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'You're not going to be prime minister': Nine zingers from the federal leaders' debate

'You're not going to be prime minister': Nine zingers from the federal leaders' debate

2019-10-08 2:00:00 PM

'You're not going to be prime minister': Nine zingers from the federal leaders' debate

Catch up on who said what to whom with's roundup of the most noteworthy digs of the debate.

Published Monday, October 7, 2019 10:25PM EDTLast Updated Tuesday, October 8, 2019 12:05AM EDTSHARETORONTO -- The leaders of the six major federal parties went head-to-head in a fiery debate Monday night in a room full of undecided voters. It was a chance for the leaders to convey their plans to Canadians, win over new votes, and, of course, throw in a zinger or two towards an opponent. 

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Catch up on who said what to whom with’s roundup of the most noteworthy digs of the debate.1. In response to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s “non-response” to the first question from an audience member about the values of Canadians on the world stage, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May quipped: “I’d like to answer the question, in contrast to what we just heard.”

2. On the subject of climate change, Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet told the People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier: “Somebody invoking the truth shouldn’t be somebody denying climate change.”Bernier attempted to interject to say, “I don’t deny climate change.” (In an

interviewwith CTV Question Period on Sept. 15, Bernier disputed the science behind climate change, saying “there is no climate change emergency in this country").3. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took a double-shot at Bernier and Scheer on the subject of immigration, diversity and being a “proud Canadian.” Trudeau said: “Mr. Bernier, your role on this stage is to say publicly what Mr. Scheer thinks privately.” 

4. In a moment that Scheer probably hoped to have more impact than it did, he quickly said Trudeau was “not as advertised” in the middle of May’s environmental speech. It’s a scripted line that the Conservative Party has repeatedly used against Trudeau in this campaign. 

5. When Bernier confronted NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh about not wanting to share the same stage because they disagree about immigration, Singh fired back: “After a couple of minutes of this debate tonight, I think people can clearly see why I didn’t think you should deserve a platform.”

6. In a Scheer-versus-Trudeau exchange about climate change in which they spoke over each other, Singh looked at the camera and said: “I want to say this directly to Canadians: you do not need to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny. There is another option.”

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7. In response to constantly bringing up Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Scheer quipped to Trudeau: “Mr. Trudeau, you seem oddly obsessed with provincial politics. There is a vacancy for the Ontario Liberal leadership and if you are so focused on provincial politics, go and run for the leadership of that party.”

8. As Trudeau and Scheer went back-and-forth about abortion rights, Singh interjected to say: “A man has no place in a discussion on a woman’s right to choose.” And May shot back right: “How about a woman’s right to speak?! It’s been really interesting for most of this campaign to hear a lot of men arguing about what a woman’s right should be

.”debateon Oct. 2, which failed to give the opportunity for “little girls to see a woman could be the next prime minister.” Read more: CTV News »

Typical ctv news to say zingers. Next thing you know they will deny being compensated by the libtards. Scheer is a walking-talking meme...that’s it that’s the tweet CTVAtlantic It was like watching a stale 40-year marriage fight between these two 🙄. Lots of yelling over each other but no one being heard.

Zero laughs In truth there are nozingers this is a democracy and the debate was set up like a 'dark comedy', disgusting! Is the 'swimsuit' contest next? raisetheBar We're aren't electing based on the snidest remarks, our Sovereignty is on the line NorepublicanNOrth elxn43 CTVAtlantic I want to think that in 🇨🇦 we care more about policy than “zingers”. Last night was a disappointment and I’m looking at the mediators and politicians to do better next time. CanadaDebate2019 canadavotes2019

Don’t just say it, get out and vote IStandWithTrudeau NeverScheer CTVAtlantic The best by far was when Trudeau told Bernier that he expreesses in public what Scheer supports in private Personally I feel the “zingers” and the debate design which encouraged them were more of a distraction and a source of misinformation (let alone irritation to supporters of various parties) - rather than point getters or even amusing. I would not celebrate them this year.

This gives me a slow burn! I DON’T CARE ABOUT ZINGERS!!! TELL ME WHAT YOUR PLATFORM IS!!! I’m not choosing who gets to stay on the island/in the mansion/on the baking show! It’s about how our lives are going to be affected for the next 4 years! ah yes. what I look for in a political debate...zingers May just confirmed the Greens will prop up the Liberals. You have been warned Canada.

Debate should not be based on zingers but on real policy points and ideas. No kudos to the media for failing to identify that or run a proper debate to bring out that discussion. Trudeau admitting he’s trying to change the definition of “what it means to be Canadian” was enough for me.He is NOT the definition of being Canadian.Thankfully!

1) yfblanchet MaximeBernier We are destroying are earth, that's a fact; however climate lobbyists are 'alarmists'. They have also endorsed propaganda funded and created by a pedophile and sex trafficking ring. If JustinTrudeau wrote this article... Why don't you at least give him the credit ? I noticed none of your (so called) observations... Included Trudeau's bad moments... Of which there were several. FakeNews

To be honest, this election is going to be like playing Russian roulette with a full barrel! Singh is out to lunch. Bernier tells it like it is and the Libs can't handle that. Trudeau got owned by Scheer. May tried to say Scheer won't win but he will, he has to or we're all doomed. 'You're not going to be prime minister' If that's a zinger, you need to raise the bar.

May will certainly never be Prime Minister so that was odd Sheer kicked Trudeaus butt all night. May came off as wacky. Singh exposed on bill 21 with no courage of convictions and then had a failed flip flop at post debate scrum. May is not going to be leader of the green party in a month Junk analysis to make Liberals look good. Scheer had the best moment when he called Trudeau a Hypocrite and said he's always wearing a mask, weather it's blackface, or a fake feminist's mask, or a fake environmentalist's mask. Singh did well too. Some good zingers CTV missed...

Zing: It’s not easy being Liz. Enjoyed the debate. Not often do you get seven nutcases in one room insulting each other. Who won? Who knows? Total waste of time Coming from ElizabethMay ....haha thats funny She would know...she has alot of experience at not being PM. “They” (aka Liberals) also said Donald Trimp would never be president. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Guess they don’t know shit.

Lost all respect for ElizabethMay making her bold and presumptuous comment to AndrewScheer last night’s federal debate, deciding who would and wouldn’t be PM. Uncalled for and unprofessional. Canadians will decide who is PM on their merits. Not you ElizabethMay🤢 Correction. Mats rebuttal to question 1 was NOT directed to Andrew Scheer - it was directed to the entire Dias who all gave non-answers. Report accurately or not at all. debate2019

If the job of the PM is to stand up for jobs disregarding ethical and moral concern, where will we end up as a nation? CTVAtlantic Thanks May for casting everyones vote. Guess theres no sense of the rest of us wasting our time to vote All the hype leading up to the debate, and the end result: nothing has changed.

What a total.waste of time CTV is the new CNN The fact that your takeaway headline begins with ‘Nine Zingers...’ is very telling. If it had been moderated/formatted properly the candidates would have had time, and the ability, to actually ‘debate’ the issues which are crucial to Canadians. Honestly if Scheer gets in we are so screwed. I'll take any of them over him. But Trudeaus rehearsed and phony BS is old too. I'm voting May.

Actually he more than likely is. The worst moderator was CTV’s btw. What a rank twat she was. I can't see why anyone would want to participate in the likes of what happened here last night. There is a meme of people standing in 2 lines that lead to one door with a happy merchant rubbing his hands inside, this Trudeau scheer deal reminds me of this

That was not a zinger.... biased media trying to make the left look like winners Canadians will decide who is the next Prime Minister, not Elizabeth May

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Nine shot, four killed in overnight shooting at Kansas barNo one has been arrested and authorities do not know if there is more than one shooter. The motive for the shooting is also unknown. Ban bars News editors everwhere: 'please please please be a white guy, dressed as a clown using an AR-15' No? Damn it... Well.. run it anyway... just keep it vague and people can draw their own conclusions.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Mediaa vote for scheer is a vote for a leader who believes the rights of the few should be dictated by the rights of the many. a vote for scheer is a vote for a leader who will use his powers to remove the human rights i've been afforded. don't vote conservative.

Federal election debate set to get underway with historic number of leadersIt’s the first and only official debate so far to feature all six of the leaders. Watch our live coverage of CanadaDebates2019 here: Global_Montreal I would rather play with my dogs..😶

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