Woman, Stabbing, Stabbing Over Fur, Fur Stabbing, Meredith Lowell

Woman, Stabbing

Woman accused of stabbing another for wearing fur

Woman accused of stabbing another for wearing fur


Woman accused of stabbing another for wearing fur

Authorities say a woman repeatedly stabbed another at an Ohio church for wearing fur.

Officials say the victim had taken children she was babysitting to a Presbyterian church for choir practice.

A telephone number to seek comment from Lowell's attorney couldn't be found.

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How much you want to bet this lunatic was wearing leather shoes at the time? Should be made to wear fur for the rest of her life Veganism takes a toll, doesn’t it? Typically progressive. Well Another Crazy Canadian!!!! But she seems to be the only one. Crazy enviro-vegan fascist Hardly looks like a SJW at all. Bet she’s packing her own fur....

Not a real fur coat? Our sources are reporting that this woman is an active Democrat. Socialists have so much in common wherever they are. The left...

Another woman accuses Epstein of abuse, sues his estateA woman who says she suffered lasting damage from sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein when she was 17 years old sued his estate on Thursday, joining other women who are speaking publicly about pain they have long confronted largely alone. The face of a devil

I’d grab her and wrap her in my mink. She’ll come around then. Maybe feed her a burger too TCM family member wanted skin! Fur is a BS cover up! A really good method... of debate _shoegal68 It’s not ok to kill animals for fur...but is ok to kill another human? Scratching my head. This lady is strong in her beliefs.

Craycray fur real It's people like this who give environmentalists and those trying to protect nature a bad name. 🙄 I guess she’s not a furry. Looks like an Antifa dude

Aussie woman reunited with koala she saved from bushfireA badly burned koala that was rescued crying and screaming from Australia's bushfires has been reunited with the heroic woman who saved its life. That's some 'koala'ty news for both of them

Furmenting in a sell is she? Fake👈😅 psych ward for 10 years. scyannacs So should fur coats be kevlar lined in left wing cities? The crazy left strikes again. I love where this world is headed since we decided to humour the crazy leftists people. This week got it done lady Needs to be thrown in jail or receive medical attention for her mental health issue she is clearly not in her right mind and a danger to society.

so severe mental illness, untreated because there is no money for public mental health care and as a result someone was severely injured 🤦🏻‍♀️

Woman running late for train called 911 asking for 'emergency ride service'Police in Ontario are reminding the public to avoid dialing 911 to report non-emergency situations after a woman called to ask if she could get an 'emergency ride service' to the train she was running late for. Just fucking wow. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 'I don't know how you guys operate.' What the Hell, have you been living under a rock for the last 100 years?!?! Movies, TV, books all talk about 911 as a service for health, fire, or crime prevention. Emergency ride service... she should be given an emergency ride to court.

firejessicaallen Make sure her cell lined with polar bear, fox and beaver Since 2015, growth has averaged 0.8%, according to data released this week by Stats Can.That’s the weakest three years of growth since 1961 for non-residential capital, which includes buildings, engineering structures, machinery and equipment, and intellectual property products.

Mental institutions must be brought back, for everyone's safety from these wackos. The victim should have quickly self-identified as a fox. That act would probably keep this creepy psycho at bay. One has to wonder why killing human animals is a hard yes but harvesting animals is a HUGE NO. That's... missing the point of animal right activism.

Over and above the stupidity of assault and potential injury, this gal has like sentenced a number of small furry animals to slaughter to make new coat... CTVAtlantic I would say she has a few problems..

Lockeport woman picks up 8,500 disposable cups in under a year | CBC NewsMelda Roache Clark said she began picking up disposable beverage cups after noticing how many of them were in ditches during her walks. So far, the Lockeport, N.S., woman has collected thousands. She wants drivers who toss the cups out the windows of their vehicles to stop.

As Unpleasant as her receding hairline Left wing activism is becoming more and more dangerous. Better look out MulgrewMelanie And looks exactly like someone who would be triggered by a complete stranger wearing fur. Through that thing in jail for 50 years Is this PETA? Save the animals at all cost! Long live the VEGAN!!!

Loony left at it again... red paint wasn’t enough she needed to extract the real red. 🥴 Ah yes, veganism at it's best! And now for Canadian News:

Utah woman fights charge after kids see her topless at homeA Utah woman charged with a crime after her stepchildren saw her topless in her own home is fighting the case, citing a court ruling that overturned a topless ban in Colorado. Equal rights In that case every women who breast feeds is a sex offered. It’s almost 2020 and some states are still in the 1700. unless there is something I'm missing after reading the article this links to drop the charges immediately people

Literally insane woman who pleaded 'not guilty by reason of insanity' LAST MONTH was allowed out on the street to commit this stabbing... White privilege? Justice system fail. I want anthonyjeselnik to say something about this 🙏 Just another cut & paste AP tweet about a weird person in USA, eh ? Canadian Journalism at its best here. Simply buy, Cut & paste, from another source to the Canadian Audience. Slow news Day in Canada, eh ?

Canuck4466 Danger to society Doesn't the church preach 'eye for an eye' ? Just saying Ok, WTF crazy? She is clearly unstable and belongs in an institution for criminally insane. Why is she free? Keep slapping them on the wrist until they almost kill someone. That’s on the justice system Resemblance?

Woman who ‘milkshaked’ Republican politician sentenced to 15 days in jailThe trend of ‘milkshaking’ — throwing a liquid, usually a thick milkshake, at predominantly right-wing politicians — began in Britain where Nigel Farage was targeted Good Worth it Good About time the extremists were held accountable table.

Toxic femininity 🙄 She did this before and yet she is out and about and does it again. Throw her in prison. There's a fine line between animal activism and this Liberals are weird people Nutcase, she thinks it's ok to kill a person because they are wearing fur. At a church yet! Holy 💩 LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Fawkin’ nutcase Omg...0 tolerance

Yep, people just gotta stop wearing them corpses. If I were to imagine what this person looked like, This photo is an exact representation Another Trudeau supporter. Mabey? The tolerant left at it again. Some really rabid people out on our streets. Was it even fur? I know a lot of people wearing fake fur which is man made not coming from any animal and I have seen anti fur foolish people attack even fake fur wearers because they think it's real and no matter how much you tell them it's fake they will pysically assult you...

I think they should hang her.... With Cat Gut As I stereotypically imagined her. But fur is a renewable resource wtf?

Had she managed to kill the fur wearer, was she going to gut and skin the victim? Yup How can you tell she’s a left winger? 🤔😳😂 A true psychopath! Crazy people. Canada needs to get serious on crime. All the leftist rage mob bullshit is threatening the safety of normal, law abiding citizens, and moreso every day.

So ever November, she's triggered to stab someone in fur? Hope she's locked up for next year! sounds about right-- fanatics are everywhere, including the Extinction Rebellion Freaks Social Justice Wingnut “Fur is murder! *stab stab stab* This is just assault!”

Lock this psycho up Bald beavers wear no fur... Oh the irony.... That’s not a mug shot it’s a smug shot. Better get jail time and not some bs community service at the same non profit-make-work-for-dummies she came from It’s FireJessAllen !!! She looks stable..... The far left really is no different from the far right. Assault, violence and intimidation are all acceptable to people without the intelligence or maturity to simply walk away from those they disagree with.

def. an 'extremist' wow Isn’t that the nutcase from that show the Social.

She never thought for a moment maybe that was faux fur? Even so it’s wrong and not the way to educate people on meat and fur! Activists are crazy. Maybe learn some boundries. This is what happens when the lefties embrace & encourage extremism. I love all animals. I would never wear fur. That said, this woman is nuttier than my great uncle Clay who literally ate his own finger.

spitting image of a Liberal Hahahahaha. What an idiot! I knew them animal rights crowd where half cracked! What... The actual... Fuck?!

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