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Coronavirus: Ten more deaths and 200 new cases in Ireland confirmed

Coronavirus: Ten more deaths and 200 new cases in Ireland confirmed

29/03/2020 19:50:00

Coronavirus : Ten more deaths and 200 new cases in Ireland confirmed

Earlier today HSE officials said they are expecting the peak of the outbreak will occur in two weeks time.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Ireland now stands at 2,615 . There have been 46 deaths in Ireland from this virus.Eight of the patients who died today were male and two were female. Six of the deaths today were in the east of the country, three were in the northwest and one was in the south.

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The median age of today’s deaths is 77. Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan expressed his condolences to the family and friends of all patients who have died as a result of Covid-19.“While we continue to build our capacity for intensive care, our strategy remains to prevent people from needing intensive care in the first place,” he said.

We know the virus will not survive if we prevent it from passing among ourselves. The enhanced restrictions announced on Friday aim to slow down and restrict the spread of the virus. “We are asking everyone to embrace the new restrictions and follow public health advice to stay home and restrict your movements for the next two weeks. It is in all our hands to interrupt the spread of this virus.”

Today’s data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) reveals:Today Dr Ronan Glynn, deputy chief medical officer, said he wanted to note that attendance at blood donation clinics is permitted at this time.“I welcome the measures taken by the Irish Blood Transfusion Board to implement social distancing at their clinics and to maintain the blood supple,” he said.

“3,000 blood donations are needed every week to meet demand and the ready availability of this blood for transfusion is vital to the daily treatment of patients in our hospitals.”In a briefing earlier today, HSE officials said they are predicting that the peak of the outbreak will occur in two weeks time, based on current modelling.

They called on members of the public to strictly adhere to the measures outlined by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET).The HSE also revealed it is in the process of setting up a new isolation and step-down centre at Citywest Hotel and Conference centre, which will be operational this week.

There are currently 15,000 people waiting to be tested for Covid-19 at present, with around 10,000 people already scheduled for testing and the remaining 5,000 waiting for an appointment.The HSE is currently testing around 5,000 people per day at 46 centres across the country, and said it plans to increase the number of centres over the coming days.

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Conveniently dropped the sentance about whether the dead had pre-existing health conditions....

Coronavirus: Ten more deaths reported in RepublicDeath toll rises to 46 while further 200 cases of Covid-19 confirmed on Sunday Still no data about relation to crude mortality rate....which is 83 people per day.

10 further deaths and 200 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Ireland | JOE.ieThere are now over 3,000 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the island of Ireland Is it right to still quote confirmed case numbers when testing has stopped for all bar people with underlying health conditions and HSE workers since Wednesday? Seems quite irresponsible to pretend they’re so low ...that's just because they are refusing to carry out tests!!!! Due to our governments incompetence in th early stages they won't release th actual numbers or th public will lose th rag altogether!!!

Coronavirus: 3 more deaths and 302 new cases in Ireland confirmedProof read this and reissue We need a full lockdown You really need to proof read before pressing send. 302 deaths?

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Covid-19: Three more deaths and 302 new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in IrelandTHREE more people have died from the coronavirus in Ireland, according to new figures released this evening. When will we see the peak?

Covid-19: 14 more deaths and 294 new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in IrelandFOURTEEN more people have died from the coronavirus in Ireland, taking the country’s death toll to 36, the National Public Health Emergency Team has announced. That's a big jump! Ahh prayers to all families ❤❤ That's a huge jump today 😳