€100 child benefit bonus and €200 lump sum social welfare payment under cost-of-living measures

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€100 child benefit payment and a €200 lump sum will be paid to all social welfare recipients as part of the cost-of-living measures agreed by coalition leaders this evening. Full story here on thejournal_ie

A ONCE OFF €100 child benefit payment and a €200 lump sum will be paid to all social welfare recipients as part of the cost-of-living measures agreed by coalition leaders this evening.

The social protection measures, which are due to be given the green light after tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting tomorrow, have a running cost €400 million, which is understood to be within the expenditure ceiling for the year. The cuts were due to be scrapped from next week which would have resulted in petrol increasing overnight by 23 cent and diesel by 18 cent.

There has been much debate about the 9% VAT rate for the hospitality industry. It is understood that the increase back up to 13.5% will now be extended for a “further and final” six months, according to sources. Those that have previously applied for the support scheme and have been turned down are now being encouraged to revisit their applications and to reapply, with the scheme being extended by three months.


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My neighbour will be delighted having admittedly had 4 children over the space of 6 years so they can afford to stay in the country

Why don’t they just buy Fags and drink wholesale and give it out, would have been a whole lot cheaper.

' how to stimulate laziness ' a receipt of government. Are elections pool so bad that they start pumping benefits ?

Still can’t work out that €100 child benefit payment. Is that €100 per child?

Why not also to all workers out there getting out of bed every morning and working for a living !

Do drink sales spike when that happens?

So those who don't want to work will just get more

Thanks Sanda Clause for gifting our money

An outrage.. no incentive to work

So.. the little scumbags and their parents who caused carnage in Ballyfermot yesterday will be getting that payment too.. while the ones that fund them (taxpayers) get fuck all..

Why do people who choose not to work get rewarded (Obviously excluding disability, pension etc)

Printing money off that everyone will pay bk like pup payment it's credits that each person will owe government...wake up

So basically, the likes of the gurriers attacking garda and screaming at foreigners are the ones that will benefit

Anything for people who actually pay income tax in this country?

So what your saying is don't work and get rewarded the most

More taxpayers' money, but nothing for the taxpayer, time the workers brought protest to the streets, close the place down, need lessons from the French

Election soon, theyre buying the grey vote

Brilliant all the layabouts get rewarded

Token gesture to try and halt what's coming for this Government.

Unless after 20+ yrs as a chef, you find yourself in temporary need of illness benefit, then no fuel allowance, no bonus, nothing!

What this means for me: increase in energy bills, increase in my transport costs (excise duty increase) the squeezed middle getting squeezed again

What about the working poor …. They get zero as usual.

Can we hope cost of butter and milk will come down a bit if cattle are feeding outside McConalogue? €5 x 40 weeks groceries subsidy will bring us past next Budget. Is that the government thinking? Is like a flexible food voucher? CWeston_Indo ?

Never mind me ..I only work for a living

people on Social Welfare have it so easy sur why would they bother getting a job, the working person gets nothing as usual

It takes weeks of discussions, a cabinet sub Committee & a full Cabinet meeting to Finalise Sweet Feck all for working Families FineGael fiannafailparty & especially greenparty_ie 😳 what's being reported & Likely true, Absolutely extraordinary 🙄

What good is free money when a loaf of bread will cost €1000 in a few months when the hunger games begin

job seekers allowance going up?, there's motivation to turn off judge Judy and get out of your PJ's

It's great to see that the cost of living inflation is only affecting the social welfare recipients. The rest of us tax payers haven't been affected by it. 🤦‍♂️

Unemployment looks more and more lucrative! Great little country!

The cost of gas and electricity has been coming down for months but is not being passed on to consumers... What is being done about the gouging energy companies are doing?

Unemployment looks so much more lucrative than working 🤔

Lower the price of fuel and gas then the government wouldn't need to give out money.

Paid by the already struggling tax payer.

The cost of printing trillions across the eurozone coming home to roost. Your money is worth less now people. Wakey wakey. Prices will not go back to the way they were

Family carers means-tested and get NOTHING for working 24/7

Robust? We're talkin' fine gael here. Clearly handbags were drawn and tights got laddered. There'll be tears at bedtime tonight.😃

Another reason for them not to get a job, kept giving them money to do nothing makessense

Tax payer gets nothing but a kick in the bolllox as usual.

Ffs, how about people who actually f work!

It’s not just people on social welfare struggling with costs of living. So people who are going to work every day, working 2 jobs and battling mortgage arrears will get nothing. Ok…….

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Ireland Latest News, Ireland Headlines

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