The ultimate summer dress trend according to this beloved French designer

Comfort and seduction reign supreme for this cult French designer 👗

05/08/2020 04:46:00

Comfort and seduction reign supreme for this cult French designer 👗

A major figure of the French pret-a-porter scene of the last decade, Laurence Bras creates, with elegance, looks we all aspire to. A wardrobe where comfort and seduction equate to form and style.

Laurence Brasis perhaps one of the most obvious brands. Born in Normandy, the designer, now living in India between Delhi and Goa, has been designing easy-to-wear garments, elegant for the everyday and emphasizing quality and flawless style. At the heart of her new brand, named after her maiden name, Laurence is unveiling her new style: sensible, grounded in reality, and relying on a durable approach. Vogue interviews her.

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Who is the Laurence Bras woman?“It's a woman who enjoys seducing, who perfectly assumes her femininity. Always elegant and chic, she has a wild allure no matter what time of the day it is. And on every occasion, she has a sense of humor, and is super at ease in her sneakers but rides her bike in heels.”

Laurence Bras© Laurence BrasYour vision for pret-a-porter in 2020?I want to continue creating durable pieces, producing without overproduction, avoid sales, and create permanent, timeless pieces.“Pieces which we wear today and can wear in 5, or 10 years: classics. For summer 2021, I am creating a collection made from “khadi”. It is a traditional material, hand woven in Bengal. All the pieces will be dyed using plant-based colorings (indigo, hibiscus, pomegranate). My absolute dream would be to release the collections in accordance with the seasons, rather than winter during the summer and vice versa.”

Laurence Bras© Laurence BrasWhat's your secret ingredient?“Creating elegant and chic collections at accessible prices - accessible prices but justified prices. Pieces which require a lot of work such as embroidered dresses with a more couture spirit, and beautiful leather pieces, whose price is justified in their creation. I have a great freedom in my collections; I don't restrain myself creatively. I'm lucky to not use a marketing service, or a commercial service which restrains my creative process. I can express myself freely.”

What is it that inspires you?“Prints: I find them in markets in India. For cashmere prints, I look in antique dealers in Rajasthan and Kashmire. The women who I grew up with influenced me enormously in their ways of dressing, perfuming themselves, and moving. It's an attitude. Scents affect me strongly and inspire me enormously. I can remember - in my aunt's Austin, the scent of her Shalimar and her wolfskin coat, mixed with the odor of her cigarette. I can imagine my mother when I was little, watching her dress and get ready. She's one of the most chic women I know.”

Laurence Bras© Laurence BrasWhat are your tips for being more environmentally friendly when it comes to fashion?"I'm already launching my eco-responsible collection for the next season, with “khadi” fabrics and plant-based colorings. And then what I've been doing all along.

Consume less and higher quality.Use less plastics.Buy beautiful materials with pretty cuts.Don't buy fast fashion t-shirts which will only last a few months and then pollute the environment."What are the 5 things a woman should always have in her wardrobe?

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“White jeans, a man's (velvet) black jacket, a jewelled belt, a man's shirt and a pair of black pointed suede heels (with the perfect neckline).”Laurence Bras© Laurence BrasThe Laurence Bras look which works every time?“The men's Laurence Bras suit, whose pants were inspired by a vintage Saint Laurent model. Wear with Stan Smiths or heels and a timeless oversized shirt for a masculine spirit.”

The ultimate summer trends?“Oversized tie-dye pants, worn with a t-shirt. And for this summer, play around with your whole look in cotton crepe: harem pants and my “Cigar” blouse. The pants have an 80s shape with a tight cut and balloon legs. It also reminds me of my mother when she wore

Philippe Salvet. A look wearable on the beach or at dinner, depending on the accessories.”Laurence BrasWhat is the ultimate summer dress trend?The ultimate summer dress trend is the “one shoulder” dress, which I use every season.“Wear with pants underneath, or with bare legs. It has a sexy side, which reveals the shoulder - it's sensual. This dress is inspired by

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