bn this yearCovid-19 could cost Irish farmers up to €1.6 billion in terms of reduced incomes this year Teagasc has warned. I never knew farmers earned so much 🧐 Globalists want to destroy all food independence. Then feed us insect burgers.

Covid-19: Obligatory for passengers arriving from overseas to complete locator formSimon Harris has confirmed that it will be obligatory for passengers arriving from overseas to complete a Covid-19 Public Health Passenger Locator Form.

Covid-19 ‘testing roadmap’ needed for nursing homesNursing Homes Ireland (NHI) has called for a Covid-19 testing roadmap to clarify the testing regime that will be required to protect staff and residents in nursing homes over the next 18 months.

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Covid-19: 11 deaths with 115 new cases in IrelandBreaking: 11 deaths from Covid- 19 and 115 new cases confirmed in Ireland CMOIreland is run long his hands with glee at the 115 new cases saying I told you so...they can’t be trusted. (And sorry to hear if more deaths).

South America new Covid-19 epicentre - WHOSouth America has become a new epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic with Brazil hardest-hit, while cases are rising in some African countries that so far have a relatively low death toll, the World Health Organization has said. Very frustrating reading that article at how the Czechs & Iceland are doing such a good job while in Ireland we have been abysmal. Those countries are nearly fully open now with very few new cases & everyone wearing facemasks in public. Here we remain shut & no one wearing masks! You cannot believe a word the WHO says not a word So much for good weather slowing the virus.