Roads, Speeding

Roads, Speeding

Car detected travelling at 202km/h on Dublin's M50

More than 180 vehicles have been caught breaking the speed limit this morning as part of Operation Slow Down Day, with one detected travelling at 202km/h on the M50 on Dublin

22/05/2020 13:06:00

More than 180 vehicles have been caught breaking the speed limit this morning as part of Operation Slow Down Day, with one detected travelling at 202km/h on the M50 on Dublin

Figures from gardaí show that 181 vehicles have been detected travelling in excess of the speed limit during the first few hours of National Slow Down Day, with one motorist caught doing 202km/h on the M50 in Dublin.

Gardaí began the 24-hour crackdown on speeding at 7am.The operation, which is supported by the Road Safety Authority, will run until 7am tomorrow morning.So far, the speed of a total of 22,500 vehicles were checked. One vehicle was clocked travelling at 202km/h on the M50 in Dublin.

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Gardaí say the levels of speed have increased on the roads during the pandemic, despite reduced volumes of traffic. National Slow Down DayMotorist detected travelling at 202km on the M50 this morning now faces a hefty fine and possible disqualification from driving. Excessive speed contributes to serious injuries and fatalities. #SlowDownSaveLives

— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) May 22, 2020 Among the examples in recent weeks, gardaí recorded drivers travelling at 119km/h in a 60k/h zone on the Old Airport Road, Cloghran in Dublin.They also detected a driver travelling at 129km/h in a 60km zone in Kenagh in Co Longford and a driver travelling 156km/h in a 100km zone in Inagh in Clare.

One vehicle was detected travelling at 85km/h in a 50km/h zone in Donegal.To date this year, 57 people have been killed on Irish roads, an increase of six on same period last year.Pedestrians account for 30% of all fatalities this year.The operation will involve high visibility enforcement in 1,322 speed enforcement zones.

Chief Superintendent of the Roads Policing Bureau Paul Cleary said that the operation is all about making the roads and communities safer."Despite the reductions in traffic associated with Covid-19 we have continued to see a small percentage of motorists who travel at excessively high speeds both in urban and rural areas," he said.

"Whilst the vast majority of drivers drive safely within the speed limits, and it is most welcome, there still remain those who continue to drive at excessive speeds. We will maintain our focus on non-compliant drivers as they pose a risk to themselves and other road users," he added.

181 vehicles detected travelling in excess of the applicable speed limit on National Slow Down Day so farNotable examples:124km/h in a 80km/h Zone - M50 Kilmore Big Dublin17 Dublin121km/h in a 100km/h Zone - N11 Kilmurry North Kilmacanoge Wicklow#slowdownsavelives

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— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) May 22, 2020 Interim CEO of the Road Safety Authority John Caulfield said by slowing down a driver will have more time to react.He said: "If a pedestrian or cyclist is hit at 60km/h they only have a 10% chance of survival, but if hit at 30km/h they have a 90% chance of surviving.

"By slowing down a driver will have more time and space to react to any potential hazard on the road. It also increases the likelihood of surviving a crash."Gardaí say they will be using media channels today to remind motorists of the potential impact on families and communities of speeding.

Today is #NationalSlowDownDay @GardaTraffic will be conducting a 24 hour road safety initiative to promote road safety and to lower speeds. #SlowDown Read more: RTÉ News »

Get out on the roads and into housing estates plus stop the parties mass gatherings instead of hiding in bushes pressing a button on a speed gun 'Gardaí have say' Not surprised by surge in speeding etc-most of the law abiding motorists are at home, so the % of idiots out there is higher than usual. Love to know many of these drivers were on ‘essential’ journeys 🤔

202kmph? Shure everyone would be going that fast if the roads were this empty all the time Another revenue collection weekend!!! 🙄🙄 just call it as it is aye, it would do.. ' ....despite a reducation in the volume of traffic on Irish roads in recent weeks' 'Because' of a 'reduction' they probably 'said'. bonfireofthesubeditors

because of With all the checkpoints people have no choice but to speed and get home. It's simple science See that there are a lot of smart asses on Twitter now on this. You know it’s 202kmph or 120MPH which would kill you instantly if you were rear ended by this idiot. I despair for Irish society when social media can only make fun of this. Ask someone who has lost a loved one?

No chance of him/her catching covid🦠🙄 Just as well he didn't blink,, 120 ml per hour. What's all this 2020? Hey Get the guy doing 202 signed up to a F1 Team Thank God there's no physical toll bridge, there'd have been carnage. I think this tweet needs a few more people pointing out that they mixed up 2002km/h and 202km/h🙄

Not surprised. It's a race track lately. The usual BMW, Audi nuts. They need to introduce average speed cameras Lads must've been up all night thinking up the name of the operation 🤔 Some of the limits is ridiculous. There's a 30kmph limit on a duel lane but if you get caught doing 35kmph you get done for speeding.

Operation make money of fines day ya mean That’s impressive DuncMiskelly Were they driving this 202, my car can’t get near that speed 😂 defo a BMW driver Meep meep Going by RTEs headline ot must have been supersonic. Did it have NASA in big writing on the side of it 2020km/h! It was the wind officer, pushed the dam car over the speed limit 🧐

vxnnievxnnie look at the speed they caught Declan at 2020km/h ... Was it Tom Parlon rushing to put the record straight on building costs? Wow 2020km/h OmG! 2k km! Disgraceful behaviour from some motorists during Covid, no regard whatsoever for pedestrians. Cop on and slow down Were they driving a Delorean

How the fuck did ye see the car going that fast😱 A driver at 2000km/h has no time for a speeding ticket iresimpsonsfans Maybe the the same 1 million drink drivers caught a few years back . Can we trust the Garda to really tell truth 2020kmh? This should be celebrated. 2020 kmph is nippy enough .... 2020km/h man that person was in some hurry, that's faster than condorde.

2020km? Must be Mach 5. 2020km per hour jasus thats some speed he was going 😜 That's 1255 mph im old money. He must have installed those big noisy exhaust pipes. 🚀 Wow 2020km! No accordion effect today then.. 😂 Elon Musk trying out his new spaceship 🚀 Some pace that 125 mph. 183 feet every second. 60 yards a second.

Land speed record 2020 kph is fast. A word land speed record. 2020km/h? Wow! How did they even spot him? 🤣🤣🤣

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