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‘Your ideas are hurtful to Canada’: Singh tells Bernier he shouldn’t be at the leaders’ debates

Maxime Bernier brought up Singh's opposition to him being among the six leaders allowed to participate in the first English-language debate.

2019-10-08 1:35:00 PM

'You don’t deserve a platform and I’m happy to challenge you on that, because your ideas are hurtful to Canada,” Singh told Bernier during the English-language leaders' debate. CanadaDebates2019 cdnpoli elxn43

Maxime Bernier brought up Singh's opposition to him being among the six leaders allowed to participate in the first English-language debate.

the Leaders’ Debates Commissioner requesting that the commissioner reconsider the decision to allow Bernier to participate in the debates.“It is wrong that Mr. Bernier be given a platform to promote an ideology of hate that spreads prejudice and disinformation,” Singh wrote at the time.

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Bernier, whose campaign promises include slashing immigration rates and fighting against “political correctness,” was initially not invited to the debates, but that decision was overturned after Bernier proved he and his party could fulfill a number of requirements such as running candidates in 90 per cent of the federal ridings and proving that more than one candidate has a “legitimate” chance of winning.

Story continues below advertisementBill 21, Bernier reiterated his party’s stance that, if elected, it would not intervene in the matter as it is provincial jurisdiction.Though Singh has said that his very presence in Quebec, as a man with “a beard and a turban,” defies Bill 21, he also said an NDP government would

not meddlein ongoing court challenges against the Quebec legislation. He has also said he opposes any laws that are divisive.The Conservatives and the Green party have also said they would not interfere with the law. A number of protests against the law have broken out across Quebec, and a number of groups

court challenges to fight it.Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau pressed Singh on the matter at the debate.“I am the only leader on this stage who has said, yes, a federal government might have to intervene on this,” Trudeau said.Singh responded and said that every day of his life is fighting racism.

“I’m going to Quebec and telling people, I want to be your prime minister,” he said. Read more: »

Max is nuts but I would argue that theJagmeetSingh's and the NDP's policies and ideas are also hurtful to Canada, even more so than his elxn43 elxn2019 cdnpoli Bernier vs Bill 21. Which is worse? Such hypocrisy! Singh is right. theJagmeetSingh you are the most divisive candidate of all. Stop with the act now...and let’s get a strong leader that truly can guide us! AndrewScheer CPC_HQ makecanadagreatagain

Look out Canadians--here comes the only honest politician in this country !!!! Anyone notice? Jagmeet was the adult in the debate. The only one who could disagee without rancor. That is thebasis of a leader. Bernier was there to appeal to the lowest intelligence people. All he did was cry about socialism and Venezuela, which that base has no idea about except that they’ve been to be scared of it.

Gee that goes for me Singh also Maxime Bernier seems quite normal. What a concept. Just like a leftist to deplatform and silence others I am very disappointed with Singh. I miss Jack leading the NDP. That man had actual conviction. PPC2019 So is good with silencing people that they don't agree with. How Fascist of you

charlesadler And he let the Bloc guy off the hook on this. I’m not a Maxim supporter and I think Jagmeet Singh was brilliant last night but to call someone who questions immigration levels hurtful or a racist is itself hurtful, hateful and divisive! Since when is questioning anything a hateful thing? What happened to Canadian Compromise?

Bernier was too good..! He deserves to be there just like everybody else. No matter what main stream media says about him, Canadians are listening to him Hear, hear! Yea, and here is one of Bernier’s supporters. Ha Singh was offside for telling Bernier doesn’t deserve a platform because he disagrees with him. Everyone is entitled to an opinion in a democracy!

Hmmm. You don't agree with him so therefore he shouldn't be allowed to speak? “When in Rome, do as the romans do” Yea, and public employees in QC that wear religious symbols should not have jobs because they wear symbols hurtful to Canadians. Why is Blanchet there? His ideas are hurtful to Canada! Bernier was the only one talking about us living within our means ( fiscal responsibility ) - something lost and forgotten by the others

Unfortunately Singh's policies would scare away all investment in Canada. he would say that; truth hurts him I guess; by MaximeBernier telling the truth; it makes his talking points, that much more unbelievable; even without peoplespca running against him, he never had a chance in hell of winning. Bernier was quite impressive

' Berniers only reason for being there is to openly say what Scheer thinks in private ' lol Don’t like Bernier but he has freedom of speech Bernier was the only one last night with readable ideas and not living in a ferry land. Been life long liberal, maybe leaving cause of the gun ban and indigenous issues not being addressed. NDP !?

I was one of the voters who didn’t unowned whom to vote for, after watching, my mind is made up. I don’t want anything to do with people leading us who squabble and hold their egos before us. BC is in trouble!!! The NDP and Green Party Rocked this debate. And for me. Choice made TheWestBlock Wow how callous of him to judge Bernier while a separatist sits near him. What a stupid comment!

I may not be voting for max but to be honest he was making the most sense. Singh performed well but the nap policies will destroy our country Singh may impress some with his glib quips, sarcasm, and his virtue signalling; 🍁 realists know he'll never become Prime Minister. Singh is the ultimate snake oil salesman, in the mold of a typical lawyer turned politician, and a holier than thou hypocrite. Singh's a born ACTOR

Maybe he feels that about lots of old stock Canadians? I wonder what the Globalnews narrative would be if Bernier was black and Singh was white. Said the man who said that innocent until proven guilty belongs in a court of law when it comes to claims against men we should believe women He is also saying prohibit speech I don't like

TheWestBlock theJagmeetSingh seems 2 have some kind of personal animosity towards MaximeBernier. This makes him look weak & takes away from his otherwise good showing in these debates. Imagine if he was this strong in his condemnation of Israel re the Palestinians.🍻 🐎 Turbano 🐎 Mad Max Hooray Mr Jagmeet. Thanks for telling off Bernier. A pussy like Bernier hides behind his Nationalists, Sons of Odin and Neo- Nazi supporters. The smart Canadian voters know what lies in Bernier’s loom.

Spoken like a true leftist. Any ideas that aren’t in line with the leftist, immediately get labelled “hate speech”. Any chance Singh has with me went out the window last night with his leftest BS. Maxime is entitled to his beliefs fuckface, even if it hurts the lefts feelings. Quebec: we want a separate country and our political representative is only going to bring that up during a Federal debate Public: bravo, free speech! Jagmeet: I support the right to sovereignty in Punjab due to human rights violations. Public: you terrorist.

Neither should be there. None are for the middle class. They all sell you lies. But before election all these money comes in to buy your votes. Why are politicians not held accountable like the rest of us in our jobs? Pay back the money u stole or used frm tax payers. TheWestBlock Not sure why most pundits think Singh did a good job. Bernier's policies actually make a lot more sense than socialist Singh's policies. We all know what happens to socialist countries, don't we?

Isn't Singh banned from India Actually his ideas help Canadian citizens much more than Singh’s do Challenge away oh supreme one. Think MaximeBernier did a fantastic job at the debates. I’m not in agreement with his opinions. Said the Communist to the Populist. What specifically is harmful about his views? I am genuinely curious. I can understand why people might disagree with his ideas. But I don't get what's so harmful.

Purely personal opinion. Free speech is under attack. Mr. Singh shouldn't have a platform either his ideas are hurtful to Canadians as well. How would you like to be singled out as 'wealthy' and be taxed more because of your own hard work? Hurtful and hypocritical. How about Trudeau being racist towards ur skin color brother. No objections there eh.

Jagmeet SinghFull, exclusive federal election coverage. Breaking news, features and latest poll results on the 2019 Canadian general election. No way...bill 21 is number one pfft, yeah, jag, cause your platform really 'protects' the poor WORKING MAN doesn't it?

Bernier challenged over ‘extreme multiculturalism’ tweet during leaders’ debateDebate moderator LaFlamme pressed Bernier over his concerns that newcomers bring “distrust” and “potential violence' with them. CanadaDebates2019 cdnpoli elxn43 And none of the debate moderators pressed Trudeau. Here is Jagmeet Singh talking about how the Sikh people are superior and need their own homeland. He is also in the company of known terrorists who are openly advocating violence.

Experts alarmed by lack of foreign policy talk during electionMonday's English-language debate may open a window on how the major party leaders would try to steer Canada through a world of economic and political turbulence. Hey maybe munkdebate should not have cancelled their debate and Canada’s glorious leader JustinTrudeau should have been criticized more for not agreeing to attend. Munk should have held debate without Trudeau. Canadian media needs to stop protecting our little potato. cdnpoli

Watch live: 2019 Canadian election leaders’ debateThe six party leaders will be facing off in the official Leaders' Debates Commission’s English debate on Monday at 7 p.m. ET. It is absurd they are allowed to talk over each other None because this is pathetic Shut MaximeBernier up. Take control moderators. I really think candidates should be put in sound proof boxes for debates to cut down on this crude talking over each other business. Pipe the questions in. Turn on and off their mics. Elxn43 electiondebate cdnpoli

Blog: 2019 Canadian election leaders’ debateConservative Leader Andrew Scheer attacked Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's use of two planes for his election campaign, calling his defence 'privileged.' CanadaDebated2019 elxn43 cdnpoli Read more: CKNW Scheers whole campaign has been about attacking Trudeau. I take this as I have to knock the big guy down a peg. What he fails to see is he is pointing out who the big dog still is. 630CHED Attacked is a strong word. Challenged is more like it. AM980News Perfectly honest and corroborated by May Singh Bernier and Blanchet

Global presents federal leaders’ debate bingoYou can bet the party leaders will find ways to work in their favourite talking points during the debate. Use this bingo card to try to keep up with them. CanadaDebates2019 elxn43 cdnpoli You forgot The Globe and Mail injunction Saturday October 4,2019