Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter solidarity protest held in Dublin

Thousands of people have taken part in a rally in Dublin city centre in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States

01/06/2020 18:54:00

Thousands of people have taken part in a rally in Dublin city centre in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States

Thousands of people have taken part in a rally in Dublin city centre in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States.

The 46-year-old died after a white police officer was seen kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes.Derek Chauvin, the police officer involved in the incident who has since been fired, has been charged with third-degree murder.The marchers chanted 'black lives matter' and called for justice for Mr Floyd's family.

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A minute's silence was then observed when they arrived at the US Embassy.— Padraic Geoghegan (@PadraicRTE) June 1, 2020 It comes after two protests took place in Dublin yesterday - one at the US Embassy and another at the US Ambassador's Residence in the Phoenix Park.

Similar protests have taken place around the world, including in New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands.In the US itself the White House has called for "law and order", and has blamed agitators for a sixth straight night of violent protests across the country.

Dozens of cities across the United States remain under curfews at a level not seen since riots following the 1968 assassination of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.Irish woman Erica Cody, who said she was taking part in the protest, told RTÉ's News at One that she has experienced racism since the day she was born.

Ms Cody, a singer from Baldoyle, said she was taking part in the protest to stand in solidarity with her black brothers and sisters around the world.  She said the sad thing is that it always takes something so tragic, such as the death of Mr Floyd, to realise rasicm is not exclusive to the United States but that it exists everywhere.

She said the protest today is about standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement because it doesn't just exist in the States, but everywhere. Read more: RTÉ News »

tinaohalloran Great reporting RTE and not a bad word against them by you hey ' but yet only a few weeks ago you ridiculed gemma and johns supporters for Gathering outside the Courts ..RTE SCUMBAGS AND GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA MACHINE ' SWITCH IT OFF...🇮🇪🦊 All lives matter Deploy f smtgh! That is USA's internal problem , and stupidity. Nothing in that incident was racist! Blow the stupidity balloon further. Deploy Garda and end it before this idiocy spreads further.

Wth Ofcourse it matters they life but doesn't mean they have to go and destroy the place.If that black man has listened the officer's he would still be a live today.We have problems here in Ireland as well with those people because they don't listen so probably he deserves it And broke all health guidelines about social distancing and gatherings greater than 4. You need to report that too.

BlackLivesMatter 🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿 Let's imagine Gemma ODoherty and co had thousands of people protesting with no social distancing, the media would be up in arms. Completely agree with the cause but they are risking the lives of vulnerable people in Ireland, let's look after Ireland first and then try save the 🌍

Would his be the same stay the F at home crowd for insta likes? Good cause but a slap in the face for everyone sticking to the restrictions. Between these privileged idiots (no social distancing) in Dublin out protesting and all the corporations showing solidarity they are making a mockery of the real issue in the USA. Where were they all over the past years when this racism was going on. It's trendy now is all.

✊✊🏽✊🏿 Fully support BLM but not in a pandemic ! These selfish idiots have potentially cost life’s today More people in ICU and fighting for their life with every breath they take is this what these people want ? Sickening just as we are turning the corner this has put is back If you walking for all the inhumanity in the world.. there is not enough days in the year... sad about that poor fellow but 1000s dying in Yemen yet it's not on the news.. ssshh it's US and British weapons.. say nothing

Bunch of dopes protesting in Dublin today Did any of them swing around by the Chinese embassy to protest over their gift of corona virus. Don't think so, very selective protesting. Absolute clowns and I am stunned something like this was allowed to go ahead. Where were the Gardai to prevent this sort of mass gathering. All the sacrifices this country has gone through over the last couple of months and they think it's acceptable to gather like this

Social distancing is dead , ain't that right SimonHarrisTD ? rte I see no mention of SocialDistancing in your article. Is covid19ireland over? While I express outrage at the murder of GeorgeFloyd & abhor racism, I dont support the new agenda of black vs white, nor antifa, their links to the US protests & their links with GeorgeSoros.

While the rest of us have stayed at home for ten weeks and only gone shopping/short walks. Well-meaning, but not now and not like this. StayHome and email the US Embassy. SimonHarrisTD LeoVaradkar MichealMartinTD I understand what your trying to do when you reply to the racists here but your giving them a voice and you know they won't change their views block and report them lets take away the voice they have do to them what they do to others here and everywhere

Love a good auld protest Silence is racism. all lives matter are scared racist snowflakes hiding behind privilege Solidarity=Communism. Off topic but for the people who say 'Ireland is for the Irish' or support the national party you're a disgrace :) And there I was having to queue up at B&Q like a peasant.. end lockdown

All within 5k of their home? Important and all as the protest was, this is not good considering all the sacrifices being made by people. I have not seen many of my family since March. In solidarity with the thugs and terrorist group BLM you meant? Waiting for the correction. Protest about the cervical cancer scandal, the worst health service in western Europe, people dying on hospital trolleys in a and e every year,incompetent politicans, banks interests put before citizens, highest tax on fuel in Europe,huge insurance costs and plenty, plenty more!

Why was this allowed to go ahead? Isn't there a lock down? I guess that's only for native Irish. Thank you, Dublin. Lean ort. 💚 A worthy cause but it will be interesting to see if covid cases jump as a result. Not fair on health care workers who have risked themselves treating covid patients - many of which contracted the virus themselves.

Absolute joke to risk the health care system of ireland for something that happened thousands of miles from ireland and has nothing to do with ireland. Is the lockdown over now ? Scumbags who don't care about anyone's lives, just an excuse for loudmouth bogus African migrants to shout that Ireland is racist. Not happy with all the freebies we give them? The planes fly in both directions, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

No social distancing but no arrests. Meanwhile in a remote corner of the west of ireland a small family (mum dad two kids) who are having a picnic on a lake shore are moved on by the Gardai. Disgraceful. These evil people have entirely derailed the government's Covid strategy, since anyone now has an excuse for gathering of any size. Shame on them. Let's hope we remember who did this.

Feeling like a fool for sticking to the 5km limit when a mass gathering can take place in the city centre. InThisTogether me arse! Well more than a thousand How can this have been allowed to go ahead? I am just as horrified as anyone at what is happening in the US but how on earth is putting the lives of so many people at risk in the midst of justifiable ? This makes a mockery of all of the hard work and suffering endured!

So Gemma O'Doherty was right all along about no need to social distance 😂 Well done to all 🙌 Well done to all involved. I heard Trump has gotten wind of this protest in Dublin and is currently preparing his letter of resignation. Such persuasion, much effort, so wow. BlackLivesMatter Who cares about this rubbish. Why are you even giving them coverage. This is an American issue not Irish. About time ye started standing up for the Irish people!

So the GiletsJaunes are marching for over a year against Globalists and u twats never bothered to cover it. Enemyofthepeople FakeNews Much more than 1000 at least 5000 It’s hard to believe these thugs are robbing stores in many cities in one day, all of these points out: it’s well organised and the purpose is to disrupt the beauty of peace, robbing stores, asking for more rights but less responsibility, this is absolutely TERRORISM.

This is obviously turmoil in purpose and backed by China communist party, listening carefully and some were talking in mandarin. Time to lockdown Dublin and leave the rest of Ireland opened. Idiots!! So in response to this manufactured event, FFG will announce they've listened to the will of the people and are going to end direct plantation centers and import a million Africans. Then the games can begin.

I get why they were protesting, but have they forgotten that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic? I’m glad you’re standing up to racism an all but use your fucking brains & stay away from each other. Drove by the American embassy earlier & nobody was social distancing. Fools From “up to a thousand” to “thousands” in 20 min are you drinking?

i see the drags of Irish society were present, lot of left wing pink fluffy feck wits who would follow the pied piper of hamlet if he appeared, any way let them get on with it, they r but a very very tiny minority in r country, which we need to keep that way, we have Irish to c 2 LeoVaradkar how can we defend ourselves when a hundred angry black men come smashing down our doors?

I think it's a big risk people are taking, however there comes a point where you just hit boling point and have to have your voice heard. Black people have been suffering in silence for years. BlackLivesMatter Should all be arrested!! I can’t go to the beach but these clowns have a fucking March!!!! Down with American cultural hegemony. Yankee go home!

That’s all the hard work & commitment during the lockdown undone. What happened to social distancing & StayHome Couldn’t they have waited till after the pandemic to riot? I mean it’s pretty irresponsible if you ask me 🤷‍♀️ Didn’t see anyone marching against the violent repression in Hong Kong (not forgetting Tibet etc ). Of course that was by communist China so they are not interested in that!

What about covid Watch everything spike and the hospitals will be full in two weeks. Virtue signaling at it's worst, this country is finally getting a handle on Covid and this completely flies in the face of all the hard work done, fuck every last one of you!!! All lives matter! Stop promoting hate! These people are uninformed donkeys. Facts:

Start the fucking GAA & open the pubs. The crisis is over So Covid is over, cool. So the Guards are arresting people going to the beach but thousands are allowed to shlep through the streets during a pandemic for “ black lives matter “ End this lockdown now, its a joke LeoVaradkar When's the march for IrishLivesMatter concerning all the deaths of Irish senior citizens in Irish nursing homes ?

Clearly the people of ireland lives don't matter to theses fucking reckless morons in the middle of a pandemic let's hope they are willing to be made know to the victims families when the cases spike and the deaths rise as as result of this stupidity. What's the whole point ? Different country, different jurisdiction, different world .. how does this impact their daily lives ? Lefty twats

Idiots. BlackLives Matter is a leftist racist group. The man responsible for George Ford’s death is already in custody. Much of the violence, looting and burning in Democrat cities has come from gangs of feral black youths and Antifa. They even killed a black policeman. Why such a rally? Have the Irish fixed their own Poverty, they have so many homeless living in the streets, so much addiction and overall poverty, not to mention their Intolerant Anti Semitism. Sad little island. Is mise Eireannacht.

So ive been at home for 2 months only for others to break the rules now... what is even the point In solidarity with out of control rioters,wreaking havoc on innocent shops and buildings. Pandemic? What pandemic? Protesting for a good cause, but this is only gonna skyrocket cases. For those complaining about social Distancing rules not being respected, didn't you get the memo Covid19 has been cancelled. You're welcome

Blacklivesmatter but obviously not health care workers This thread shows that having an Irish flag I your name on Twitter makes you an inconsiderate arsehole.. when did we create so many pricks in this country Was the virus cured. Where is the social distancing in this. Do they not realize there is a 2m rule.

If anyone sees any AntifaTerrorists knock them tf out! What about the 900 old people in nursing homes elders lives matter So, lockdown is over, now? Social distancing? Over 1600 dead... Economy going down... Massive unemployment... People haven't been able to see their family in months... Yet this is somehow allowed? Why not 'show solidarity' from home? These people are putting lives at risk for 'woke' points on social media...disgraceful.

A few hundred clowns. Solidarity with BLM ? It appears no one actually read the Mueller report. RTE has been so vocal about social distancing up to now and now not a word. Gotta keep that narrative rolling. It took 10minutes to count better😉 Ireland 2020. So much for social distancing.. 😕 another march of the virus social distancing gone spreading death to others

What can Dublin so about these protest s Yas went from up to a thousand to thousands in 10 mins 😂😂😂 Clowns 🤡 rodgep82 I’ll see you in there pal✊🏻✊🏾 Crowd of morons Wow seeing comments on this the amount of disrespect people have to another race is just unreal you guys wonder why people out protesting is cause of people like you you are racist you think cause in America it doesnt affect here well it does cause there racism here to

Absolutely heartbreaking that our own people wouldn’t protest for our precious elderly in Nursing Homes. Their minds are so controlled-they’ll do whatever the media tells them to 💔 Where are the social distancing Karen’s now? The media told you this was ok, didn’t they📺🐑🐑 🤣 Thousands out to protest on a situation 4,000 miles away, and that's great they are showing international solidarity and all, but how many of them will be out to protest British government's refusal to give justice to the families (dozens from Dublin) of the people they murdered?

Showing solidarity is great. I just wish people cared about the discrimination going on in the world that ISN'T presented to them on their TV, like the persecution of gays and Christians in the Middle East or the massacre of Tibetans by the PRC. I'm all for supporting BlackLivesMatter but we're in the middle of a pandemic. My smallie can't see his nana but it's fine for 1,000 people to gather in Dublin? All living within 5km of the start point I presume LeoVaradkar Covid19Ireland

Probably the same crowd virtue signaling for the heroic bravery of the front line workers. New cause, new fad fuck the old one, what's the next hot topic Gobshites in the middle of a pandemic...just watch the numbers spike now So much for social distancing WHERE WERE YOU FOR THIS PROTEST RTE? So how many innocent people are going to die because of your total lack of consideration for the people of Ireland. Absolute hypocracy of the highest order.

Well bless their hearts if they think President Trump was listening to them They should all be put into quarantine Covid19 has been cancelled Yet no such marches for the hundreds of elderly and vulnerable Irishmen and women who were betrayed by their unelected government and left to perish in our infected care homes and nursing homes. That’s white privilege for you, I guess?

Another protest funded by Antifa and George Soros... What difference are they hoping to make. Just hoping on the bandwagon, at least the people in America really mean it when they are protesting Scandalous...worse than the small rabble that followed Gemma O Doherty in her protests. 👏👏👏👏👏 THOUSANDS protest not a bother to them but I bet they all had something to say about Gemma O Doherty’s protest! Bunch of CLOWNS!

So do the lives of all the people they are endangering. Where’s travellers lives matter or the unborn baby lives matter because they’re 100% more discriminated against in Ireland Where's your concerns now rté re:social distancing or does this just apply to families wanting to go to beaches and small businesses opening, shame on you rté for your biased reporting!

Up to a thousand? I can count 500 people at least here ! Essential journey🤷‍♂️ Ah seriously... this lockdown joke has to end fcuking now ..... crippling the economy Do they get an exemption for the social distancing rules....?..1000 people not observing social distancing.... What makes them special Does this look like up to a thousand to you?

Just remember that Ireland belongs to the Irish. ALL LIVES MATTER. Good cause of course. But wait a week or two and see the cases of Covid-19 rise again. RTÉ serious question? Is the pandemic over then? 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Love to see it 😍 Maith sibh ♥️ 💪🏼💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Ok so I guess the pandemic is over? Right everyone can get their hair cut and go for a pint afterwards.

Striking footage shows Irish Black Lives Matter protesters march in DublinStriking footage shows Irish Black Lives Matter protesters marching down O'Connell Street, Dublin after GeorgeFloyd death Striking footage?! If it were families on beaches you would have a differently slanted article, no social distancing there and that's been rammed down our throats by media /government, but it doesn't suit the agenda or narrative All life matters, White, Black, Brown, yellow etc.. stop looking at the world in Black and White..

LIVE: Hundreds march in Dublin in Black Lives Matter protestLIVE: Hundreds march in Dublin in Black Lives Matter protest after death of George Floyd Your article said they were marching in support of the USA protesters seeking justice..... all I have seen from the USA is thugs being allowed to roam the streets to burn / loot and assault. Supporting justice me arse! And to the people that are in ICU fighting the virus say shame on you where's the social distancing you're a disgrace to Ireland

Black Lives Matter solidarity protests to take place on Dublin’s streets for second day in a row Black Lives Matter solidarity protests will take place on Dublin’s streets for the second day in a row. Imbeciles. “Black lives matter” is a racist slogan. It should not be allowed. Idiots

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