Coronavirus, Tony Holohan, National Public Health Emergency Team

Coronavirus, Tony Holohan

Coronavirus: Minister to sign regulations giving gardaí powers to enforce lockdown

Republic sees record highest daily figure for new deaths at 36 bringing total to 210

08/04/2020 00:09:00

Gardaí will now have the power to arrest and detain those who breach the restrictions. This includes those found exercising beyond 2km from their homes or those travelling for non-essential reasons

Republic sees record highest daily figure for new deaths at 36 bringing total to 210

According to the NPHET, 42,484 tests have been carried out in labs across the country. Almost 40 per cent of tests have been carried out in the last seven days.These tests have resulted in 2,374 positive tests. This means 19 per cent of tests are producing a positive result, up 4 per cent in the past week.

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Analysis of casesAn analysis of the cases up to last Sunday shows 46 per cent were in men and 53 per cent in women; the median age of cases is 48 years. There have been 270 clusters involving 1,103 cases.Of these cases, 1,345 have been hospitalised (24 per cent) and of those hospitalised, 194 were admitted to ICU.

A total of 1,338 healthcare workers have now contracted the virus.Chief medical officer DrTony Holohansaid this increase was the result of a more sensitive case definition, which meant people who were more likely to have the disease were tested, including healthcare workers and people in hospital.

“Given the mass community transmission of Covid-19 across Europe, the European Centre for Disease Control is expected to advise all EU nationals to keep current restrictions in place.“While current restrictions have reduced the number of people becoming infected by one confirmed case, this depends on people staying at home and following public health advice.”

Earlier dataIrelandhad reached its peak, as unreliable.According to the new international modelling data , Ireland has passed its peak of Covid-19 infections but can expect more than 400 deaths by next month.Peak resource use of hospital and ICU beds passed on April 4th, while peak daily deaths passed on April 6th, according to the data published by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in the US.

The research looks at the predicted spread and impact of coronavirus in 29 European countries and assumes social distancing measures will remain in place until August.“It’s not really a model. It just took existing case data and suggested that because things seem to have stabilised over a short number of days that perhaps we’ve reached a peak,” said assistant chief medical officer Dr Ronan Glynn.

“It doesn’t take into account any changes over the coming days or the highest number of deaths reported this evening.”Dr Glynn said Irish modelling being led by NUI Maynooth president Prof Philip Nolan was using a more extensive range of paramenters and people should wait to see what comes out of this work.

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Placing “undue store” in the US research could lead to complacency, he warned.The research looks at the predicted spread and impact of coronavirus in 29 European countries and assumes social distancing measures will remain in place until August.It predicts there will be more than 150,000 deaths in Europe during the “first wave” of the pandemic.

In relation to Ireland, it says there was “no overall bed shortage” on the peak date, with a shortage of 88 ICU beds. A shortfall of 125 ventilators was also forecast.These calculations were based on the pre-pandemic availability of under 250 ICU beds in the State; this capacity has since been at least doubled, indicating an ever greater surplus of capacity under these modelling assumptions.The supply of ventilators has also been boosted.

DeathsA total of 401 deaths are forecast in Ireland by the start of May but none thereafter to August 4th, the end of the modelling period, according to the report.The study predicts 66,300 deaths in the UK, the highest in Europe. The UK’s use of bed resources is predicted to peak on April 17th and its deaths on April 20th.

It says the peak of the pandemic has passed in many European countries, including Spain, Italy and France, where 19,209, 20,300 and 15,058 deaths are predicted, respectively. The model is based on the social distancing measures introduced in New Zealand and also assumes complete adherence to these measures.

It also suggests the end of the first wave of the epidemic could occur by early June and says whether a second wave occurs depends on what is done then to prevent Covid-19 being re-introduced.“By the end of the first wave of the epidemic, an estimated 97 per cent of the population of the US will still be susceptible to the disease and thus measures to avoid a second wave of the pandemic prior to vaccine availability will be necessary.”

“It is unequivocally evident that social distancing can, when well implemented and maintained, control the epidemic, leading to declining death rates,” said IHME director Dr Christopher Murray.“Those nations hit hard early on implemented social distancing orders and may have the worst behind them as they are seeing important progress in reducing their death rates. Each nation’s trajectory will change – and dramatically for the worse – if people ease up on social distancing or relax other precautions.

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“To decrease the risk of a second wave in places where the first wave is controlled by robust social distancing, governments would need to consider mass testing, contact tracing, and quarantines for those infected until a vaccination is available, mass produced, and distributed widely.”

RestrictionsThe current restrictions on movement in Ireland, which are due to end on Easter Sunday, will be considered at a NPHET meeting on Friday.Dr Holohan said he wasn’t anticipating any change to these restrictions “at this moment in time”.The team will also consider the public health implications of setting up a childcare scheme to facilitate healthcare workers.

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Nanny state gone beyond mad... what happens when this virus is all over? Very hard take power away from a government that wants to control all our lives... Harris restricts the movement of citizens but neglected to restrict the flights from affected areas in Italy and China. 👍🏽 All very well but why are ferries from England being allowed in the country, full of cars who can travel across the country visiting relatives for Easter, when we know that the Covid19 situation in England is far worse than ours?

zeldaob And how on earth are they going to measure 2kms? Print the new legislation. Any judges,barristers,millionaires from D4 getting arrested driving off to their holiday homes in Wicklow,Donegal,Connemara,Youghal,Kinsale,Killarney...nah didn't think so FFG protect the rich. That include illegal immigrants coming into the country

They will lockdown the counties but not the borders, I smell a bit of new world order. Same everywhere in other countries toi, wake up people. Your rights are being taken away under a globalist elites wet dream Alls great in snitching commie ireland I see This is all very good. But I am still concerned at the fact five passenger flights arrive from London today. A major hot spot. Some from Italy and France also. Why? Why are we allowing people get off flights and disperse to god knows where? This baffles me. Any one know?

Brilliant What a happy coincidence, their complete incompetence with dealing with this situation now has us locked in our homes and the government and their enforcers with authoritarian power. These fools need to be dragged out of the Dail and held accountable. I’m struggling to deal with people that are literally looking for loop holes so they can get out. Stay home do whatever you need to do within your 2kms to exercise. But don’t please don’t travel down the country or indeed up the country for your own entertainment. You won’t get

About time this was introduced Great news and badly needed.... I just hope GardaTraffic aren't afraid to use the new powers. People need to StayHome Whats truly tragic is this guy is still. Health Minister . Well done minister . People salivating at the thoughts of the people being locked up, even offering peoples who they wished to be locked up. Check yourselves.

Lol who put Simon in charge. This message needs to hoout loud and clear on the radio news and from the Garda do not travel for a holiday at this time I should be in lanzorete now but instead I’m in my garden safe with my family don’t be selfish people are risking their lives to save those who are sick

🤬🤬🤬 And yet ferries are still running and people coming in self isolate with no checks what madness is this? Amazing how certain legislation and how we do things in this country can be changed in a week...but when it comes to certain businessmen and politicians its all too complex and the best we can hope for is a tribunal and a report after 4 years.

Is it true that car ferries are still running and UK reg cars have been spotted around the port areas arriving for a lovely holiday? StenaLineUKIE directferriesuk Irish_Ferries human rights violations!!! Little or no kickback from Irish people, and don't expect any Irish journalists to question the Irish government on this.

More power to all enforcers we need to realised the life of all frontliners out there not the boredom of your self. barbarahewson The Covid-19 gulags. More Mission creep from creepy politicians. Gardai can now time a person jumping up & down on the spot for exercise, and arrest and imprison anyone doesn't immediately grovel to police authority & go home quietly . 'It's for your own good!'

Very odd that the minister for health is signing new Garda regulations. Charge fines on spot, cash or card‼️if underage, fine parents too‼️ otherwise where will you take them when arrested❓how long will you keep them there❓how many in one cell❓Too many scumbags & idiots out there🆘 What about all the holiday makers? Dublin, Cork and UK reg cars appearing around holiday homes in Kerry... why is this being left go on?

🤬🤬🤬 Proper order cause people from Dublin and ever other sort of a place and coming down to villages and towns and flocking the country like sheep. Do they not understand stay at home. So snails and tortoises can’t be lifted. Surely the gardai cant come within 6ft of you, how can they arrest people? That include illegal immigrants SimonHarrisTD LeoVaradkar or just irish citizens 🤔

Bullshit Act of gross stupidity, means a family can't go for drive more than 2K, ellenmcoyne mlchealth faisalislam Stephan90523217, This is worst than Soviet Russia. North Korea eat your heart out! And for twats walking 2 and 3 abreast on small paths... shitebags everywhere, people having to walk on roads because of these idiots... drop one behind when other people are coming towards you... it’s not that difficult 🙄

Good idea but I’m pretty sure a Health minister can’t sign these kind of regulations also not in this current situation when a government has been formed Castletonian Sad day for Ireland. Take to de streets in big numbers they can arrest every1 will fairly back track soon enough I can't believe how much of a pussy nation Ireland has turned into run and hide mentality protect me government oh sweet government save us, you're so kind and would never abuse your unelected power 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. No need for a power grab of such magnitude, it's all fear porn

Scum no way this can be policed people should protest riot over this take to de streets these are our rights make it completely back fires over a virus that has a 98% recovery rate flu kills more its ridiculous What if the shop is less than 2km from your home can you go to it or..? Let them fucking try

Okay but remove that power once this is all over please thanks Was this only done at 10pm? Funny time Gardaí should be on all exits from cities as of now to stop travel for this weekend StayAtHome Anyone praising this action is an idiot plain and simple. Too dumb to realise this is a very slippery slope to a very dangerous way of life in this country, what next? Queues for microchip implants?

The borders are still open Simon refused to restrict travel from infected countries into Ireland and said ' that wouldn't work' Now he is restricting our travel in Ireland because that will The blind leading the blind playingablinder Great! but too late! The East has already travelled West and holiday homes are practically full. The pure selfishness and 'I don't give a fk about the guards' will now cause a huge surge in the West of Ireland. While most of us adhere to all guidelines to help StopTheSpread

lindawaters_t Too late again,seems that horse has also bolted shut that door For all the upstanding citizens who wish to graciously help the state enforce these laws at will, please be careful because Ireland generally doesn't take well to your behaviour Timely introduction of these powers to avoid ambiguity for people

Any poor deluded gobshite who supports this need their heads examined. What the fools don't understand is those who are in favor are now under scrutiny too and nobody can 100% say they did nothing that may affect the transmission of this virus ! Is there an end date on these new powers? We’ve gone from 0 to USSR in 6 weeks.

This is absolute & utter bullshit.Are the Irish going to accept this,anarchy is on the way. They are telling to stop living so that we don't die. CMOIreland SimonHarrisTD LeoVaradkar Close the beaches and parks Friday to Tuesday - forecast is for fine weather - we are fighting Covid AND Stupidity- don’t make it easy for people to be non compliant!!

The damage been done to the economy - 800,000 out in work more debt and inflation- will have a major health impact. Start with Gemma o’Doherty please. You utter pricks. Nationalist twitter was calling for the closure of our borders months ago, with the repatriation of our nationals via charter flights, followed by their automatic quarantine once landed! But no, we couldn't disrupt free movement.

agentathcliath No problem with this but we need to stop non Irish residents entering the country for next few months till it’s safe otherwise it’s pointless exercise. Powers also need reversed after it’s over ! I'm glad because some people do not listen and that can cause devastating affects at this time! People need to start doing what's asked of them and to put others first.

🙏 That is not acceptable in our country that crosses a line someone should read the constitution before coming up with this sort of stuff. We still have USC 9 years later it was a temporary measure 2029 Garda still have the power to restrict movement of Irish citizens 2032 FFFGSF government looking at increasing the powers of the media act - Irish subjects will be imprisoned for additional 5 years for wrong think

Oh FFS id like to also see the wording and if such powers will be repealled in the future. something tells me they wont/ welcome to communist ireland CkClodagh Does that include those lucky enough to own a Holiday Home, to go there? Thank you Mr Harris The Irish will cheer on these authoritarian Blueshirts on the false promise of 'safety'.

This should be fun they can’t police the country on a normal week f**k me .. What about children out playing with the friends outside there houses? Some people think rules don’t apply to there children. This has to be an abuse of human rights, they can f*ck right off afaik 🤬 This is a 15℃ Sunny day and tempted people filling up Gardens effect... I witnessed it today, while going to shop for groceries. Welcome move

Are these the same regulations that Simon was to sign 10 days ago? Is there a copy of the AG's homework available? Way to go. Great job How can you prove someone isn't going to the shop? LarMooree 😒 So do I have to carry a utility bill with me when I'm going for my walk? Will it also cover people coming for holidays from the north or UK and Europe

Has to be done - those people travelling to holiday and camp sites should be stopped - also jogging outside 2klm in populated cities - in rural areas we hardly see anyone moving for days !! Minister should not be making announcements or decisions about important health matters like this he is not qualified and is politicising the decision anouncement should have been made by qualified senior health service. Too much politicization of this issue!!!

please do SimonHarrisTD On the way to work in the National maternity hospital this eve and it was soul destroying seeing gangs in Fairview park! so unfair to those of us who are doing everything to abide by the rules! Detain does not seem the appropriate word or action here tbh? Better to introduce a fine if anything, not enough detainment areas with distance meaures as in cells or not enough manpower, surely?

CCP is winning whould would though such influence in the West. And yet Dublin airport arrivals tomorrow includes flights from, amongst others, France & Spain -two of the most infected countries: Even those who made it to their destination already will now have the added problem of getting home😣😣😣😣😣😣. Thanks minister. Well done. A good decision for all. More lives will be saved.

Police state Where and how will Gardai 'detain' people breaking the 2km restriction? Will they put a potential COVID19 carrier in the back of a Garda car to infect others? Will they take the person more than 2km to a Garda station? In Europe they are issuing fines, much smarter idea. AnnTravers6 Oh castlvillageman .......what would a tan make of this

good lot of people were not listen to advice A 'regulation'? A 'by-law? A caretaker Minister for Health surely can't sign off a legally enforceable instruction to the Gardaì ? Only 2 weeks too late... The shite is about to hit the fan..... And go every were I do not consent to be governed. I am King of Ireland.

Starting now? Can we start with Gemma O Doherty? About time Good. Can we report them to our local gardai stayoutofwestcork

Simon Harris to sign new regulations giving gardaí powers to enforce social distancing measuresUntil now, gardaí have effectively been powerless to deal with people who do not comply with regulations. In my opinion the idea is good, but I don't think prison is needed in here. A fine should do the job in such situation or instead of it - send such people to work with the ones in need.Covid_19ireland StayAtHomeSaveLives StaySafeEveryone They should already have that power FFS there the law of the land ,you politicians restrict the Garda on every thing ... And while he's at it, allow us to beat 7 shades of shite out of any scumbags coughing or spitting at us

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