Covid-19: Over 70s can invite visitors into their homes from Monday – but no hugs for grandkids

Covid-19: Over 70s can invite visitors into their homes from Monday – but no hugs for grandkids

03/06/2020 09:10:00

Covid-19: Over 70s can invite visitors into their homes from Monday – but no hugs for grandkids

The over-70s will next week be able to invite their grandchildren and others into their homes for the first time in months, under the Government’s second phase of reopening the country.


Now, so we're clear, is that Obligatory or Mandatory? Best Medical advise? so HSE or Dept. of Health, CMO, or Government? (are ye all pulling a wage?, more than €350?) Masks, without masks? Medical or... Groups of 4, including co-habitatants? not 69'ers? asking for a friend. Beyond 20kms? Thank you Minister. You bean that the over 70s, can have visitors. It’s like they are prisoners in their own homes and stage 2 doesn’t offer anything worthwhile or meaningful, except stay at home.

Absolutely pathetic. He’s insulting the Irish people with these nonsense rules. Hes becoming a parody at this stage.🤡 Surely over-70s have enough wisdom to do what they want, rather than adopt a nanny-state reliance on a government with little interest in their welfare? Simon you don't even want to enter Leinster House to answer questions and offer any accountability or scrutiny to the Dáil. Will you offer the same advice on only 2hrs per visit? Having had the advice clarified for you, you've no excuses. Over 70's in NH's seen your concern.

They're making this shit up as they go along & laughing at the ridiculousness of it, aren't they? Remember it's only the parents and grandparents who live within the 20km limit, the others must suffer on 😭 We need to take a serious look the language being used. It's coming across as paternalistic & patronising. This is & were always an advisory. It's was not mandatory. covid19

I doubt many people are taking seriously anymore. Thankfully most people are starting to see through it. 'Be able to', 'must', 'strictly'. These are guidelines, not rules or laws. Could the minister be more condescending, patronising or insulting towards the over 70s? Is it ok Simon if we can have a kiss and a cuddle with the girlfriend we don't live together but you seem intent on controlling ever other aspect of our lives at this have already scared my parents to death ,now the kids who's next ?AllLivesMatter

This is a joke yeah? Is it OK if it's a protest hug? He is a condescending and patronising Dope💯 that about sums simon up Joke Bloody disgrace, go away acting like tyrants now Oh look it’s that game of Simon Says, Simon says no hugs! Simon says no curtains to dicky up your homeffs we are into week 13 of being locked out of our schools, jobs, businesses, hospitals and not allowed imagine not allowed to mix with your own flesh and blood, I will hug mine

I’ll give Simon Harris some credit ‘ he’s good for a laugh’. And how do I explain my 2yo that he can't hug his grandparents!? 😭🙄 Cant believe I still have to look at this clown Virtue signaling mass protests are fine though. What about Covid 1-18? and if my granny is 69? Yet the same government doesn’t condemn or stop a march by an anti Irish mob who have compromised the health security of Ireland. Disgrace.

I wonder if I can visit my parents who lives 40km from me? 🤔🙄 What if the Grandchildren are protesting something that happened a thousand miles away? It is hard to hug at 2 metres distance. No masks either what kind of weird social cult is the MPHET promoting, Resist it Children under 13 should not wear masks.

Yet more discrimination against the elderly and young .

Two-metre distance more effective than one at curbing Covid-19 spread – studyResearchers found that keeping a distance of more than one metre from other people was associated with a much lower risk of infection. Of course it is. You're missing the point. What kind of lazy news is this. groundbreaking stuff here. next they'll be discovering that 3m is even better again. Or wrapping yourself in clingfilm & staying indoors with the windows closed. No shit Sherlock...

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