3 Netflix documentaries that explore the woman behind the Princess Diana legend

Finished season 4 of The Crown? 👑

26/11/2020 22:00:00

Finished season 4 of The Crown? 👑

Diana Spencer continues to fascinate and inspire today, perhaps now more than ever, given the success of Emma Corrin's uncanny portrayal of the icon in season 4 of The Crown. Discover more about the Princess Diana legend via these three documentaries available on Netflix.

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The Story of Diana, a documentary in two parts, focusses for the most part on the most painful moments in the press-hounded princess’ life. And the documentary does not leave the media unscathed. From her brother Charles, to journalists, photographers, biographers and royal family insiders, those who knew her best describe their

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Lady Diana, revealing a character at once at the center of attention, and yet profoundly alone.© Netflix"The Story of Diana" - 2 episodes of 83 minutes each available on Netflix3. The Royal House of WindsorThisdocumentary series looks back over a tumultuous 100 years of the Windsor royal family.

The Royal House of Windsortells the story of the reign ofElizabeth II,dedicating two episodes to theLady Dianaperiod. Here, she is not the main character but a key part of a power play. Lire la suite: Vogue.fr »