Ask Allison: 'The neighbours' kids are so noisy during the day and it's driving me mad'

Ask Allison: 'The neighbours' kids are so noisy during the day and it's driving me mad'

09/04/2020 00:00:00

Ask Allison: 'The neighbours' kids are so noisy during the day and it's driving me mad'

Q I live in an apartment and my neighbours are very noisy. Under normal circumstances I can cope fine as I am out at work and the noise dies down around seven when the two kids who live there go to bed. But now I'm at home during the day working. Obviously there is very little that the parents can do so with the current restrictions so I wouldn't complain but I am going out of my mind. Can you give me some strategies to cope?


Then move and stop moaning Return the favour after 7 and see how quickly the parents complain because their little darlings are trying to sleep Just do your part and make sure the parents don't sleep at night, play some very loud heavy metal, ring at their door at 3.00am 4.00am 5.00am 5.10am 6.00am ... apparently it's ok to have no respect for the neighbours so again, do your part, and whatever you do, be violent !

Give them a belt What sort of a person gets driven mad by the sound of children playing I suspect the same sort of person who complains when dogs bark.. Turn up the radio... Then move and stop moaning Ask Alison.... so Alison, what made up question do you have for us this week? Lots of great quality noise reducing ear buds and muffs available today. Spend, stop whinging and enjoy being healthy.

My kids are loud in a quiet estate, but you know what? They’re safe, happy and having fun. Good luck trying to keep a 4 and 2 year old quiet for the neighbors’ delicate ears. Nasty, nasty person Get a set of earplugs very simple. I take it this person hasn't got the joy of kids in their home that lets face it are like the rest of us board out of routine and are adjusting to life

Ehhh get over it

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