Candlelight vigil takes place for George Nkencho

A candlelight vigil is taking place tonight in Dublin for George Nkencho, who was shot dead after a stand off with gardaí last month

13/01/2021 21:04:00

A candlelight vigil is taking place tonight in Dublin for George Nkencho, who was shot dead after a stand off with gardaí last month

A candlelight vigil is taking place tonight in Dublin for George Nkencho, who was shot dead after a stand off with gardaí last month.

Mr Nkencho was shot by a member of the Garda Armed Support Unit on 30 December outside his home in Manorsfield Drive in Clonee.Gardaí had initially being called to a disturbance at a shop nearby and say they were threatened with a knife.According to the Gardaí, a taser and pepper spray were used on the 27-year-old but were unsuccessful before a member of the ASU fired a number of shots.

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Mr Nkencho was pronounced dead later in hospital.Today the family's solicitor Phelim O'Neill, confirmed that a second post-mortem examination - independent from the one carried out by the State, was conducted yesterday.The examination was carried out by Professor Jack Crane, the former state pathologist in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, the  Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission has said its investigation into the death is continuing.It said it has taken witness statements and that a family liaison officer had been appointed on the evening of the shooting and has been in contact with the Nkenchos since then.

It said it would be inappropriate for GSOC to comment publicly on the direction or progress of the ongoing criminal investigation into Mr Nchenko's death. Gathering outside Blanchardstown Garda station... over 100 people for a candlelight vigil for George Nkencho. More on @RTÈ News

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Any reporting on the victims of George Nkencho? Biased wankers! Where is the KKK when you need them. If this is allowed to happen with COVID-19 restrictions. Iam going to Dublin to visit my mother I'll said iam protesting Why justice for him Ok it’s awful for his family but HE was the one in the wrong.. he went out to deliberately cause harm that day, he threatened Gardai.. he seriously injured the guy in Spar.. all lives matter.. this is Dublin not downtown LA 😡

Sick of theses freeloaders now, our hospitals are bursting at the seams it's a disgrace no TD saying a word about this wankers, LEO another one get your mob off the streets give the people of IRELAND a break close the gates and return the sender with theses fuckers For what? Ridiculous Nation has the highest 7 day incidence rate of Covid per capita in the world and RTÉ promotes a candlelight vigil for an individual who assaulted a shopkeeper and tried to stab a Garda - crazy

This is so wrong to be allowed take place. Would it be possible Gardai were told to let this go ahead? Why are the politicians who called for investigation into shooting not on about this? If I take my son (special needs) out this weekend to take some photos would I be fined? my mother in law was a legend in her community, she died during the first lockdown, she had 9 children, 25 grandchildren, 13ggc, the whole family couldnt attend her funeral, this is an insult to the families who lost someone in 2020/21. 2 weeks of protest 100's of strangers

A great addition to the country Rte calls this a super spreader when other people do it Covid taking a day off is it? When is the vigil for Mark Hennessey? It seems that skin colour should top law and order. Rte race bating again. And there I was thinking we were in the middle of a serious lockdown. How come these aren't getting the same treatment as the anti lockdown protesters who were bet around by Gardaí in town?

DEPORTATION and REPATRIATION programs needed badly now. This thug and CRIMINAL had every opportunity to avoid death or serious injury after he went on a violent spree of criminal activity. Thank goodness the Gardai saved lives by preventing this thug from potentially killing. How come the low iQ brigade are allowed to march ? Are they immuned to the China virus or what?

I can’t go and visit my elderly parents, but this can happen How is this fair Where’s the fines being handed out for this ? It cannot be one rule for some and another for the rest This shower should be deported .the man was armed robbed and beat a shop manger stabbed him also They had run through blanchardstown shopping center pushing old folk people in Harristown supports garda

We can do what we want! Not sure why the Irish flag is being displayed. They're not Irish and don't speak for the majority who are fed up with the race baiting and asylum scam. So are you now saying Level 5 restrictions have ended ? Great ! You are first to break this good news. When are the restaurants and pubs opening ?

promoting crowd gatherings in Dublin ... I guess then seeing as though LordMayorDublin or DubCityCouncil have not comdemmed this. Dublin is out of level 5. Is that right CMOIreland GardaTraffic Oh FFS! So it's ok to congregate & breach draconian measures to 'honour' someone who terrified, injured & nearly murdered Irish people, just because he's from Africa! He was a dangerous thug & even his family had restraining orders against him. He shouldn't be commemorated!!

what a difference the colour of your skin makes blatantly breaching' Covid-19 level 5 lockdown, and not for the first time, again no politicians or political parties standing up against this like they have done for any other much smaller groups, all afraid of race card been used, and labelled with some derogatory name calling

Best way to disperse this gathering is to offer them a JOB. He lashed our a number of times, and attempt was maybe to wing him/hit in leg but didn’t stop him, so further shots fired, definitely wasn’t intention to kill him but to stop him from harming others. Absolutely disgraceful this was allowed to happen in the depths of a pandemic & our hospitals struggling to cope. Gardai took appropriate action he was no poor innocent. Shocking RTE even giving this coverage as these people terrorised the area in days following shooting.

Level 5 my eye. Water cannon and tear gas for those fuckers. Any justice for the poor lad who had his face slashed because the Irish 'justice system' is no longer capable of keeping criminals locked up? Any justice for George Nkencho's family whom he terrorised? No, I thought not. There is a victim and there is a perpetrator. RTE are constantly seeking sympathy for the perpetrator while ignoring the victim. The victim was paying your wages while the perpetrator was a leech on society.

In the interests of fair reporting, RTE should show all sides of this story. GeorgeNkencho A very very dangerous man he and his family should have been deported a long time ago . His supporters are obviously very dangerous people and need to be deported .surely criminality it a breach of there right to be here thank god the Garda are there to protect us .

This man would have been classified as a terrorist if he walked the streets of London or Paris wielding a knife and injuring members of the public and police force and he'd have been shot there too. In my view justice was delivered in Dublin, this man got his what he deserved. I'm having a vigil saterday night in my house 50 people for my dog who went into someone's garden and bit another dog but the dog survived later on that evening 5 or 6 RSPCA members showed up at my house to restrain my dog, but my dog ran out trying to attack them and got killed

Disgraceful Send them all back to where they came from Why are they aloud do this in lockdown it’s a joke Isn't it 6 or 8 at a funeral? Gardai need to show force and go armed also to be safe. LeoVaradkar MichealMartinTD pant comment on this mass gathering during level 5 while put nurses have to go back to work being close contacts as the heath system is crashing due to covid numbers

Deportations needs to be ramped up He got justice The level of racism and bruised white privilege in these comments makes me embarrassed to be Irish. Be careful Irish people before you all start sounding and looking like your white suprematist cousins in the US. He got his justice. Any excuse to indulge American Race Politics/Theory

Why are they not arrested for breaching lockdown. It has to be equally applicable . , But I'd your black your allowed to break the law. report the real news not your twisted biase. RTE the face of the Liberal left.... What about the victim can we have an update please? This bollox 👆 people of Ireland get out there and live yer life.

How big is their bubble ,just asking on behalf of tony cmo boss. The Gardai were doing their job .... simple. This man (RIP) they shot had mental problems .... supposedly so why wasn't he being looked after by his family and all these friends that are out protesting over his demise RTE pandering again ....he was a CRIMINAL!!!!!!!

While I have all the support and sympathy in the world for the Gardai, how can any Garda in any part of the country, stop or issue fines to a person while at the same time freely letting these protests regularly go ahead? They are undermining their own authority. Safety Notice: Attempting to kill a Garda may be hazardous to your health.

RTE pro MIGRANT PROPAGANDA for a guy who slashed a store owner, attacked a woman with a hammer , tried to stab two garda, liberal do-gooder gobshites. ireland im sorry to say is f...ked. just wait till these invaders become the majority Any news on the shop worker who was attacked by this thug? And WHY was this demo allowed when everybody else is locked up at home? Disappointing..

All the good work of the irish people trying to contain this virus is being put to waste by these guests who are lucky to be in our country Seems like race tensions are high right now... Let's get a couple of things clear. People are allowed to grieve. Riots are not ok. George was not innocent. Mass gatherings right now should either be stopped or we should be open for everything. Stay safe all. fiannafailparty

Rte are the running joke now Justice was done. The Gardas life was saved. Why was this allowed MichealMartinTD DonnellyStephen LeoVaradkar CMOIreland laoneill111 MlMcNamaraTD SamuelMcConkey1 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn The HSE is at breaking point and hundreds of thousands are out of work and gatherings like this are allowed to go ahead?! What's the point of Level 5 then?

How many candlelight vigils does a criminal need? Why aren’t there candlelight vigils at the mother and baby homes? Last week Gardai were hassling people who were quietly saying the Rosary outside RTE and this vigil is allowed go ahead without any incident from our police force. That just seems very unfair to me.

How can he get any more justice ? do those people understand the colours of our flag they are carrying? But I thought we had to STAY AT HOME!This is ridiculous, people have been put off work and funerals and weddings numbers are limited to 10 and this is ok?According to the media it is! I guess lockdown is over?

Good riddance George A stand off? after he attacked the cops. He got his justice. Why? After a standoff ?... after he attempted to take a Garda life, for which the Garda was fully justified in taking him down. Can somebody explain SLOWLY to these dopes that a GSOC investigation takes time and marching during a pandemic won't get them much sympathy from the majority of the public or hasten justice. In fact they're playing with their own lives and could catch Covid-19. Avoidable!

So this breach of lockdown is fine Jesus wept but this is absolutely outrageous, they should all be arrested. Absolute joke and they expect everyone else to follow restrictions.. Well fu*k that shit .. not any more Why are these fools in Ireland? When a mental ill man from the middle east stabbed a man to death in dundalk Their were cry’s why didn’t the garda stop it. When a man tried to stab a officer after all non lethal options failed they cry fowl play?Should they have waited till someone got killed/stabbed first? 🤷‍♂️

Did they see his rap sheet? So f I'm what I have read He went towards a Garda with a knife and then got shot I’d like to pass on my best wishes to George Nkencho’s victim. I hope the person recovers quickly from their injuries and has no long-standing mental or physical scars. Thoughts with you. Get well soon.

Most annoying reading this, why are they allowed to have this vigil with the current restrictions in place & COVID numbers high. Not fair on the healthcare staff & people who have lost jobs & all that are staying at home trying to do the right thing. He got justice. ... Deport them all! Back to their slums!

BORING BORING BORING I’d say he already got his juctide! Sense_Czech Why have they been allowed to enter our nations? He came at the guards with a knife. His shooting was justified. Why are these gatherings allowed to go ahead when it's illegal to go to Mass? if it was a white man or a traveller peace would be praising the gardai

“a stand off”? There was nothing standoffish about the attempted knifing of a Garda. It 1 law for the blacks and another law for us ... The gardai are afraid now to go near them... I'm gona hold one for the death of Ireland and our freedom. Will dm u d details so you can cover it. Thanks so much theirishpeople

No justice at for he got what he got if he was rite he the head he drop the knife rite like I would if there where guns pointing me I give I have a video of the shooting you see clearly he lunge at a garda and he got shot for it so...I do the same black white pink yellow I shoot Black privilege. The man whose face was slashed, his he doing okay?

This massive gathering for the criminal George Nkencho happened on last Saturday. It seems that level 5 restrictions only apply to Irish people; if you're African you can do whatever you want No issue with people coming together to remember one off there own. We all should do this until we have normal funerals.

Deport Why do these arseholes think they're above the law? The racists all outside the shop shouting they hope people die a slow death and they're white bastards. Bit of manners needed to be put on these muppets. Hopefully files were dished out like dinners. How's the young man from the spar shop doing who was viciously assaulted?

No mention of the fact that he violently assaulted a shop worker. No mention of the fact that he lunged at gardaí with a large knife. No mention of the fact that these repeat demonstrations break the Level 5 Covid rules & restrictions. Is 'standoff' the best word/term you could find? Is it accurate? Did the deceased not physically attack, with a weapon, members of the Gardaí?

didnt look like a stand off, looked like he was trying to stab them 🙄🙄🙄 🤦‍♀️ I wonder if my death would be protested if I was shot while trying to stab a garda 🤦‍♀️ Rte our moral trust worthy guardians and the voice of the comman man and woman. 63 covid deaths today, yet this is acceptable? Can't go to college, can't see family, people out of work all across the country, the spread of the virus here, is the worst in the world. And a public gathering flouting the rules is given a free pass. Totally irresponsible.

RTE news has as much credibility as Fox news. Where are all the 'stay home to save your granny' leftists at now? Gone remarkably quiet; perhaps in attendance You threaten people with a knife, you get put down Are we going to be dealing with this shite on a regular basis now, 5th protest they’ve organised already while the rest of us are locked away He was criminal that tried to murder a guard, Nothing to do with race.

MaryLouMcDonald have a look at some of these replies gildernewm have a look at some of these replies. The cheek of those shits carrying an Irish flag. They have no right to sully that flag with their type, they don't belong in our country. Dam scroungers and teat suckers. African Non-Nationals who don't obey Irish law should be deported.

A candlelight vigil ! Really getting on people’s wicks And why was there a stand-off RTE? Oh, yeah, he beat the shite out some little gay fella and robbed a shop before attempting to knife a guard getagrip Well done hopefully they all give each other the virus Ah sure its grand when these boys hold gatherings during Level 5 eh CMOIreland

Butter knife George He got justice if you live by the knife then you die by the gun. Old news He was shot dead because he tried to kill them. The people crying over it are brainless clowns. Desecrating the Irish flag with slogans. Starting to notice that rte are a bunch of tossers 2 ways to disperse them. a) A Garda comes out the book of deportation orders, or b) A social welfare inspector turns up. JusticeForGeorgeNkencho

It's really not the time to be congregating. He probably would be still alive if he and his family had of stayed in Nigeria. Maybe the lot of them should go home. gardainfo This is absolute nonsense! The man was a dangerous criminal. These people are only fuelling their own anger towards the Irish by their actions here, instead of accepting the consequences of wielding a knife at the people doing their jobs, to protect us as a nation!

Not a mention on state media that this gathering contravenes Covid level 5 restrictions TruthMattersOnlySomeOfTheTime Apparently they are raising money for George’s family too... Any money raised should be spent on the best plastic surgeons available,to try and repair the horrific damage George inflicted on his victims face..

Stop defacing the tricolour Am I missing something here, covid numbers through the roof, healthcare workers stretched to their limits and this is allowed to happen. Also I thought we were only supposed to leave home if absolutely necessary New racism 'Stand off' = attacking a Garda with a knife🤔 As long as no Irishman is hurt or killed in the process of this. If it's a peaceful manner, I have no problem. Don't follow in the footsteps of America please.

What happened to: no social/family gatherings should take place in other settings. people may meet with people from one other household in outdoor settings when taking exercise. RTE should not be reporting on an illegal gathering. Any news on the condition of the man he attacked before he tried to attack the Gardai - just askin’. 🤷🏼‍♂️

If he had killed a guard when he lunged at them with the knife and then shot dead then these lot would still claim his innocence. Look, he died because of his own actions ,the guards didnt want him dead but they couldn't let him kill one of their own either. Swinging a machete at a Garda is a standoff?

But but but what about the scamdemic, oh thats right it is only for the Native Irish, the scamdemic does not affect the invaders What are you doing about the people who are selling fake negative covid results in order to enter/leave Ireland. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 RTEVirus glorifying criminality and thuggery

How was it a stand off? He charged at a Guard with a knife while resisting arrest. If the Guard had died, would it still have been a stand off? Yet only 10 people allowed at a funeral or even a months mind. It seems that you can do anything you want if you call it a protest. A lot of them will be late for work in the morning

He was a violent individual. We wouldn't see Bríd Smith or Hazel Chu (not voting Chu ever again) if the Gardai was killed by him... Gards afraid of there bollox to say boo to them should be fined but thatd cause a headline wouldn't it....spineless Ah here. Any of them here illegal deport them no recept for covid laws or any law

What injustice was done? What's that banner about? I don't get it. Knife welding scum got justice allright. Let them at it 🙄😄 Monkeys don't get covid?🐒🤔 Vigil for a criminal and an attempted murderer? Super spreader event 😬 Are they on an essential trip Who's George? RTÉ are lying scumbags Our rules and laws are not for them!!

Says it all about the African community here, out protesting for an attempted murderer. Who's going to pay for their free gaffs and doles if working people can't get back to work? There are far too many racist messages on this thread, you should be ashamed! You can criticise the vigil without retorting to slurs. Ireland needs to do better!

Where is An Garda Siochana dispersing the crowds and fining these people? Rte News promotes this, but condemns people who are protesting for their rights “Far Right” “Irish” “Conspiracy Theorists”. Welcome to the new world. Stop giving this a platform, it’s pushing an agenda that isn’t there. If a white person was to aggressively swing a knife at a Garda and got shot In the process it would be reported that a heroic Garda shot man attacking colleague with knife so take a day off

RTÊ is reporting that the lockdown is over we can all ignore the rules I'm not sticking to the restrictions anymore since they can all do it and get away it, what's the point. Stand off, you spelled attack with a knife wrong. Riot through the blanchardstown Centre again? Rent-a-mob marching for a dead gouger. Why is this news?

It wasn't a standoff? He was shot after attempting to slash a Garda....... Get your fuckin headline right RTÉ......FFS Shouldn't that be a problem with level 5 lockdown restrictions COVID19 🤔 So this illegal gathering is OK because reasons. Is this essential business during a lockdown? It shows their lack of respect for Irish people. 60+ dead today GeorgeNkencho

Why are they allowed to gather in large groups? This is absolutely ridiculous gardainfo why is this breaking covid rules? Stand off? Rte as usual with their own agenda. Have you seen what he did to the shop workers face. No mention of him. Disgraceful. They should all be arrested for breaking covid regulations. Oh wait, they won't because they think they are superior and above the law.

Would all decent ppl please leave the area muggings assaults and robberies are about to skyrocket. Charge them with breaking lockdown rules Let It Go.. Race card is getting boring now. Why? Shot dead by the Gardaí protect the public €100 Fines all around... I bet not.. This gathering appears to be in contravention of Level5 Covid19Ireland guidelines roinnslainte GardaTraffic gardainfo

He was waving a knife around!! These people are desperate for this to be classed as a racist police shooting, and our gullible media are drinking the kool-aid... 63 people dead today but yet silence on all the illegal protests during a level 5 lockdown from MSM and government. Very strange indeed. Its almost like a coordinated effort to keep it all quiet. 🤔

It would make your blood boil . The country is gone to the dogs.😡😡 Candlelight vigil for a dead imported criminal lowlife at the height of an (alleged) pandemic Here's your 'stand off' RTÉ Thats quite the headline He was shot dead for attempting to kill a police officer with a machete Candle lit vigil would you ever run and jump. He was given every opportunity and didn’t take it. Thankfully no innocent person or Gardai were injured in this incident. Let’s light and candle for them.

Why? He was a fcuking scumbag who violently assaulted a shop worker, and attempted to murder the Guards trying to arrest him. Blacks taking liberties again 🙄 Why are they not been arrested. Anyone else is been arrested for breaching guidelines. It wasn't a 'stand off'. He charged an officer with a blade!!! Are people not sick of the media trying to reframe these stories, just because of skin colour Oh, and to not, covid 19 is sort of rampant right now. These Muppets spiting on their community

Brilliant! Great stuff! More of this! I'm lighting a candle for the man he slashed like a cow, wish him and his family a safe recovery. People these days The knife wielding criminal got the Justice he deserved Hope they're all within the 5km travel restrictions too, like the rest of us have to stick by.

Thank god that no Garda was injured whilst doing their job, protecting society. Another delinquent group treating the Covid restrictions with contempt. Why is this allowed? RIP George 🕯 privileged leftists - '' zerocovid policy now '' also privileged leftists - protests shooting of thug Why? They'll be breaking guidelines

If this is allowed, why should any of us adhere to lockdown restrictions? Ludicrous, they should be arrested for breaching covid guidelines It was not a stand off. It was an attempt on a Garda's life.