Couple's 'wonky' €843k dream house has to be demolished after just 5 years

27/06/2022 14:11:00

They can't even open the front door

They can't even open the front door

Madeline, 70, and Alastair Price, 69, will have to tear down the five-bed house they bought in 2018 as they can't even open the front door

A couple's "wonky" €843,000 dream home is to be demolished after just five years.A Tipperary community was left in shock last Monday after an elderly couple was found dead in their home.An Irish lifeboat crew rescued an American couple who were stranded off the south west coast of Ireland this weekend.Offaly couple Orna O’Connor and Donal Davy have made the most of their outdoor garden space with an incredible DIY transformation that we are dying to copy.

.The couple's detached home, which overlooks open fields in Cambridgeshire, is laden with metre-long cracks that have been caused by swelling soil.The couple is suspected to have been lying dead in the home for up to 18 months as locals in the rural area of Cloneen believed the couple had moved to France during the pandemic.READ MORE:Irish pub slammed for charging 'outrageous' price and added fee for 'dreadful' pint of Guinness that 'taste like rainwater' Insurers have blamed poorly-constructed foundations and ordered the house to be torn down and rebuilt as the damage is too severe to repair.But weather conditions got even worse and the US couple found themselves stranded ten miles south-west of Castletownbere.Madeline, a retired banker, turned gardener, said: "It's a nightmare really.While gardai now believe Mrs Smith may have died due to illness after her post-mortem proved medically inconclusive."The cracks are pretty much everywhere.They got the idea from Orna's sister, who's camping adventures inspired the project.

None of the floors or work surfaces are level.Gardaí have also been in contact with police in the UK to find relatives of the pair, but to date, no next of kin has been notified.READ MORE: The two Americans were said to be "delighted" to be safe on dry land and were treated to refreshments by their rescuers."Doors won't shut - I can't even open the front door because it's stuck." "The insurance company said they can't save it.Mr Smith was found in the bedroom.It's not just a building.At 5:30pm on Saturday evening, the Irish Coast Guard’s Marine Research Coordination Centre in Valentia advised the yacht to change course and make for Castletownbere due to deteriorating weather conditions.It's our home.However, detectives have ruled out a suicide pact and a murder-suicide after the post-mortem examination showed Mr Smith died from natural causes, according to the Independent." “He just took it out then and made it! He had to take the washing machine apart and take the drum out then, after it was taken apart.

" Situated in the rural village of Wicken, near the historic cathedral city of Ely, the couple's home counts five bedrooms and three bathrooms.Madeline showed how the cracks had destroyed her and her husband's home, which has underfloor heating, a wine chiller and a wood burner.Gardai are now combing the house for further evidence, analysing food items found in the home to determine a timeline of the deaths.m.The couple's double garage has a two-metre-long crack inside, around half an inch wide, while the kitchen and sitting room are also affected.The house's foundations which are around 1.Locals had known the couple were due to travel to France at that time and that someone had been asked to cut their grass while they were away.5 to 2-metres deep, are being moved by the clay soil below, which is expanding due to ground heave, which is associated with the swelling of clay soils that expand when wet.m."I didn’t even know he was doing it, I just went out the back yard one day and he had it all started and was pulling apart the washing machine.

The couple claims that builders should have accounted for this when building the home, which came with a 10-year guarantee under the Local Authority Building Control."It's such a shock for everyone.Madeline said: "The soil is bone dry with evidence that tiny tree roots are still there.It's lifting the house up."They told people they were emigrating to France or somewhere in late 2020, so people were under the assumption they had moved away," a shocked local told this paper."Once in calmer waters, a lifeboat volunteer went aboard to assist with berthing the yacht at Castletownbere pier."They should have known what the land was like when building the house."We first noticed little cracks after a couple of years, but we put it down to normal new house stuff.It's awfully sad, and everyone is in disbelief, floored and shell-shocked." "He just screwed the legs on, he didn’t weld them or anything.

"It started in the hallway, on the staircase and in the back bedroom.On Saturday, the lifeboat's was involved in a multi-agency search for a missing person in the sea in west Cork."A structural engineer visited and said it was clay heave, which is where the soil has expanded beneath the house.Another said: "It's wicked shocking." Madeline and Alastair, who is also a retired banker, will now have to move out of the house that they share with their golden retriever when the demolition notice is given.They will be given compensation to rent a property for six months - but the devastated couple says they don't know if they'll return their home or sell it off once it's rebuilt because of the disruption involved.I just can't understand it.Gardai are currently investigating the incident.Madeline said: "They're going to demolish everything and do the foundations again."I will permanently keep it, it looks so nice when it's lit, especially when it's getting darker in the evenings but obviously we haven’t really had the great weather to sit out in the yard yet for it to get put to good use.

"It could be at least two years out of the house." Local councillor and publican of The Thatch pub in the village, Mark Fitzgerald, said he too had been left shocked over the couple's deaths."We wanted to live in the countryside, we thought this would be our home for a few years, and then we would move onto our final home."We don't know at the moment if we'll come back.READ NEXT:.We might just put it straight on the market when it's rebuilt." READ NEXT:.It is recommended that to avoid damaging the ground or causing fires to spread, the drum of the washing machine fire pit is elevated off the ground, using legs like Donal and Orna or a grill grid with something like bricks holding it up.

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