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Facebook's troubles in Europe mount as Germany opposes Libra

Facebook's troubles in Europe mount as Germany opposes Libra


Facebook's troubles in Europe mount as Germany opposes Libra

Germany delivered a blow against Facebook's planned cryptocurrency, expanding Europe's opposition to the social network's financial ambitions.While the development of blockchain technology holds great potential, it should not be used to develop private forms of money, the government in Berlin said a

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Facebook says central banks have nothing to fear from LibraFacebook is once again defending Libra -- this time against fears that the envisioned cryptocurrency could replace sovereign currencies from the U.S. dollar to the Euro and threaten central banks' control over money creation.David Marcus, the executive leading the project, posted a series of tweets

Facebook unveils charter for its 'Supreme Court,' where users can go to contest the company's decisionsFacebook on Tuesday unveiled its blueprint for an independent oversight board to review the company's decisions about the posts, photos and videos it takes down or leaves online, responding to a wave of criticism that inconsistent policies have undermined the platform.The roughly 40-person panel is

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