Barpark closed: Charlie Chawke's takeaway pub shut down after crowds gather

Barpark closed: Charlie Chawke's takeaway pub shut down after crowds gather

01/06/2020 20:15:00

Barpark closed: Charlie Chawke's takeaway pub shut down after crowds gather

ONE of Ireland’s best-known publicans was forced to stop selling drink from an open-air van this Bank Holiday weekend after being told by gardai: ‘No more!’


Stops crowd gathering I agree .Seen to much of it this weekend Chawke cares about nothing but profits. Black pints matter Not a popular publican But yet thousands were allowed to protest in Dublin yesterday? The protests are ok virtue signalling is very necessary 🤔 It's ok the lockdown was over as soon as Leo the stud muffin took his top off. 🤣😂

There were crowds marching in Dublin yesterday and no action was taken so why are business people being targetted by FineGael They should have said they were on the way to the only black lives matter march, they seem to be immune to social distance guidlines Nice one keep shutting businesses but allow protests that have nothing to do with this country

They must be desperate for the ould pint. Dont bow down to the greedy publicans keep the pubs shut Julian57110360 Should call it BLM Bar and reopen immediately A group of morons gathering to protest in the city centre is okay? A group supporting looting and attacking police And the thousands marching thru Dublin is ok. Sick of this shite now.

If we can stand in line for Woodies what's wrong with doing same for a pint outside? What about these crowds? Why weren't they shut down But 1000s Marching through Dublin is A-oK! end the hoax protest in dublin yesterday final straw Really, what the fuck did they think was going to happen? I hope enough complain that he loses his licence to sell alcohol at the goat. It's the only way he'll learn not to be a smartarse.

Why is Therapie Beauty Clinic open for botox injections on June 8? Why are they risking the health of our healthcare heroes and citizens by irresponsibly and deliberately opening in direct contravention of Public health advice? TherapieClinic Should have parked up beside the American Embassay 😉 They should have said they were protestors!

Hopefully open tomorrow, fancy a few gargles after Leo's tweet tonight But crowds also gathered in O Connell Street? Different sort of crowd no doubt. Shamdemic is over ffs The pizza shack that was constructed here when such work wasn't allowed under COVID19 legislation is causing similar issues forcing pedestrians that are trying to social distance, onto the road, at a really dangerous, blind, junction.

Dont bow down to the greedy publicans keep the pubs shut What a hero Such greed must be stopped greed like that has no place in Ireland life’s before greed I hope a big fine is on the way hope he had a mobile drinks license must write to the vfi They should have told the Garda they were protesting for BLM

Should've drove with the protestors,he'd still be open as theres no rule of social distancing! These people obviously just need to hold BLM signs, then its all good. What an absolute arsehole he is.

Prof Luke O'Neill: Combat coronavirus by avoiding the 3Cs: closed spaces, crowded places and close contactNo deaths were reported for Covid-19 last Monday. A milestone has been reached. The planned loosening of the lockdown will continue, broadly following the Government's roadmap. Aspects might even be pushed forward. We just have to keep an eye on the numbers. Deal with the scandal in the nursing home sector, where most of the deaths occurred and stop scaremongering the population with this BS on an hourly basis The virus is gone, let’s get back to normal. Christ let’s move on. These scientists should come down to the major cities and towns and see how much their policies have wrecked people's businesses and livelihoods . No virus here yet the lockdown continues. Time to get back to normal end social distancing and end the masked madness

Gardaí disperse crowds gathered at coastal beauty spotsIrish Water considers hosepipe ban as threat of drought looms ⠀ maybe media outlets like the IT should stop showing pictures like this, it's not helpful to those of us who live more than 5 km from the sea A small island where it rains 300 days of the year and after a week of sunshine they’re talking drought... the other week they were telling people to go easy washing your hands, in a pandemic! The level of incompetence with irish water beggars belief Here we go again.

'Rural hostel for asylum seekers inhumane and should be shut'A Co Clare community that has befriended asylum seekers has called on Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan to close emergency accommodation which it describes as 'dangerous' and 'inhumane'. Yeah let's make more Irish homeless instead. Fake news Any African/Asian can enter Ireland and say 'asylum' without proof. These opportunists are placed in Direct Provision at Irish tax payers expense. Even the UN Agency for Refugees has reported that 7 out of 10 entering Europe are bogus refugees. They and Flanagan are fooling us!