Wreckage of lost U.S. planes from WWII found in Pacific Ocean

Wwıı, Second World War, U.S. Aircraft, Missing Planes, Plane Wreckage, Pacific Ocean, Project Recover

Wreckage of lost U.S. planes from WWII found in Pacific Ocean

Wwıı, Second World War


Wreckage of lost U.S. planes from WWII found in Pacific Ocean

A trio of U.S. planes which were shot down in the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War has been found after being missing for nearly 76 years.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography partnered with Project Recover to discover the three aircraft 100 to 215 feet below the surface of the ocean in Micronesia, a country spread across more than 600 small islands in the western Pacific. But it's too early to say if or when the seven crew members associated with the three aircraft might be recovered. Researchers are "now assembling reports for review by the U.S. government to potentially set into motion a process for recovering and identifying the remains of up to seven crew members," Project Recover's lead archaeologist , according to the University of Delaware. RELATED IMAGES view larger image Punched holes in a panel from an SBD-5 Dauntless dive bomber are visible in wreckage resting on the floor of Truk Lagoon near the main debris site. (University of Delaware, courtesy of Dr. Mark Moline) A coral-covered propeller of an SBD-5 Dauntless dive bomber rests on the sand in Truk Lagoon. (University of Delaware, courtesy of Dr. Mark Moline) Related Stories Read more: CTV News

The sea level is dropping!

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