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Coronavirus, Personal Protective Equipment

Coronavirus: First shipment of PPE supplies from China has arrived in Dublin

This is the first delivery flight of the HSE’s €208 million order of PPE from China.

29/03/2020 17:00:00

BREAKING: The first shipment of PPE supplies from China has arrived in Dublin on an Aer Lingus plane

This is the first delivery flight of the HSE’s €208 million order of PPE from China.

The Airbus A330-302 cargo plane was loaded with PPE including masks, gowns and goggles in Beijing before making the over 8,000 km flight back to Ireland.The shipment from Beijing, worth an estimated €28 million, is made up of 11 million masks, 2.3 million eye protections, 2.4 million gowns, and 9 million gloves.

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The first ten cargo flights of the HSE’s order will be arriving between Sunday and Wednesday, and after that flights are expected to continue on a daily basis, according to HSE chief Paul Reid.“We are already assured that the Chinese provider is currently assembling and putting together what will be our second batch, so we would see flights continuing on a regular daily basis of the coming weeks. Both for this batch, and subsequent batches, up to the end of May and probably beyond as it is over €200 million of an order,” Reid said this morning.

Reid said the large consignment of PPE will be distributed to all healthcare providers and systems across the country. This includes hospitals, primary care centres, GPs, and private nursing providers.“Obviously this is a major logistical delivery. It will be distributed from our distribution centre this evening and will be distributed over the coming days.

“And again, flights will continuously come in, go to our distribution centre and be continuously distributed on a rolling basis,” Reid said.In a normal year, Reid says the HSE would normally procure 500,000 masks, 4 million gloves, 200,000 eye protectors, and 100,000 gowns.

This year it’s planning to procure over 36 million masks, 56 million gloves, 24 million gowns, and 24.4 million eye protectors.As the plane departed Dublin yesterday, air traffic controllers from the Irish Aviation Authority radioed a good luck message to the crew of the plane.

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Cheap !unreliable ! crap Good so get it out there guys stop this thing dead A great bunch of lads.. Triple check these supplies do what they are supposed to do. 'China also contributed to the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).. At the height of the epidemic in Wuhan.. Chinese leaders commandeered vast amounts of PPE, made in factories across China and destined for export.'

Think of the EU Think of how the shared resources of its member states was to develop into a manufacturing juggernaut Now think of what a massive failure it is that not one EU country can produce needs of medical supplies in a crisis. EUpuppets are to blame. Enjoy morons! Burn the fucking lot Well done lads, long flight I'd say😭✈️✈️👍👍

Let’s hope these are better than the ones from China that the Dutch have had to recall Surely FedEx have been faster and cheaper... Well done aer lingus thank you 🙏 I hope the quality and standards are checked on arrival and no more time is wasted. Fair play and well done to all involved Hope they don't have to immediately recall them like the Dutch.

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