How to protect yourself from blue light, which accelerates aging and disturbs your sleep

This article is emitting blue light rays. Here's how to protect yourself. 💻

05/08/2020 06:01:00

This article is emitting blue light rays. Here's how to protect yourself. 💻

From high tech glasses to innovative serums, here are some ways to protect yourself.

If you're reading this, it's too late… Unless you're wearing anti-blue light glasses and specially-concocted serums for blocking them, millions of particules of High-Energy Visible (HEV) light have already left the screen of your phone, iPad, or laptop, and penetrated your skin, where they start their nefarious work, decomposing the collagen and elastaine necessary to fight against wrinkles and keep the skin supple.

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The gravity of this phenomenon depends on the amount of time you spend under the glare of this HEV light — and to your stage of aging in general and the importance you place on beauty regimes.But HEV light (more simply blue light) does not only affect the skin. As well as giving you eye wrinkles while you scroll Twitter, scientists have been long warning of the harmful effects on sleep and eyesight, among other things.

At the risk of exposing yourself for another few moments, take some time to read the following to understand what blue light is, why it's harmful, and how you can project yourself from this danger, typical of our digital era.What is blue light?Light waves carry in different colors; every wave frequency corresponds to a specific color, and each color has its own effects. The screens of our phones, computers, and tablets emit blue light, which has harmful consequences for sleep, the skin, and mood.

The reason for this? Hormones. Increases and decreases in hormones such as cortisol generate a circadian rhythm which gives us energy during the day and helps us to unwind in the evening. But a specific type of blue light, between 420 and 480 nanometers, which are found in artificial appliances such as phones, disturbs natural cycles of cortisol, sapping our energy during the day and exciting us in the evening.

Blue light is also capable of penetrating deep layers of the skin, producing free radicals and inflammation which lead to hyperpigmentation and brown spots. Certain studies indicate that blue light also damages the eye's retina, causing a chemical reaction which can be toxic for retinal cells.

Optical protectionWhile a strict digital detox is still the best way to reestablish your circadian rhythm, several products are available on the market for those who cannot (or don't want to) stay away from their screens.Anti-blue light glasses are perhaps the most effective solution against the effects of blue light. Among the various models which exist, the most renowned are the Australian BLUblox glasses, designed as a sort of optical sun screen against HEV light.

Various BLUblox models are available, from a more serious ‘nerdy' modelto a pair of aviators for a statement look. Three types of glass can be integrated in the models: transparent glass which reduces fatigue and headaches, yellow glass which regulates the mood, thanks to color therapy, and the blue lenses physically block HEV light rays which disturb melatonin and sleep.

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Rely on natural lightAndy Mant, founder of BLUblox, developed the glasses after suffering from sleeping problems which led him to academic artices on melatonin. He discovered that HEV light disturbs the production of melatonin, therefore affecting sleep and general well-being. “Every biological process of the body, from our digestion to how we feel, depends on the type of light we decide to expose ourselves to” he explains to

Vogue.“We have created hundreds of artificials suns with our smartphones, our televisions, our home lighting, cars, and other appliances”,Andy Mantcontinues, highlighting that each of these light sources affects our natural circadian rhythm. In addition to protective glasses, he recommends reintegrating the sun into our daily lives. “Seeing the sunrise is the best way to synchronize your circadian rhythm, which also boosts seratonin and dopamine levels. Having three to five ‘sun breaks’ every day can help to maintain our hormones at an optimal and balanced level.”

Sun creams and serumsAnd of course, we have another problem for the skin. If the aging effects of blue light worry you and you don't want to take the risk of exposing your skin to natural sun rays, you should arm yourself with a little more than a pair of anti-blue light glasses.

HEV light works in the same way as UVA and UVB rays, penetrating even the deepest layers of the skin. It goes beyond the eye zone, decomposing collagen, increasing pigmentation, and can even lead to the appearance of melasma. (Fortunately, HEV light does not induce DNA mutations, and therefore does not present the risk of cancer).

In good news, an HEV sun screen is available from several skincare ranges, from Lire la suite: »

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