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Aer Lingus plane sent to pick up €20m worth of PPE from China has landed in Beijing

Aer Lingus flight EI9018 left Dublin Airport at 10.53 am this morning.

28/03/2020 23:16:00

Health Minister Simon Harris says the personal protective equipment being picked up in China will be distributed to Irish healthcare workers tomorrow evening

Aer Lingus flight EI9018 left Dublin Airport at 10.53 am this morning.

THE AER LINGUS plane sent to China to collect €20 million worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) for Irish healthcare workers has landed in Beijing this evening.The plane, called St Ronan, landed just after 8.15pm (Irish time).The Airbus A330-302 cargo plane will be loaded with PPE including masks, gowns and goggles before it makes the over 8,000 km flight back to Ireland.

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Speaking to reporters today, Health Minister Simon Harris said the Aer Lingus flight is the “first of many flights” that will be travelling abroad to collect equipment.He said the equipment picked up in China will be distributed to Irish healthcare workers tomorrow evening.

As the plane departed Dublin this morning, air traffic controllers from the Irish Aviation Authority radioed a good luck message to the crew of the plane:; Source: Air traffic control: Roger, that’s great, thanks, I have a message for you as well if you’re ready to copy.

EI9018: Yeah go ahead.Air traffic control: We’d like to wish you and all the crew a safe and successful flight and also to say a big thank you for all your efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic from everyone here at the Irish Aviation Authority. Bíodh turas sábháilte agat [Have a safe journey].

EI9018: Go raibh maith agat, I’ll pass it on to the rest of the crew, and we’re quite happy to be able to do it. Thank you. Some of the PPE awaiting collection in China Source: AnneOConnorHSE“We usually buy about €15 million worth of what we call personal protective equipment, face mask, gowns, goggles, shields, etc. in the year. This year, we’re going to spend €225 million,” Harris told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

The question every healthcare worker wants to know is when is it going to arrive, the first plane is your back from China tomorrow, about €20 million worth. And then I think there are 10 flights due between then and the first of April. So from tomorrow, we will have flights arriving on a daily basis, bringing millions and millions of pieces of personal protective equipment. Flight EI9018's location at 2.45 pm on Saturday. Source:

A shortage of PPE for healthcare workers was raised in the Dáil during the week and a number of campaigns are underway calling for donations of equipment to Irish hospitals.Source: Irish Foreign Ministry/TwitterDoctor’s working in St James’s Hospital in Dublin made an appeal this week to various industries for donations of PPE.

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A worker at Chinese end of the supply chain. Source: AnneOConnorHSESpeaking on Thursday, Chief Clinical Officer at the HSE Dr Colm Henry said that stock of certain items is low but that the HSE is confident that stocks will last until the new supply arrives.

“We’re in discussions with our hospitals community to make sure to reinforce the message as to how they should be used appropriately by those people who most need them,” he said.“The first plane will be leaving Sunday, it will be landing, I don’t have exact details but as soon as it comes from China on Monday and distribution will begin immediately. As I said, to the sites that are most the depleted and the sites with the greatest need in terms of concentration of Covid-19 patients.”

- With reporting by Nicky Ryan

Hope they don’t give them defective or non-compliance PPElike they did to Spain and The Netherlands. ChinaEUMission we won’t tolerate more trickery like you did to my country, Spain. Have we checked quality? Let's hope these supplies are safer then the Dutch ones. When this is all over will Chinese government be held responsible? Not a racist question.. they let this out when they were warned also will they be banning there wild animal food markets? They should be given all this PPE free with an apology

China sending faulty equipment I'm afraid. Check the quality!!🤦‍♂️ I hope the quality of masks and test kits are checked before they are brought back. Many European countries recalling defective face masks or ceasing the use of faulty testing kits from China. The Netherlands have recalled 600k worth of PPE sent from China -it was faulty

Love the picture of the handshake... very fitting. Why are we paying for flights to China? They should be free issuing and flying this stuff to us. Just be sure all PPEs, which will be used to protect our frontline workers, are ALL in good quality! As many other EU countries found those products they bought from China having crappy quality issues!

Majority of negative responses here as usual. Get a grip people and see this as a positive thing, unlike here in the US where the response to crisis is disgusting. ChinaLiesPeopleDie ChinaLiedPeopleDie more fake PPe sent to Ireland......and they charging 20million.....ChineseVirus Surely you could find a local manufacturer who could have done this isn’t of flying over and spending 20 m with the Cunts who caused it

Bloody hell wheres Leo for his photo op...christ alive get him quick...where is he? op quick Hope they don’t catch the communism Send our fastest jet plane, airforce Who's footing the bill.. The Chinese are tricky they don’t show altruistic there has to be another agenda We should be getting these for free considering it's the Chinese that cause this pandemic in the first place.

Aer lingus gone to pick up a load of garbage that will be faulty in some way.why can't Ireland make its own PPE?. St Ronan is one of the planes that flies between Dublin and Boston (leaving Boston in the pic). Best wishes for St Ronan and her crew, and, well everyone. Considering that we are a world leader in airplane leasing I don't understand how we couldn't lease a cargo plane for this. It is good news that we are getting the PPE but an Aer Lingus plane is only allowed to carry the equivalent amount they could take as luggage

Brilliant .Safe return . What’s the story with all pro Chinese propaganda at the minute? If they regulated there food supplies and markets we would have SARS, swine flu, bird flu and Covid 19......they need to change their ways Ask them to throw in the vaccine too Something good to come out of China at least!!

Keep spinning the pro China PR Make sure it works! The Dutch just got swindled. Aer Lingus Flight just landed in Beijing. 👏👏 Don’t forget about Nursing homes please. St. Luke's Hospital need some SimonHarrisTD After his and Leo's photo opp with the plane I seriously hope they're not faulty, because many EU countries have reported that many of the personal protective equipment from China are faulty.

Aer Lingus jet flies to China to pick up PPE for healthcare workersTHE Chinese Embassy in Ireland said, “We have got your back” as the first cargo plane left Dublin for Bejing to pick up protective equipment for healthcare workers. The Aer Lingus passe… Get the warranty docs too..

Aer Lingus jet flies to China to pick up PPE for healthcare workersTHE Chinese Embassy in Ireland said, “We have got your back” as the first cargo plane left Dublin for Bejing to pick up protective equipment for healthcare workers. The Aer Lingus passe… Get the warranty docs too..

'Bíodh turas sábháilte agat': Air traffic control's good luck message to plane due to carry PPE from ChinaAer Lingus flight E19018 left Dublin Airport at 10.53 am this morning. Go n-éirí an spéir leo ☘️

Irish nurses using baby monitors to talk to patients due to lack of PPEThe monitors are saving not just time but also the need for nurses and doctors changing vital scrubs every time they visit a patient Innovative

Concrete action being taken over PPE supplies, says NI health ministerHealth workers have expressed concern there is not enough personal protective equipment for those treating patients with coronavirus. Why does concrete come into the mix?

Prison officer suspended after hundreds of face masks and medical equipment go missingA PRISON officer has been suspended with immediate effect after it was discovered that between 220 and 250 units of Irish Prison Service owned personal protective equipment (PPE) have gone missing. nicolatallantsw Suspended? If someone was robbing from me they'd be sacked. Sacked. Lock him up 🤣 He/She should be named and bought up for attempted manslaughter. Healthcare workers need those items to stay well, to stay healthy. This pig is more than likely selling them