Coronavirus Ireland: Nphet recommends new restrictions on household visits for entire country

Visits to family homes are to be restricted to six people from one other household, according to new recommendations from public health officials.

01/10/2020 17:26:00

BREAKING : Visits to family homes are to be restricted to six people from one other household across the entire country, according to new recommendations from public health officials.

Visits to family homes are to be restricted to six people from one other household, according to new recommendations from public health officials.

he National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) has said new restrictions on household visits should be enforced across the entire country.The Covid-19 restriction is aimed at clamping down on house parties which are giving rise to new cases of the virus.

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The rule which is currently in place in Dublin and Donegal is likely to be extended to the entire country.The rules means only two households can now mix in a family home at the one time and the number of visitors will be limited to six people.Nphet is not believed to have recommended moving other counties into level three restrictions.

A Government decision will be taken on the recommendations later today. Read more: »

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There is no research to support this. Why six? Why not five or seven? They are just making up this nonsense as they go along. Is this really about a virus or is it about social control? Fck these people. Their arrogance, their hypocrisy, their lying, their deceit, their corruption, their cowardice, their greed, their heartlessness. They are throwing us to the dogs. Ignore these guidelines.

What a load of bollocks. Good luck... Time to stop this rubbish . Making it up as they go along . Why dont Nephet and the government target the house parties? That's the dont need to be a doc to figure that one out? They are making this up as they go along. Every day a new rule...Until they stop the house parties ( sorry civil liberties people) this wont stop. What next Level 4...then let's try level 5...oh give level 7 a go...

Stupidity beyond belief! Multiple people can go to work, to school, to shops, to restaurants, to many other places....... But when it comes to the family home, you can only have 6 people in it!! Destroy community, businesses, jobs. Well done you! Jezus.. could we do a deal if they’re really small people and 3 of them are under 70kgs ? 😂😂😂

Good luck with that 😂😂😂 They can shove their recommendations where the sun dont shine,this country is rotten and the law just applies to hard working struggling families and not judges,GDA management, politicians, etc etc,and MSM and RTE are facilitating their unaccountability. And how, exactly, do they plan to enforce that?

I wasn’t aware of it.... Guidelines not law so fuck em have your family around and enjoy each others company! People, just ignore this crap. Mingle, visit, party, hurl! On the day Supreme Court judge Seamus Woulfe is exonerated for flouting government guidelines & attending golfgate the government & NPHET will expect the ordinary Irish citizen to only have 6 people around to their house from 1 other Household. Remember it's only an advisory 👍🏼

I’m not listening anymore after hearing the news today that there are a different set of standards for connected folks politically appointed judges can walk away scot free why should anyone listen I'm not gonna lie, I thought this already the case ... As long as they leave small businesses alone (gyms, restaurants)

Fair play to the team they are trying thier best despite some media commentators best efforts. Will minibus pub crawls still be allowed like last weekend? Bray full of these, Dublin youth having a laugh and not respecting physical distance... So the road map is changed again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ah here feck off.. Making these rules up as ye go along. Eat a meal you wont get covid so kept clubs closed. Wear a mask no need to social distance. No wait you still have to social distance. You cant travel here Do any of them actually know what the hell they are doing who is going to enforce this sure there are house parties everywhere and the gardai doing nothing about them

A lot of professors with a lot more qualifications than Ronan and his donkey have said that this 50,000,000 year old virus is here to stay and if we are to go the way of the dinosaurs it would have happened years ago. It's recommendations so you cant punish any one because they not breaking the law So lets play that out. Assuming compliance....cases may or may not drop...assuming they did even slightly its heralded as a success...roll back to level 2...then rinse and repeat ad nauseum. Definition of insanity is...

Otherwise known as phase 2 and a bit! Fantastic investment into creating that “roadmap”.

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One further death and 429 new cases of coronavirus in IrelandIn the future ... 'One possibly related to COVID death and 28000 positive PCR tests' ... can anyone see that the relationship between these 2 statistics is broken yet ? They need to stop reporting the positive PCRtest results as they are scaring folks unnecessarily. Curve same as UK. With it now clarified the 0.04% of deaths 'with' covid were exaggerated. How many died of Cancer? How many died of aheart attack? How many suicides? Why do some deaths mean more than others?

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