Coronavirus baby boom predicted in nine months

Coronavirus baby boom predicted in nine months

29/03/2020 20:30:00

Coronavirus baby boom predicted in nine months

From sporting events to electrical blackouts and war, baby booms have long been reported after natural disasters and euphoric events - and the coronavirus epidemic could be no different.


Had my daughter 40 weeks after storm ophelia apparently. The hospital was nuts 🙈 Called that out first day. Atleast this virus has an upside after all! 👶👼👶👼 Next emergency . Gazillions of women all out on maternity leave at the same time 😜 Bets on to say that at least one of them gets called Wuhan Murphy.....

SOD1996 chip chop my womb is waiting 😂🙈 the2johnnies up riding Lots heading for divorce courts I'd say! The first one is starting a racket, the middle one wants to leave, the last one wants to know what the hell is going on, (picture analysis) And they will have to pay £2.50 to independent_ie to read all about it

I wonder what will the babies be called? Not rocket science...... Who wants to be pregnant during a pandemic? What a nightmare! And they will all be called Simon! Business will love the maternity costs on top of everything else 😉

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Coronavirus evening digest: Simon Harris pleads with public to stay home, prisoners offered 'virtual visits' from loved reporters are bringing you the latest coronavirus stories you may have missed today. Stay home and thousands in vans travelling to building sites .. clown Already Dubs flocking into Connemara for the weekend. Dirty bastards.

IMF head says global economy is in recessionKristalina Georgieva said a recovery in 2021 would only occur if nations succeed in containing coronavirus.

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