As it Happened: Tuesday's Covid-19 developments

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08/04/2020 00:25:00

Minister Simon Harris: 'We need to follow the public health advice, particularly as we come into what is traditionally a busy holiday weekend. There simply cannot be one this weekend' RTE_PrimeTime

Follow our live blog throughout the day on Covid-19 developments both at home and abroad.

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Celtic_Core138 Why are people so stupid!? Thanking the government for putting more laws to keep us all controlled... Demand the removal of this shill of a weasel. 'Gardai giving powers to enforce restrictions, but kept in their back pocket'.... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. Would give you more credit if you just said 'We are now a fascist state, so do what your told'.

This is what this shite wants, AA ALONE, MIND HEALTH SUCIDE Miriam bounced him into that one. so many sheep agree and will most likely rat out their neighbours... welcome to the facist state of ireland Police State Tactics...Awsome NOT! There's gonna be a lot of trouble this weekend 🤥 Now look what you’ve done Simon!

So now Dublin will be full people try squeezee them on 2km. Nonsens move. I prefer drive a car whit out getting even out then walk whit others people on my estate.. Well done Simon Very welcome decision . Perfect timing Simon . HEFTY FINE OR PRISON . Think of other abiding people STAY AT HOME . Here SimonHarrisTD names the conspirators involved in the usurpation of the Irish Constitution: LeoVaradkar CharlieFlanagan DrewHarris CMOIreland SeamusWoulfe We expect all your resignations forthwith.

If this is a virus not a 5G issue restricting travel is correct restriction however should also cover ports air & sea Not to close them or enforce 14 days isolation on arrivals is bizarre and gives credence to scam theory Enforced isolation should be police monitored as in Poland We can only presume this means Gardai putting up border checkpoints? Good luck with that.

You should have ask the minister to justify why our government did not shut down travel into and out of ireland once the virus entered europe. Their lack of action has cost peoples lives. Only people annoyed by this are the ones that don't give a shit about anyone else once they're happy SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime Watch out folks, your BANK ACCOUNT is next. Think he wouldn't do it

& when the virus is gone & dealt with will these new powers be relinquished or R we all just happy to sign away our human rights . Why R the ppl of the country so fucking blind. These gobshites R pissing down our backs&telling us its raining. Also being congratulated 4 doing it RTE_PrimeTime Why does he not discuss the fact that over 25,000 people aged 65 or older die each year. 75% of them die of heart and lung disorders as is. Is covid 19 actually increasing those numbers Lets look at whats being taken away under the covid 19 banner

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The data is not showing a need for this. Simple Simon and the Elite's muppets in Government taking away our constitutional rights. Why don't rtè report on the empty hospitals around the country and talk about the role out of 5g happening while we are in lockdown.. Now more than ever a Michael Collins figure is needed.

At least Hitler was elected. I think everyone needs to take a step back from all this and take a deep breath...hummmmmmm!!!!! I was wondering why I was seeing so many D reg high end cars down this end of the country . The city rats leaving We also have an on going idiot pandemic, you know when you see these guys out they are not following the 2k radius rule

RTE_PrimeTime ....& in other news.... Game over 😮😥😥 RTE_PrimeTime Most people are so easily fooled.This has nothing2do with a virus,it's about destroying the economies of the western world, creating new laws that restrict our liberty, and when the UN are ready they will step in with a complete new system.Our politicians are selling us out.

Why did he wait so long, who in cabinet held it up, and why? I'm really amazed how Simon has changed his mind back in February he laughed and said restricting flights simply wouldn't work But now were are all restricted and the airport is still open Andrew_Keogh98 jaideen_x RTE_PrimeTime This does nothing....problem is supermarkets, shopping isles, ques its impossible. 99% of people are keeping to guidlines. Another counter productive move from the govnt that was voted OUT.

Unfortunately due to the complacency and disregard for social distancing by some citizen's they've forced the hand of the health minister to implement legal consequence. He's 100% right. StayAtHomeSaveLives Wait till the money runs out & they start handing out food parcels A great job minister and the front line workers. But when this is over will you be dealing with patients waiting 6 years for appointments after being left on dangerous medication for there heart but isn't meant for the heart by unqualified doctors You know about this a long time

Here we go,why are the cops not wearing face masks if your so worried about our safety,they could infect or get infected SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime Will guards enforce this on elements of society that continue to disregard social distancing, 2km travel, gathering in groups for sessions - will they f**k, soft targets will be biggest focus - 2 car checkpoint outside estate in quietest part of Dublin for days - well done 👏🏻👏🏻

You should be locked up. Treason RTE_PrimeTime We are not in the 1940s anymore we're not in Germany anymore or Russia the government needs to cop on and stop lying about this virus People definitely need to stay home, keep washing hands etc. But it would have been great to get supplies from hardware stores, like paint, timber etc to keep up with home maintenance or start diy projects to kill the boredom.

Gardaí need to be given powers to look at house parties and gatherings where people think they are entitled to do as they wish. RTE_PrimeTime It was very busy on Macken Street Dublin 2 Cars on the go since 5 am this morning So this is how democracy dies. Stazi police state. Will they relinquish powers when this is all over.

There's a term in the law - 'ultra vires' - it's when a Minister overstep the mark and acts outside his remit. The question is whether the Act allows him to do this. I have my doubts as the Act has to empower a Minister in it's introductory paragraph! RTE_PrimeTime I agree with Miniater Harris .People are bevomming complacent .I was in town today for messages and it was so busy with cars and people like xmas eve .

RTE_PrimeTime Ya you and leo have experience on your side and doing a great job but you are not forgiven for housing or health and as soon as this is over you are going to get one big size 9 up the backside RTE_PrimeTime Distancing .there just not getting it .They Will Now .Make them compliant where it Hurts Most . POCKET .

Proper order Not before time ....and are the public permitted to know what new laws are being enforced on the citizens of free Ireland. ? I don't suppose there will be time limits to any new powers. A fine should be implemented for people who break the 2km restriction or make unnecessary journeys. People who think it’s ok to do as they wish obviously don’t have any regard for their own families let alone the rest of us.

How can someone travel from anywhere land in Dublin airport get a leaflet and go on the way make sense when we are all doing the right thing and staying in doors or 2km from the house well most of us simple Simon please stop incoming flights Sounds like he's feeling the heat over the miss information regarding tests, numbers I'll or even real numbers that's died.

This had to be done to keep up all good work done so far Well done Simon 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 You're amazing. An Illegitimate government. These incompetents caused the crisis by letting flights from Italy. Good RTE_PrimeTime Didn't close airports quick enough, cheltenham, wishy washy please if you dont mind stay at home. Supermarkets packed, customers getting staff take money from their pockets. Social distance? Fail . Bloody useless

RTE_PrimeTime The cost of this virus is that our basic constitutional rights have been signed away without our consent. Just think...Would you have voted for such restrictive laws given the choice? RTE_PrimeTime Minor problem, they have no mandate. Good idea if it is capped to the timespan of epidemic but equally would not survive one day in court I suspect. the

Wonder does this include these private speed vans because the question has to be asked are they essential Just hoping and trusting that these powers won't be abused. Arrest this bitch The same guys that got the childrens hospital are running the numbers on the Kung flu 😬 All parents now..if we leave the kids just over the 2k do you arrest them, feed them banana bread, arts & crafts, station school them, you have bunk beds in the station right What time do these laws come into place please..not asking for a friend...this time

So I assume they will be at the airports and ferry ports turning people away.. I am delighted to see this happening. In Co Clare our residents in coastal towns and villages are terrified of huge crowds arriving for the bank holiday weekend. StayAtHomeSaveLives thankyou SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime StayAtHome COVID19 SaveLives TogetherAtHome

Well Simon,as the great Michael Collins once said, ' I just signed my death warrant ' & youve signed Fine Gaels Death warrant with this !! All lips service ,nothing will be enforced You cannot enforce something that cannot be proved otherwise... farmers are seen as essential... so.... I am going back to my farm in Wexford.... by the sea... what luck...

RTE_PrimeTime Opened 50 test centers all over the country an some are closed due to not actually having test kits to carry out tests. We are miles behind every other country when it comes to testing and the criteria to be tested is too high. Its going to be a bleak few weeks and months RTE_PrimeTime The govt are really starting to get on my nerves. Filling people with shite that there is encouraging signs in the fight against coronavirus given the rate of cases. They have only tested 43'000 and 4'500 cases, that's 1 in 8 people testing positive. Loads more not been tested.

SimonHarrisTD so you closing our borders with your new Gardai powers Are you fuck ! Put permits in place for leaving homes. Can be processed via text message through the authorities. Only valid reasons approved - food shop and medicine. Track their movement. It’s been done here in UAE and successful so far 👍🏻Exercise from home for a while it won’t kill ye 🤦🏻‍♂️

The sooner the better. How can this guy be taken seriously ffs he was a disaster for the last 4 years and by following other countries ideas and implementing the f**kin obvious he’s brilliant.. f**king hell almighty SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime If only he acted sooner there might not be 36 familes who have lost a loved one tonight

The amount of people on here supporting their fundamental freedoms being taken away is shocking. They're like sheep. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.” RTE_PrimeTime Yes ok, but don't push us or we will push back. SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime Simon I just want to tell you , your the face of the Covi 19 on social media your doing a great job interacting with the people especially the chrildren credit where credit is due well done 👍🏽 I didn’t know you before this !!!!!

Thank goodness for that. The last thing some of the more scenic spots in rural Ireland need over the Easter weekend is an influx of rule-circumventing exceptionalists who have decided their need for a change of scene is greater than the need to stem a pandemic & prevent deaths. RTE_PrimeTime We're all doing our best and it's very hard both physically and mentally so the few people who step out of line deserve the book 2 thrown at them.

RTE_PrimeTime SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime CANCELTHELC Alan45075546 I'm assuming temporary measures like the unconstitutional rent freeze as well ? SimonHarrisTD RTE_PrimeTime Complacency will kill, simple as that. It's tough to stay in, but if we don't, we'll have to stay in for longer. Don't be an idiot, StayAtHomeSaveLives

Hes incompetent, he was the one that said we couldnt stop it coming before we even had one case, cause we couldnt stop the planes. But now he can stop us all leaving our houses and shut every business? Highest order of incompetence. Simon doesn’t know if he needs a shite or a haircut. How long will the new police state laws be in place for ? We still have USC 9 years later boys & girls

Good Sumon. Can you ask get them to stop people coming from England on ferries and down from the north. teresa_godwin1 CharlieFlanagan would sign any Garda powers regulations. Someone needs to tell Simon. MichealLehane I'd be interested to see how many fines are issued over the weekend GardaTraffic gardainfo

Block all incoming flights from Italy and the! thank god He massages our egos by telling us how high the compliance rate is when we know since Sunday the compliance has gone out the window. I just wish politicians would stop trying not to offend someone. Call it as it is - We cannot self regulate!

Test Test Test overrides any other measure. Croke Park we all thought would be full night and day. Then suddenly no more testing at Croker. If you don't test the patient the virus will not go away. Germany testing 70000 per day. Lowest death rate in EU. Well done FineGael LeoVaradkar SimonHarrisTD for giving consistent updates & leadership to protect our health workers. The vast majority of Irish people are very grateful!

Why is he only signing the legislation now? What was he waiting for? A fully constituted senate? Simon Harris, the type of kid to snitch on the class to the teacher As if you haven’t enough on your plate grow up people GardaTraffic SimonHarrisTD have enough to be doing STAY HOME🇮🇪 How can someone who hasn't started shaving yet have so much power?

Tell the Dubs to stay at home. Simple. So on what grounds will they arrest or fine someone ? But there's no government formed yet so they can't do fuck all!? Good Should have done it Monday

‘Economic suicide’ to impose austerity after Covid-19 crisis passesA return to austerity after the Covid-19 crisis has passed would be “economic suicide”, experts have warned.

Covid-19: 21 more deaths and 390 new cases in IrelandTHERE have been 21 more deaths and 390 new cases of the coronavirus in Ireland. 390 since 'lunchtime' the day before. Didn't realise Covid stopped for lunch. Regurgitating Govt websites, is not Journalism. Not true and shutting down test centers due to lack of the virus patients scaremongering at best but it’s nasty cheap shot the Irish know it’s on its way out They are paving the way for FFG to slip in under the radar while people are more concerned about these headlines.. typical from the government run media

Covid-19: Majority of coronavirus deaths are male, figures showA further 16 deaths were reported at the latest Department of Health briefing on the virus tonight

Family receive more than 100 iPads after appeal to help the sick during Covid-19 lockdownHundreds of offers of iPads have flooded in to a mum-of-five who appealed for extra IT to give to people dying in hospitals without loved ones due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Family receive more than 100 iPads after appeal to help the sick during Covid-19 lockdownHundreds of offers of iPads have flooded in to a mum-of-five who appealed for extra IT to give to people dying in hospitals without loved ones due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Johnson moved to intensive care after Covid-19 worsensBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been taken into the intensive care unit in hospital after his Covid-19 symptoms worsened, his office said this evening. He's just gone to ICU...keep up. He just gone into ICU do you watch the news at all shambolic ingridmileyRTE He's gone in to icu 🙄 But he's in good spirits 🤔 RTÉ not really good at news stories