Changing facility law welcomed as disability day marked

04/12/2022 00:57:00

Several venues across Ireland lit up this evening to to mark the UN International Day for People with Disabilities.

Disability campaigners have welcomed moves to increase the number of toilets with suitable changing facilites in public buildings. Legislation to update regualtions come as events were held to mark UN International Day of People with Disabilities | More:

Several venues across Ireland lit up this evening to to mark the UN International Day for People with Disabilities.

It comes as some disability campaigners welcome yesterday's signing into legislation of new regulations which mean more dedicated changing facilities catering for people with disabilities will be built in the new year..Just over 94,000 people in receipt of the jobseeker’s allowance will be paid the bonus, as will 17,500 people on long-term illness benefit who will receive the bonus for the first time.The ESRI's National Disability Authority carried out research to explore issues facing people with disabilities in Ireland today.

There are currently fewer than 19 such 'Changing Places' in operation in Ireland and Minister of State for Local Government and Planning Peter Burke said making their provision a requirement in new buildings should result in more."These revised regulations will greatly enhance the lives of many people with a disability," he said.Picture by: MoiraM / Alamy Stock Photo Overall, the survey pointed to a significant appetite for change among PA service users, and the impact of inadequate support across their lives."Changing Places toilets are needed to allow equal access to social activity and trips away from home for all citizens.The combined cost of the eight lump sum payments is more than €1." The Pretorius family from Dublin said more facilities cannot come soon enough.He said people are happy with what they are getting, to a point.Parents Adriaan and Dianna visited a new facility that has opened at Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in Dublin, which they said will make it easier to enjoy life as a family of five - including their 15-year-old son Ben, who uses a wheelchair and needs round-the-clock care.More positively, the research found"a high level of satisfaction" with the quality of existing personal assistance.

Three years ago, Ben's dad Adriaan filmed a video of him having to change his son on the floor of a disabled toilet in the shopping centre, to raise awareness about the lack of facilities."Then when they're asked if they were getting enough support, most people said that they weren't.Explaining the extension of the payment to people on long-term illness benefit, she said the vast majority were on the benefit for a very short period of time but there are “a small cohort of people with serious medical conditions who remain on the payment for longer periods of time.Now he can use a dedicated space with a changing bench, hoist and screen.Commenting on the video, he said making it had been an emotional experience." 'Prescriptive' He said those using the supports want more control over them."It was very hard at the time to do that but I feel like so many people don't know what we have to go through as a family, having a child like Ben, which is why raising awareness is so important." Ben's mum Dianna said:"It just means we can all go together as a family, come over and have some food or go to bowling and just have a day out in the centre and it gives Ben his dignity..The ESRI also found that insufficient hours were a huge barrier to social engagement, leaving many respondents isolated.

" She added:"I just hope that this will open other areas and other places for all the people with disabilities, so they too as a family can go out together." Changing Places Ireland, which has campaigned for more of these rooms, has welcomed the new legislation.but also more control," he said.Spokeswoman Michelle Merrigan from the Central Remedial Clinic explained the differences between a changing place and a regular accessible toilet."A changing place is 12x12 metres squared."People would like to have more control over it; and to be treated like the independent adults, who have their own wants and needs that they are, rather than to be told 'This is the support you're getting and this is what you'll use it for'".It has a hoist and a changing bench for a child or an adult.Author of the article, Eamonn Carroll, said the research showed the importance of adequate and effective personal assistance for the quality of life of those with disabilities.

It also has space on either side of the toilet for a carer, a key worker or an assistant, as well as the person themselves."Disabled people face much worse outcomes than non-disabled people across the areas of employment, education and social engagement, and supports like personal assistance can help tackle that gap." A sink with an adjustable height and a screen should also be provided.Research from the National Disability Authority suggests that up to 37,000 people with disabilities and their assistants in Ireland could benefit from these rooms.Share this article.Minister Burke said 650 submissions were received as part of their consultation on this with 95% coming from individuals with a disability or from their families, carers and friends.It is hoped the legislation will result in at least one changing place in each local authority area within the next three years.HSE Head of Operations for Disability Services Bernard O'Regan welcomed the publication, which he said adds"significantly to understanding how personal assistance is allocated and used across the services provided by the HSE and funded by it through a range of service providers".

The revised Part M Building Regulation could also result in as many as 80 such toilets being added in new buildings each year, in venues including shopping centres, museums, galleries, cinemas, hotels, service stations and heritage sites..

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What about condemning up to birth abortion laws for children with Down Syndrome. Some fools may care about lights, we care about lives. Its nice that they can get a day for themselves like the gays do,

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