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Busıness Post, Coronavirus

Coronavirus measures bring surge in public support for Fine Gael, new opinion poll suggests

The poll comes as Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are in talks to form a new government.

29/03/2020 10:48:00

Seven weeks ago, the party finished in third place in the General Election behind Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil , but has now taken the lead.

The poll comes as Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are in talks to form a new government.

Seven weeks ago, the party finished in third place in the General Election behind Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil.A Business Post/Red C poll published today, however, has put the party back out in front, harnessing 34% of support among the 1,000 participants of the poll – an increase of 13% on the election result.

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Sinn Féin is sitting on 28% of support – up 3% – according to the poll, while Fianna Fáil has experienced a drop in support to 18%.The election outcome saw Sinn Féin win 37 seats while Fianna Fáil returned 38 seats, although one of those was already reserved for Ceann Comhairle Sean O’Fhergail.

Fine Gael won 35 seats in the election with some its prominent figures, including Social Protection Minster Regina Doherty, losing their seats.Teams from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have been engaging in coalition talks in recent days and are due to meet again next week.

A coalition between the two parties is seen as the most likely route to forming a government but it would require the support of a third party or significant number of independent TDs to reach the 80 seat majority required.Sinn Féin has shelved its efforts to form a government, at least for now, as the Covid-19 emergency rumbles on.

The current health crisis has accelerated the need for a government to be formed as without one there can be no new emergency legislation passed.Earlier this week, both parties said they “agree the need to form a strong stable government that will help Ireland recover post Covid 19″.

Varadkar, who is operating in a caretaking taoiseach capacity at present, said the Government’s focus is very much on the Covid-19 emergency, but where time can be found then further negotiations can happen.The Green Party has ruled itself out of a coalition with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, calling instead for a national unity government involving all members of the Dáil.

The Business Post/Red C poll has seen support for smaller parties and independents also drop.Support for independents is down from 12% to 5%, while support for the Green Party is down 2% to 5%.The poll was carried out among 1,000 participants between 20 March and 25 March – three days after St Patrick’s Day when Varadkar made a State of the Nation-style broadcast to the Irish public.

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A ‘surge in public support’ ..? Where? All I see is their paid bot army. 😧😢😥😪😭 Looking at the posts here still a lot sheep. Wise up ppl they caused a big percentage of the cases here Oh just wait, mary lou and her bunch of bandits will be first out of the trenches when its over, doing what they always do, picking scabs of the whatever they can to fool the working class with promises they cant keep.

SF also rising in the polls. Poor old FF getting slaughtered. 😂😂😂 That’s because Leo fully understood the crises coming, he listened to the WHO and our own medics and despite how it will affect us in the future, he has done the right thing.. he is saving lives.. I cant forget the RIC commemoration plan

Garbage! Different leadership for different times & right now these boys are what we need 💚🇮🇪☘️ He is just doing what his EU puppet masters tell him. They must be pissing themselves. Has no body relieved his doing nothing and waiting for orders from the EU or is it just me? Absolute horse shite we voted for change these corrupt corporate politicians use the flu as an opportunity

We can’t forget the failures of the last 9 years. Too many to mention. I won’t forget if it comes to another General election They're still in third place party number wise... And the wall to wall sycophantic coverage had nothing to do with it... Tell me, when everyone is in Lockdown, just how do you poll people, without using Bot Trolls.. To increase your number? Any survey taken online can never be trusted. Especially when votes can be manipulated.

I must commend SimonHarrisTD on the way he has led his department in this massive crisis in Ireland. He has shown humility and without doubt has gained the trust of the public with his honesty and handling of the crisis to date. coronavirus rtenews Julian57110360 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 There is no cure for stupid. How in their right minds could people actually want FGFF in power. Short memories or total memory loss

I still have no fate in them what they are doing around this virus still does not change my opinion about them. Yes because the Party is the only one that can get us through this crisis Nothing like a war or pandemic to improve ratings. Be aware, everything FG is doing is the exact opposite of their believes. This DOES NOT come naturally to them. Just remember the mood before the virus. Thats the real FG.

Ffs Looks like the power grab is working, the only good news is Fianna Fáil is going to disappear Still nowhere near a majority Fake Post Well thats the least of our worries. When a shinner reads ⬆️⬆️. By handling something we should have protections in place for already? People are so fickle. This doesn't erase everything that's happened

They had to deal with it, nobody cares about polls right now. Too late messed up our health system for 10 years and rents r sicking car insurance, mortgages, health , everything in This expensive kip and quality and homeless highest ever will I keep going SF is also 10% points ahead of FF. FF is fooked. FF the thecoalitionofthedamned

People won’t be so fond of FG when they realise that FG’s policy of open borders in the midst of an epidemic brought thousands of people from Europe’s Wuhan to party in Dublin. FG are toxic ☠️☠️☠️☠️ The time has come to get off the fence and form a government, Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin with Fine Gael taking the lead inc Taoiseach until Covid done! This not how I voted! JF*DI!

Pmacgiollabhain You don't appear to know the difference between an opinion poll and a General Election - 'taken the lead', indeed.... Third rate unelected junta that refuse to give up the reigns of power clinging to phone polls to legitimise their government. The USA have bombed for less Ah yea, really.

“No SF on media today “ SF never have anything good to say bout Ireland They don’t recognize ROI as a sovereign country have opposed every EU treaty have a policy of Irexit don’t take their seats in Westminster have made a complete mess of NI Do we need to hear more from them? That's not democratic trying to cease power at the moment we came last in critical beds per 100000 of the population down to them. Whoever was in power would be stepping up to the plate. Don't deny democracy. If people want another election fine let that decide.

The lead in what? Being an authority figure that people cling to in a time of fear, like the sheep to the sheepdog when wolves are close... the election result stands, they finished 3rd Regardless of what party they belong, SimonHarrisTD, LeoVaradkar and EOBroin are doing a great job during this crisis. And for that, they deserve the credit. We've all seen how other governments have approached the crisis, and I am glad for the leaders we have. 🇨🇮💚🍀

Bring on a new election and watch SF soar Rubbish This is exactly what the Media were hoping for with all their sycophancy ,next they will push for another election I applaud them for doing a good job but my god how quick and easily Irish people forget. People in this country are very fickle. It’s FF and FG fault the country in the state it’s in and can’t deal with this situation better. They have the health service in the ruin it’s in. They finally have no choice but to actually do the job they’re paid for and everyone forgets

Give us the option of another election and you’ll see just how much more money is wasted on PR for the party that got voted out last time but refuse to relinquish the reins People’s very short memories 5 wks let’s you be forgiving for the past 10 years , I’m sure the homeless on the streets are back supporting them too 🤦‍♂️

Government doing a great job 👍 This is all short term sure the public will be at their throats again soon enough when this is over and jobs are lost , businesses collapsed and when SW reverts to the 203. Watch this space. Our borders are still open, imagine singing this guy and his ilk praises. Reading this headline and diving straight into the replies.

FG and their friends and family in some cases in the media spinning away. Congratulating the government for the great job they're doing and we have not even begun to see the peak of this crises. Shame on the hacks and shame on you if u r foolish enough to believe this spin. Free to travel pigs have no jurisdiction over u acts and statue are null in void not laws no law

You get the government you deserve A Sinn Fein reps response to lockdown. .. Imagine the shinners running this, they'd be distributing balaclavas and looking for a border poll. Great job by FG through this madness. Thanks to the medical experts. Anyone can read neverwasteacrisis I’m calling fake news . Varadkar took five counts to get elected himself .

Wouldn't read to much into this once this passes and it will FG will be seen how a lot of decisions they let happen caused a lot death's No airport checks Italians allowed to travel over unchecked No ramming up of PPE and ventilators ... See pass LeoVaradkar speech people. It's a biased opinion poll of the Irish media. Regardless what spin you put on it, they did not want to pay or invest in healthcare but now it is the heroes in our healthcare system who are saving us and putting their lives on the line. They do this whilst he hires a PR guru!

Well SF couldn't be in the poll as no one knows where their leaders are... Prob hiding with the invisible man. Real politics. Stark decisions. Quick leg it Are you lot sniffing glue Absolute bullshit 😡 SF economics don't work. Wanted to spend €22bn when only €11bn was available during the election campaign. Where would their expenditure policy be now in the current crisis? We'd be in the shit even more. Adams wanted to send the IMF home during the last crash noclue

The policies & practices being introduced by our FG caretaker govt are the antithesis of what FG has been doing for the past 9 years! They've gone all socialist and the country is suddenly delighted with them 😂 They continue to let flights in/ out from our airports. So much crap again from the journal...bring on another election and we’ll see then...

FG and it's media propagandists have been making hay as people die, spinning for weeks, always remember this forever Seriously, right now this shouldn’t be for discussion. Unity and solutions are called for, not tribal stone throwing. Wise up! Oh ffs Pity he didn’t listen to advice earlier,,, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. Plane loads arriving in Dublin from the epi centre in northern Italy,,,, Spain ,,,, then Cheltenham ,,,,,,brought all the covid 19 cases with them,,, Clowns

My memory is that short believe me !! Lest we forget the homelessness crisis, the fact we're in lockdown is because our health system can't cope because of lack of investment, the poor pay our healthcare staff are being paid and threatened with sanctions if they went out on strike If FG attempt to take credit for doing what they are expected to do during the coronavirus then they should be removed from Government in handcuffs when this is over. If they took a significant pay cut I *might afford them some credit.

It hasn't 'taken the lead'. It's an opinion poll. 🤣🤣🤣 there seems to be a media blackout in relation to other parties other than FG who find themselves running an interim government. Wait until after the crisis and the media analyse their reactions to Covid-19 Did they poll all of the Concannonbots

Yes, what has happened to sinn Fein Sad state of affairs🙄 People are going to start dying very soon of deaths that were entirely preventable due to Fine Gaels incompetence. What have Leo and Fine Gael actually do. What innovative and creative measures have Ireland taken other than those the the WHO instructed? Spin over substance.

By it’s own admission FG’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis is dictated by the medical experts, nothing more. Polls are like who has most possession in a football match. Pointless stat when it is goals that count. Agreed so glad it FineGael in charge and not MaryLouMcDonald and her band of merry IRA men.....we would be up shït creek without a balaclava! I will be voting for FG and LeoVaradkar for the future

A poll Seriously!!!! In the height of a pandemic is there a need for self ego massaging. Furthermore, who are asked in these pills. I never have been. Self praise is no praise lads. Leo all the way 🙌🏽💚 Lies This is expected in a crisis. Any current Gov ( even caretaker) gets a bump because people are scared and look to authority for comfort. Look at Tories in UK . bumped.Trump in USA bump, even though the consensus here is that they both have botched the Covid_19 responses

The pandemic will pass but we will still be left with the health & housing crisis which FG will blame on the cost of the pandemic. If FG are going to borrow billions to help us over the pandemic maybe they should borrow enough to solve all 3. Love all the comments here thr shinner bots out again how sad are ye people on about agendas and partys etc then were in a crisis it's the people of the country and their welfare not a stupid party that matters sadly the shinner fans can't see past Mary lous arse

Would you imagine the chaos we'd have now if the 25% that voted for SF had got their way. We had a close call. what mad bastards,are conducting polls, when people are falling down all around them,and who gives a fuck about them anyway,they are pointless! Crisatunity! Stockholm syndrome, but wait and see how things pan out and it becomes clearer how they have mismanaged everything including the health service the Corona crisis and this very expensive lockdown.

Populism doesn't work in a crisis..greens have shit themselves sf pbp soc dems and labour have all self isolated. So slow FG And FF sorting out rent caps and homeless and the media has pushed sinnfeinireland to the side but MaryLouMcDonald and her team are people in the thick of communities helping out delivery with papers milk coal etc flip the rich media and richave TDS rtenews

Untrue , people know they are governing because this virus pandemic happened same time as they were practically voted out. Right now we need leadership not stupid polls to stir up more sh1te. The next government will need a significant majority because the choices & consequences of this crisis will make the next crowd so unpopular as we will move on to the next problem .....

The only poll that counts is the one on Election Day! Wouldn't be surprised if there's another general election when this emergency finishes.......

'Ireland needs you': Tánaiste appeals to other parties to join Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in government formationCoveney says yesterday was the “darkest day” in this country’s fight against the Coronavirus , Well that's utterly impossible with the results of the general election so what next Simon ? 🤔 That’s your crowd out so

Gardai announce policing measures ahead of midnight lockdown as list of essential workers emergesGardai have commenced a nationwide policing operation this evening to ensure the public comply with new measures put in place to halt the spread of coronavirus. Well publish the list I’ve work at 630 am I dropped food of to a family member, I'm now stuck without. I'll be heading back to home in the morning, no one will stop me. Where was the advanced warning? Absolute shit management of this situation. If ever it was highlighted, that a person who does not have children of their own should be in charge, well now we have it.

Coronavirus evening digest: Simon Harris pleads with public to stay home, prisoners offered 'virtual visits' from loved reporters are bringing you the latest coronavirus stories you may have missed today. Stay home and thousands in vans travelling to building sites .. clown Already Dubs flocking into Connemara for the weekend. Dirty bastards.

The 9 at 9: SundayPublic support for Fine Gael, new Covid19 measures in Northern Ireland, and the latest on the MV Alta shipwreck in Cork - here's the 9 at 9 as you start your Sunday. Porridge will be just fine, thanks. Get used to it.

Gardai launch major operation to 'support public compliance' amid lockdown Coronavirus Ireland: Gardai launch major operation to 'support public compliance' amid Covid-19 lockdown Are they all having breakfast nowhere to be seen yet.

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