You won't get ahead in life by being a selfish jerk, new research suggests

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Some like to preach that because life is hard, we have to harden ourselves to get ahead. But according to a pair of 14-year-long studies, being a jerk does not help you get ahead in business or your career.

Bank buildings are photographed in Toronto's financial district on June 27, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Tijana MartinTORONTO -- Some like to preach that because life is hard, we have to harden ourselves to get ahead.

More than a decade later, these same individuals were tracked down and followed up on in order to see if the disagreeable people had succeeded in their chosen field. The study simply suggests that jerks and nice people gain power at an equal rate, instead of jerks having a leg up.The personality trait that contributed most to people succeeding in life was being extroverted -- the ability to socialize predicted power where cruelty did not.

To measure disagreeableness, participants took the Big Five Inventory personality test, a test where participants rate their own agreement with statements on a strongly agree to strongly disagree scale. The test, designed by the Berkeley Personality Lab, measures “openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness.

Other questions assessed how the participant was perceived at work, how empathetic they were and their competence.Researchers found there were two distinct reasons, which persisted no matter the organization’s culture, or individual differences in participants such as gender or ethnicity.


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Pretty rich coming from Bell Media Inc

But isn’t that what our economic system explicitly rewards?

mini_bubbly It may seem like you do at first, but more and more apparent, selfishness has no long game.

This guy disagrees.

mini_bubbly Yet so many people do!

This is utter bullshit. Sociopaths excel because they don't care whom they trample on or use.

Tell that to Donald Trump.

Wonder how this counts as news 😂

Yeah, I know of people who do.

It worked for Steve over at Apple...JS

You might want to check Hollywood and journalist I guarantee they would disagree with this

I don't know.....Trump is the president after all.....

But you might just become the President of the USA

Seems to be working for ontario teachers 🤔🤣

1000's of celebrities and CEO's and politicians would tend to disagree.

Are you on dope?

Does CTV still do real news?

Working well for gmbutts JustinTrudeau

How'd Trudeau become elected?

Shove it. Watch me, losers.

😶..said by no elitist anywhere in Canada

The billionaire class would argue against that... 😑 DefundBillionaires

Jason Kenney should read this and take it to heart.

Trudeau is doing well for himself

Didn’t we learn this in Kindergarten? Now this is new research Wtf how is this news to anyone.

Bcuz you have to be rich & cruel in addition to being a selfish jerk to succeed.

Donald Trump?

Donald trump made it all the way to the presidents office. Your research is BS

Tell my old bosses that.

I thought most people should have got so by now!!!!

Slightly contradicted by looking at literally anyone ahead in life

That’s a lie. Look at the PMO

I know a couple people who need to be knocked down a few pegs if this is true

Your research is dead wrong. The only people getting ahead ARE the selfish jerks. The nice guys always finish last. 😟

Some CEO somewhere:

In other news Trump is not a selfish jerk.

Well Trudeau got far...

CTVAtlantic It's not jerks that get ahead. It's assholes. There's a difference. 14 years wasted on the wrong premise.

CTVAtlantic Depends entirely on the company/organization/corporation. If it's shitty and toxic and/or nepotistic with cliques and crummy politics, being a jerk is exactly what will help you advance. I work for exactly this type of company currently and am looking to get out ASAP.

How did this become news 😂

“NEW” research? Think this has been a pretty well known fact for decades if not centuries.🧐🤨😒

14 years is barely am internship these days...

So that is why liberals don’t have jobs

Or Life for that matter.

Of course. The paradigm fails to account for the influence of people who can't stand the sight of you & the resulting curtailment of your career advancement which is based, in large part, on what they think of you personally. Less on competences or job performance 😷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇨🇦

The jerk store called ...

Well a lot of people are proving this wrong!

Totally disagree.

Or you can be president of the United States

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