Parisian style inspiration: Inside Vanessa Seward's modernist duplex apartment

Parisian style inspiration: Inside Vanessa Seward's modernist duplex apartment

26/11/2020 22:24:00

Parisian style inspiration: Inside Vanessa Seward's modernist duplex apartment

With the chic seventies as a leitmotif, the designer Vanessa Seward’s fashion is definitively French, all while managing to maintain her subtle Argentinian accent, especially when it comes to getting dressed.

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Vanessa Seward for La Redoute Collection white blouse, Vanessa Seward sweater, pants and boots© Adeline MaiThe fashionAt a young age, she understood that fashion gave her a kind of superpower. “I have always been very shy and I lacked confidence in myself but clothes gave me strength. When I would wear a certain piece, I felt more beautiful and stronger. I knew how to get noticed and assert my personality through my look. Fashion is my thing.

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”The styleShe opts for a feminine look with a perfectly calibrated amount of sensuality. The key? Never looking as though she has tried too had, as well as a focus on timelessness - the star value of a seventies-style wardrobe. “I have essentially kept the same style since my teenage years. I don't want to look back at a photo of myself from 15 years ago and be embarrassed.

" She is not afraid to have fun while getting dressed. “Fashion is fun, you shouldn't take it too seriously”. This is characterized by her great love of mixing and matching, always carried out with the utmost elegance.Vanessa Seward shirt, belt and pants, Chanel T-bars

© Adeline MaiThe allureThis might even be more important than style. Vanessa's is a hybrid of Argentina and its symbols (think gaucho belts, lasso-style fringing and hats) and the London of the 1970s where she grew up. “My parents went out every night. My mother was an extremely playful and very beautiful woman and dressed in long dresses which you never seemed to see twice. She lived for that

.” Also thrown into the mix is a touch of glam-chic, singular but accessible, at the height of seduction but never disguised.Vanessa Seward for La Redoute Collections denim shirt and Vanessa Seward belt and jeans© Adeline MaiEleganceThis is about a state of mind rather than following rules. “

It's about dressing in accordance with one's personality. Allure transcends style and that’s when the magic happens.”Vanessa Seward blouse, vintage Saint Laurent skirt, Vanessa Seward belt and boots© Adeline MaiWardrobeVanessais a collector. At home, all of the closets have been requisitioned for her clothes, and she has also rented a small studio to store her fashion treasures. "

I'm almost ashamed of it, but when you give clothes so much power, it's hard to let go of them." She readily admits having invested more in this collection than in anything else. “It's the only thing I'm good at” she confides, laughing. “I'm bad at decorating, cooking…

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”Vintage Céline cape, Vanessa Seward for La Redoute Collections turtleneck, vintage Saint Laurent skirt, Vanessa Seward boots© Adeline MaiHer first investment: a suede frock coat from the Parisian boutiqueAnoushka, which at the time cost her more than a month's salary. And then a multitude of memories that come to her from her time at prestigious houses where she was able to work:

Chanelbags and jewelry that she designed alongside Lire la suite: »