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Wilson-Raybould claimed $125K in spousal travel expenses during Trudeau mandate

$125K in flights is what Canadians have paid towards former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould’s spouse in the last four years.

2019-09-10 3:20:00 PM

$125K in flights is what Canadians have paid towards former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould ’s spouse in the last four years.

Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan also claimed more than $45,000 in spousal travel expenses over Trudeau mandate — although his husband worked in Ottawa for part of that.

Story continues below A Global News probe of MP expenditures and claims through the program revealed Wilson-Raybould claimed more than any of her former cabinet colleagues — and was the only non-Conservative MP among the top six highest claimants under the program, who all claimed above $100,000 in spousal travel expenses.

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READ MORE: Taxpayers footed bill for $4.5M in trips by MP spouses, partners over last 4 yearsTaxpayers covered the cost of 138 individual flights for her husband between her Vancouver-Granville riding and Ottawa, as well as other Canadian cities, since the Liberals won power in the 2015 federal election: 18 flights in 2015-2016, 45 in 2016-2017, 39 in 2017-2018 and 36 in 2018-2019.

In all, her claims for spousal travel cost taxpayers $125,755, ranging from flights costing less than $1,000 to those clocking in at more than $3,000.In comparison, the entire 34-member federal cabinet — not including Wilson-Raybould — claimed $421,504 in designated traveller expenses for their spouses over the course of the mandate.

On average, that breaks down to $12,397 in claims per cabinet member.If Wilson-Raybould’s claims for her husband are added to the cabinet total, it lands in at $547,259.That means Wilson-Raybould’s claims amounted to 23 per cent of the entire cabinet total over the four fiscal years of the Trudeau government.

Global News requested an interview with Wilson-Raybould to ask why her claims were so much higher than her cabinet colleagues, including those from the same geographic area in Metro Vancouver.Wilson-Raybould declined to be interviewed but sent a written statement instead.

“Throughout my tenure as a Member of Parliament and as a former Cabinet Minister, my husband and I have worked hard to maintain a semblance of work/life balance that includes being able to be together in the same city as much as possible,” Wilson-Raybould wrote.

“His support has been particularly important to me during the events of the past eight months and I am grateful that Tim’s schedule has allowed him the flexibility to travel to Ottawa. I am very appreciative that there are House of Commons provisions that permit spouses to travel as designated travellers.”

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Aaron Wudrick, federal director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, said he wants to see Wilson-Raybould provide an explanation for why her expenses were so much higher than those of her cabinet colleagues from the same area of the country.“The fact that there’s such a big gap suggests we should look at why,” he said. “There may be a legitimate reason, there might not be. But the fact that there’s such a big gap certainly gives rise to some questions that I think Ms. Wilson-Raybould should be answering.”

What are designated travellers?The designated traveller program operates under the same system that covers the costs of members of Parliament travelling back and forth between their ridings, or to other specific locations such as Washington and New York City as needed for their parliamentary roles.

Members of Parliament get a certain number of what’s known as travel points to cover the cost of their work-related travel — one point equals one round trip between their riding and Ottawa, or Ottawa and another location associated with their parliamentary work.

Members of Parliament can share those points with another person — their designated traveller.WATCH (Aug. 9, 2016): Mike Duffy back in the Senate claiming living expensesIn most cases, this is the member of Parliament’s spouse or another relative (though it does not have to be a family member), and designating the person as such lets the person use some of those points to expense the cost of their own travel.

This is allowed in cases where the designated traveller represents the MP at an event or where travel is to reunite the member of Parliament with their family, and under the system the designated traveller can fly in business class on flights longer than two hours.

But the program has come under scrutiny in the past because of the costs associated with transporting unelected individuals on the taxpayer dime.Over the course of the last four years, members of Parliament spent a total of $4,552,955 transporting their designated travellers across the country.

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That does not include their children, who are classified separately as dependents.READ MORE: B.C. Speaker’s office under fire for spending $13,000 on 10-city tour to discuss securityIn 2014-2015, that cost was $1.2 million while in 2013-2014 it was $1.5 million.

That was down from $2.2 million in 2012-2013.At the same time, members of Parliament and their families have the option of travelling for free on Via Rail under a longstanding policy with the Crown corporation.According to a spokesperson for Via Rail, family members of MPs can travel for free in economy class even if they are not accompanying the MP — if they are accompanying the MP, who gets free travel in business class, the family can join them for free in business class.

“Regardless of the presence of the MP during travel, spouse/partners and dependents of members of Parliament can only travel at no cost, and the trip must be in Economy if the booking is made within one day of departure,” wrote Marie-Anna Murat, spokesperson for the Crown corporation, in an email.

“At other times, they can travel at 50 per cent off the selected fare in all classes at all times (once again, regardless of the presence of the MP during travel).”How much did other cabinet members claim?Despite that, several members of the Trudeau cabinet claimed tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for their spouses through the designated traveller program despite their ridings being located along one of the most popular Via Rail routes that run straight into Ottawa — the Quebec-Windsor corridor.

Organized Crime and Border Security Minister Bill Blair had the highest claim of cabinet ministers who represent ridings along that corridor — he claimed $30,540 in travel expenses for his wife over four years, for a total of 47 round trips between Ottawa and his riding of Scarborough–Southwest.

Global News reached out to Blair on Monday morning asking for clarity on why he claimed designated travel expenses for his wife when his riding is located along that popular Via Rail corridor and a free travel option was available.His office said Blair’s wife was doing relevant work and the amount she claimed is in keeping with others who did the role before her.

“As the chair of the all-party Parliamentary Spouses Association for the past three years, Minister Blair’s wife has helped organize and host foreign guests, dignitaries and their spouses while they are in Ottawa,” said Blair’s issues manager, Jordan Crosby.

“The Parliamentary Spouses Association also does tremendous work in balancing parliamentarians’ responsibilities to both their job and families while providing a support network to those who frequently travel and/or represent ridings outside of Ottawa.”

Crosby continued, adding: “The costs incurred under the Designated Traveller category are commensurate with what has been charged by other members of Parliament whose spouses were either chair or who otherwise have served with the Parliamentary Spouses Association, and has adhered to the House of Commons’ guidelines. We will continue to monitor all expenses closely in order to ensure they are appropriately expensed to taxpayers.”

Seniors’ Minister Filomena Tassi was the runner up in that category, claiming $25,488 in travel costs for her husband for 51 round trips between her Hamilton West–Ancaster–Dundas riding.READ MORE: MPs spend thousands to fly family across Canada, figures show

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who represents the downtown riding of Toronto Centre, also claimed $20,852 in designated traveller expenses for his wife, Nancy McCain, for 30 round trips between their riding and Ottawa over the last four years.Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, in contrast, claimed no designated traveller expenses over the course of the four years between her riding of University–Rosedale and Ottawa. Nor did Minister of Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan, who represents Etobicoke North.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau, Attorney General David Lametti, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, House Leader Bardish Chagger, Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef and Small Business and Tourism Minister Mary Ng also claimed no designated traveller expenses over the course of the last four years.

Top cabinet claimants for spousal travel under the designated traveller program were Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay, who claimed $46,367 in travel expenses for his wife from his Cardigan, PEI riding.A spokesperson for MacAulay provided an emailed statement when asked for an interview with the minister.

“The policy for designated travelers is designed to keep families together and allow parliamentarians to spend much-needed time with their loved ones and as Minister MacAulay’s duties have required him to spend more time away from home, his wife has joined him on a number of occasions,” his office said.

“All travel was within the rules and guidelines set out by the House of Commons.”Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough came in second, claiming $45,773 in designated traveller expenses for her husband and was the highest-claiming Vancouver-area cabinet member — yet her claim still represented only 33 per cent of what Wilson-Raybould claimed for spousal travel from the same area.

Other Vancouver-area cabinet ministers claimed even less: Treasury Board President Joyce Murray claimed $36,993 in expenses for her husband, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan claimed $15,655 for his wife, and Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson claimed just $5,909.

Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan came in third overall out of cabinet members, claiming $45,659 in designated traveller expenses for his husband.But his husband, Stelios Doussis, worked as general manager at the upscale political hang-out spot, Riviera — located just steps away from Parliament Hill — for part of that time.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Doussis worked at Riviera from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2018.A spokesperson for O’Regan said that date is an error and he actually resigned in Oct. 2017 — his decision to do so was publicized amid sexual misconduct allegations against the co-owner.

During the three fiscal years that cover the listed dates of employment at Riviera, the member of Parliament expenditure reports indicate Doussis took 61 individual flights in total between Ottawa and St. John’s, N.L.: eight in 2015-2016, 26 in 2016-2017, 19 in 2017-2018 and eight in 2018-2019.

However, it’s not possible from the reports to determine how many of those were specifically while he was employed in Ottawa versus at any other point in the overlapping fiscal years. The listings for designated traveller claims do not show the specific dates for each expensed trip but rather list the number of trips and destinations of those within a fiscal year.

Global News asked O’Regan’s office for an interview to address how many of those trips were while Doussis worked in Ottawa.Instead, his office sent an emailed statement.“The House of Commons policy for designated travelers is vital in keeping families together in a job in which Members of Parliament spend much of the year away from their loved ones,” a spokesperson for O’Regan wrote.

“The rules that pertain to travel for family members, and that apply to all Members of Parliament, were followed in full.”Wudrick said the question of the timeline should be clarified by O’Regan.“I think the purpose of the travel benefit is to make sure that your spouse is close to you, to make sure that families aren’t apart,” he said.

“If your spouse is here in Ottawa with you, it does beg the question about what you’re spending that travel benefit on. Is it really just for fun? That would not be an appropriate use of that benefit.” Read more: »

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This is why politicians are corrupted, begin with small privilege then after time going in office got bigger and bigger On the same day that it’s revealed JustinTrudeau has blocked an RCMP investigation into SNCLavalinScandal there are new attack on Jody Wilson-Raybould.The one person involved who clearly had a sound moral compass. Shameful. TrudeauCorruption CanadaVotes cdnpoli elxn2019

They all scam us folks. We just keep letting it happen and of course never legally charged. Her husband helped her through her crisis blah blah blah 🇨🇦🤔 Why the hell are we paying for spousal travel in the first place. Travel on your own dime. Crazyscubadiver New show: 'It's Punch Judy time, election is coming!' You got some of the $615 million, right? GlobalNewsIsAJoke

Love the timing of all this. Someone had this info and leaked it . I appreciate the story but it now becomes a smear campaign. Look gmbutts expenses too! I wonder what plane and who paid for his latest flight to Calgary for a personal trip!!! Global showing it's true colours again. Why should taxpayer have to reimburse tax dollars for spouses to travel.

HELL YES it’s way too much, could you imagine? The average person can spend exactly how much? Maybe $5 to 10k per year? This the tax payers money, u wanna go travel use your own $$$ like everybody else. Why are you not mentioning the CPC_HQ Members who sit side by side with her on the list? Don’t target JWR unless you want to be fair and mention the other Members of Parliament!

Nice deflection & also trying to further vilify Jody Wilson-Raybould who was able to maintain integrity against TrudeauCorruption She spent enough money on travel expenses for her spouse, than most people make in 2 to 3 years!! Why should the government and all of us taxpayers have to pay for that? Hypocrite DontTrustHer Ridiculous PayItBack

Let us not forget that Morneau’s spouse, a McCain by birth, incurred very high travel claims as well. Don’t look at the individual but rather the person authorizing such expenditures. Can you think of any area where the Trudeau government was concerned about cost management? I’ve lost all respect for her.

Still not as much 240k cost of Justin secret island vacation. Where did you mention her husband has done some lobbying With anyone should be $0. They are not working just tagging along so $0 works for me for ANY OF THEM. Thats more money than most middle class citizens earn in 4 years working full time!!!

So much of our money wasted. Taxes going up. Fees going up. Even Illegals are getting our money! Wtf!! What about the Conservative men who claimed the top two spots for spousal travel expenses (JWR is 3rd)? Why aren't they being called out? MPs should get a reasonable spousal travel allowance, and once that's used up, it's out-of-pocket. Problem solved.

Yes by! Not sure why this report surfaced now 😉 However Puglaas response lost my support, as those may be the rules but it doesn’t mean you need to be so cavalier about exploiting it. PS: this rule needs to be modified me thinks! fwork Global News Fake News can't be trusted with their unproven claims. They hate Canadian citizens. TrudeauMustGo

Where are Trudeau’s expenses. Please tell all!! That is the REAL question!!!!!!!!!!!😡 When you do the math, its just over $1k per month so about one flight per month. What is too much is what the airlines charge you going across the country. Thievery! Lol yet another telfordk hit piece. TrudeauCorruption

RRidley11 Not a fair question. What did the Liberals spend? All of them. What was the distance they had to fly! And do you think it's too much? Or do you not have an opinion... just out there stirring the pot I see. Whomever said yes, y’all just jealous 💃🏼 Well since she lived on We Wa Kai Nations First Nations Reserve in BRITISH COLUMBIA is it our First Nations fault that you WHITES stick our reserves in the remotest locations humanly possible that it costs a fortune to fly in & out of?

Andrew Sheer is in top of list with more than $163K. There needs to be an overhaul on every single expense. Reading about the costs for spouse/family is ridiculous for taxpayers to pay. Notice it's the CONS who outspend everyone. Taking advantage of taxpayers must STOP!! Oh look at that the holier than thou queen MPJodyWR is as corrupt as any other politician.. who cares about thousands of jobs at SNCLavalinScandal when she can spend 25% of the travel budget of the cabinet incompetent

Doing Trudeau’s campaign work here I see, eh Global? Payouts coming along nicely? For a spouse? That's a bit extreme. A little unfair to westerners who have to travel farther. If she was from Ontario, I would say so. But why should MPs go without their spouse when people who are from Ottawa, for example, don’t?

Crazyscubadiver Compared to Justin’s $1 million and Mckenna’s $500k in travel, or Telford’s $200k in “moving expenses”... Remember Butts $160k “severance package” just a paid vacation...🤔 JWR seems like a deal. what about your loving ,soon ex PM Justin ? Can't report him bcz he is giving you kickbacks ?

fwork How about reporting trudeau is clearly guilty in obstructing justice. CLEARLY GUILTY TrudeauMustGoToJail Let’s see everyone’s expenses! I bet some people are triple that amount.lets see JT spousal expenses Gertrud29409036 Her riding is one of the farthest away from Ottawa. Farther than London is from Athens or St.Petersburg. Perhaps she just wants to keep her marriage and fly with her spouse instead of leaving him at home?

How much did the Trust Fund Baby Wannabe PM claim? Puglaas answers to Global were so inane. Marriages end in divorce for public servants and ministers, really? Should’ve stayed home then. Timmy boy racked up Airmiles at taxpayers expense! Nice. Separation anxiety much? 🙄🙄🙄 It is too bad that Global new was given Trudeau's blackmail handout. It is hard to know the motive behind the poll. I suspect it is to make JWR look bad.

Good clean journalism...Not, you fail to mention that her travel was within the rules. No mention of how much time she spent in Ottawa vs others either. Global network is nothing but Liberal propaganda anymore. I don't like it, but don't forget it is an issue today because the liberals want her to lose votes next month.

jackiebullivant Why should Canadian taxpayers pay for any spousal travel expense? When I worked out of town I had to pay for all my own expenses, even when I had to fly back & forth. I understand why MP's get paid to travel back to their constituencies, buy NOT spousal travel. Enough is enough. YES if she's a FORMER liberal, and NO if she's a current liberal MP who has TrudeauMustGoToJail 's approval , right ?

This story just diverts people's focus of attention at this moment. Intentionally? They all do ,why pick on just her. How low . Disgraceful. Puglaas wish my privately owned company gave me an expense account to fly my partner wherever I had to go. This is disgusting . canpoli I feel like this is a sidetrack story for her outing of the SNC-Lavalin fiasco ....

You know why they are singling her out .... Considering we in Canada are charged as much to go West to East as we are to travel to Amsterdam...sounds about right. LOL Global NEWS earning it's 600 million aiding SOY BOY get his petty mean girl nastiness revenge on the woman who challenged him! Just when I thought GlobalNews couldn't get sleazier you prove me wrong! LiberalsRsoCorruptThat they pay off the media to play mean girl for them.

Trudeau spent over $300k in 5 flights in food and booze! Why single just her out? Many Liberals did the same! Trudeau's party plane food and booze costs are so high he should be charged with theft of tax payers funds! But you don't mention that do you? Gutter journalism! You go global. Earning your money.

How much for Trudeau’s two nanny’s? $125,000 / 4 years = $31,250 per year $31,250 / 52 weeks per year = $600 per wk ~$600 = cost of round trip flight from Vancouver to Ottawa Thats a round trip from Vancouver to Ottawa, every single week for Jody Wilson Raybould’s spouse since she was elected. cdnpoli

It’s too much for a snitch that’s fersher Sounds like a hit peice and fake news. What's Trudeau's total to use as a baseline? A Liberal at heart. Independent or not, her actions speak of Liberal entitlement. Ridiculous! How many companies/organizations offer to pay for spousal travel? Certainly not mine! Perhaps this should be discontinued.

JWR travels from Ottawa to Vancouver not Ottawa to Toronto! Yes it’s a ton of money. Then again, why don’t you pin a tweet asking your followers if it’s OK for Trudeau to rack up a $100,000 booze bill on ONE trip? You don’t have the guts to ask because he pays you Liberals always expect the taxpayers to cover their extravagant lifestyles

Wow, that should make her the bad guy considering Trudeau broke the law and fired her. Telford Op Ed.... Must be nice to live high off the hog. That is WAY to much! Why does this matter now? Why is Global trying to discredit her? That Trudeau funding really did make a difference. MPs. Make enough money to cover there own cost for flights

gmbutts expensed $250,000 to the Canadian taxpayers to move from Toronto to Ottawa. Do that storey next Way too expensive. Should've found a billionaire to pay for her expenses. She once had a boss that knew a bunch of 'em. Could've asked him! Now do Butts She’s not the saint so many think she is... another pig at the trough...

State run media doing a smear job on Wilson-Raybould before election writ drops tomorrow . TOTALLY INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION!!! How did that number compare to ALL other MPs? All MP’s, Cons & Libs, have access to this allowance. Every one of them, Cons & Libs, operated within the rules. Don’t blame them it’s the policy. I’m sure that if any of you became an MP, you’d fly your family to Ottawa, etc as well-if it was within the rules.

Depend, if you compare with the amount of Money liberal_party spent to travel cost to cost to campaign with Taxpayer money or with the 200k Liberals gave to gmbutts to destroy pipelines, it is peanuts AGMacDougall AndrewScheer lapresseplus We won’t be running her down right before an election, will we. If we have a problem with expenses we will insist on rewriting the rules. The problem is institutional, not personal .

All political crap entails basically travelling around lying about everything, vacations and family tours begging people to vote for them, while spending our money. Same every party, all positions. What's the shock More information required before I can complete your poll. Where's the rest of the story? Where are the realistic costs of flights? Is this a tempest in a teapot or a slow news day? Come on Global. Where's your research? We want the whole story. It's over 4300Kms one way.

Most people in the country have more student debt for four years of school Seems a lot but depends on circumstances. Can remember a cpc mp South Surrey having similar issue a decade ago. How much is business class $$$$ for direct flights Vancouver - Ottawa, return, on ANY Canadian airline company? Not cheap to fly even within BC. It can be as much as $1000.00 just to go 500 miles. Your point is taken but how much does transportation & security cost? Research pls.

Ms Wilson-Raybould would get along fine with AndrewScheer, who also has a habit of 'exaggerating' his expenses.elxn43 Look at Global trying to stump for the Liberals now If we’re talking “travel” the way Liberals preach... then, yes... that is way too much to spend on a bicycle. Puglaas still rocks but yes that is excessive

Why are tax payers paying for her husband to travel!! Have you seen how much airfare is recently? Not sure with how criminal the airlines are in this country. But some others spent more than her so where are the poles for them? CanadasPatriots $1.00 is too much for spousal travel! Why? Post the other MP’s spousal travel expenses

If it’s not against the current rules, all is well. Stop trying to throw her under the bus. Trudeau is in violation of several rules. Oh ya, what was it,?,? 600 mil to buy you Global? So now on the eve of an election call you decide to start finding dirt on JWR? Pretty transparent where your loyalty rests!! biasednews

There not the only people that work from home ,and we do not get to take our spouse unless we pay ,,there is no way govt should pay. SHAKE your head parliament. There are many families who have to be separated due to job locations. They don’t have flight expenses to keep them with family. Why then does someone in her financial bracket need the hard working tax payers to cover her personal expenses? Not acceptable!!!

Most people get nothing if they want to take their spouses on business trips with them. MP's make enough money as is without these expense accounts...unless it is for legitimate work expenses How much did Trudeau spend for one day surfing on the west coast? If within policy restrictions, then it's fine. Should the program be reviewed? Yes. However, I'm not ok with Trudeau giving my tax dollars (billions) to help other nations...

It’s all about keeping these MP’s families together, the more remote your location the more money you will spend. She’s one of 380 MPs that used this service costing Tax Payers 4 million in 4 Years. Why is she being singled out? There are two ahead of her that cost us more? You right leaning bastards. 4 of the top 5 spenders are Conservative and Raybould is no longer a liberal. You are transparently bias.

$125,000 That's Amazing!!!! For Those Of Us In The Working Class: Who Doesn't Love These 4 Things: Vacation! All Expenses Paid Vacation! Spending 125,000 On Vacation With The Company Credit Card! Vacation Pay! And My Favourite HOLIDAY PAY!!! Cheers! You gotta remember that being 'on the go', on Gov't business can be rather hard on a family. And companies, and Govts can lose a lot of good people due to demands of the 'job'. The Aviation industry a good example. Divorce rate is higher than usual here. Govts might face same.

Would the politicians be willing to pay that much out of their own pocket to be with their family members or they only want to spend that much time with their family because someone else is paying. Lots of business people travel and can’t afford to take their families. Any hey, convenient timing that this news be released, pending the big election campaign announcement tomorrow. Like this wasn’t a coincidence. It’s time for our media to have morals & do better. Seriously, tell me this news wasn’t released as per the liberal party.

This is shocking. Liberals at the trough, as always. Did you see the moving expense claims filed by Buttsy and Telford? I’d also like to see Trudeau’s expense claims for the past 4 years, starting with his India vacation, avec family wardrobe. Really? Is this all her political opponents could provide to impugn her integrity? Keep digging.

Considering that she lives in Vancouver, then no. Especially if this is how the current system is set up. Want the rules changed? Then change them Trudeau blows that in booze on one plane ride $31000 per year? Outrageous! But she was a Liberal. Enough said. You could have picked any number of Liberal or even Conservative MPs, but you chose Ms. Wilson-Raybould. Why? I'm guessing there are $600 million worth of reasons.

With modern technology why are these politicians wasting our money flying back and forth all the time they should be in there own districts and conferencing via online with each other, stop spending our hard earned dollars global- such a sell out to Liberals. Did you get a menu card for what 'reports' to do each day as the election gets closer?

How much did we pay you again to destroy JWR’s reputation? Good job guys! Think of what a return flight to BC costs. $125000 over 4 yrs is nothing. Trudeau triples that for child care and his wife is a stay at home mom It’s called greed at the expense of the taxpayers. Happy she is out Going after women for trudeau

But of course the real story is that Bill Morneau whose wife is Nancy McCain of the billionaire McCain Foods family claimed $20,000 in spousal travel expenses. Maybe lead with that It is, but can we believe this information? I’m sure it’s a liberal smear job. I’m just a Canadian Tax Payer... Oh Global... We all know this is wrong.. want to list some of the Liberal expenses? Hmm how much do we pay for Trudeau's multiple nannies? Pathetic that you are corrupted by Liberal Bribery. Perhaps you can stop trying to state news and maybe just report on the weather

I haven’t spent that much in my lifetime, I wished How many of these spousal travel excursions were done in Economy and how many in Business Class? I’d say 100% Business. She worked in Ottawa but is from BC, should her spouse/children be displaced because of her job requirements. Serving the people of Canada politically is a thankless job. Whose applying?

Election time, CHEAP SHOT JustinTrudeau Man up Trudeau My husband goes around world on business, i've absolutely no reason to follow him. If i did, i'd expect to pay My expences. Ppl in office are hired Not their families. Only PM should be allowed to do this or when protocols of travel dictates spouses expected.

In a Related Story Prince Jackwagon Blew 4.5 Billion Taxpayers $$ On a Pipeline to Nowhere Less Than 2 Months RCMP TeamJackwagon 🤡 BecauseIts a GongShow SNCNormanEthicsAtwalKhadrBoyleISISIran TrudeauJr PeterPanPM UsefulIdiot2TheWorld PeopleKind MagicKingdom Global News trying its best to put negative spins on JWR. You’ve been paid well Global 👍

That’s gmbutts moving expense cheque? FakeNews again !! so the tax payers paid about 32,000 per year for her spouse to travel.. nice one...i haven't had one trip in decades... My husband works away from home 10-20 days every 2-3 months not counting overnights and weekends. Or what about people who work in camp? We don’t get travel expenses, we stay at home or pay our own ticket. Time for this entire program to end.

The only ones who should get spousal travel expenses is where the spouse's presence is required, e.g. you meet some head of state with their spouse, and you need to bring your spouse for handshakes, photo ops, etc. If you can't be without the hubby/wifey pay for it yourself. A lot of far left think it's okay to waste tax payer money. Most of them likely don't pay taxes.

Yes. What did Trudeau’s family spend? Why can’t the spouse stay at home like... oh, I don’t know - every other job that exists. I would love to send my spouse on annual $31k holiday without picking up the tab. Really? Is this good stewardship of others hard earned tax dollars. All politicos are guilty of this despite the party. Taxpayers are starving, while they ...

Greasy I think all involved here should step back, don’t be so quick to judge unless you’re willing to submit your own Expense Summaries for Audit As always defamation of character is off the table its bullying behaviour which is intolerable & criminal, Equality is the pink elephant⌛️⚖️ I'm okay with it. Anyone's job that calls for a lot of time and travel away from home should have the job benefit to live as comfortably, within reason, as they normally would live at home, including the companionship of their spouse.

Approximately $30,000/year as an approved benefit for a Minister is not unreasonable. Now list all the expenditures, benefits and perks for all Ministers from the PM down plus all ancillary costs. Include the Senate and Opposition for a true and comparable picture. No targeting. Wow the liberals have the payed off media going after her because they cant controle her!!!!

Oh look Liberal friendly media SUDDENLY come up with this to attacks the credibility of JWR.......wake up this is so transparent My buddy said. It should be investigated. It could be the legitimate or it may not be. Either way the amount is excessive and should be looked into. Well... no wonder she always looks so jovial, having her partner at her side much of her waking and working hours!

This is nothing compared to PM Trudeau ErikLuczak I find the release of this information highly suspect, but its from Global. Another one JustinTrudeau and telfordk 'Presstittutes' for the cause. Maybe if they came from a more trustworthy news source like the RebelNewsOnline it would hold more weight. TrudeauCorruption

Where is the rest of our “leaders” expenses? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easy to find where all our tax payer money goes to? I’m sure she’s not alone in gross mishandling of our money. Really? Was this sanctioned by Trudeau himself? Liberals gonna lib Not when you have to put up with WATER BOX JUSTINE!

yes. Why does she need her spouse to travel with her It's not too much cuz apparently she can do no wrong If she's allowed to do it under the current guidelines then it's fine. Don't blame her. Blame the policy makers Male politicians travel with their Wives & Kids all the time, Nobody questions them, it’s just expected that they would travel with at least their Wife (spouse) Why should Jody be treated any differently she also has a family, if they are ALL held to a max spending cap ALL equal

john_lambe Yes, very much so. $125,000 over 4 years is ridiculous! Good grief. Puglaas Jody Wilson-Raybould MPJodyWR obstructed my family’s justice inviting our publicly accused criminal (since May 2005 & escaped his crimes due to him being an exteacher at LawSocietyLSO) to her 4/7/16 fundraising where she accepted is bribe/donation! cdnpoli cannoli

you can spend a week in Mexico at an all inclusive cheaper than you can get a return air fare toronto to BC .... no wonder the western postings are high in travel expenses - really a non story - due to these facts and many of their trips are booked last minute How about bringing you mother and your wife’s parents to a US State Dinner in Washington, at taxpayer expense, but not your Energy Minister?

Liberal corruption knows no bounds. Absolutely sickening. Face deep in the trough and totally without shame. She's as crooked as the rest. Remember this. You can't expect people to travel from all corners of the country to Ottawa and not be able to see their families for their terms. That being said Demonizing her because she outted the PM for Breaking a serious federal law just make you look like shills.

Why is it that you can expense spousal travel, to begin with? Why should the Taxpayers pay for her Husband’s Travel expenses? Government officials already make more than enough money. She chose the job....why should her husband have to accompany her? I don’t take my husband to work with me. This is just overkill...

What class are they flying? Serious question Now do the trudeau family Yes.. there’s other alternatives, or at least there should be. If anything, put a cap/ max amount and anything beyond that they should be responsible for their own travel costs there after. 🤷🏻‍♀️ they all do it all politicians how come they didn't bring this to light when she was kicked out of the party? oh yea it didn't benefit the liberal_party or JustinTrudeau at the time but election time oh yea they will use it to discredit her but Canadians will judge themselves

I don't think tax payers should be paying for any government expenses like this. They make enough money to pay for this shit on their own! Stop screwing over the tax payers! Trudeau set the example but only his subordinates will take the heat TrudeauMustGo Oct21FreedomDay ChooseForwardWithoutTrudeau FakeNewsMedia MediaLies

Yes, it's $123,000 too much. She should repay it. Shes definitely a former liberal Great liberal paid media smears JWR on behalf of Trudeau Yes but they all do it Trudeau authorized more than that for Butts to move to Ottawa. Global is doing more leg work for Justin Trudeau, I see. Y'all have no problem with Trudeaus 1000 dollars per flight in booze him and his cronies suck back. However, Justin paid good taxpayer money for this blatant hit-piece.

Why don’t you look at Justin’s. He was on vacation more than he worked and travelled non stop. Two ethics violations. But how is global spending their share of the 600 million gift from Trudeau? CKNW The Cons topped the list for spousal travel that how the take care of taxpayer dollars. TheWestBlock So...anyone dissing JWR on this article even READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE? Shame on Global to create MISLEADING HEADLINES...yes, those top claimants LIVE IN WESTERN CANADA AND RURAL to post how much it cost to fly to Ottawa from their ridings? DIVISIVE MEDIA at it AGAIN!

Well, to be fair, he is a lobbyist Oh look, trudeau’s bought and payed for Media Scum is still working hard for its money! Now do trudeau ! You people are a disgrace, nothing more. You picked the wrong side, very sad. CKNW Hmmm 🤔 CKNW She’s loved and why aren’t any other MPs being showcased here😡What about a vacation on our dime that JT took huh hmmm🤔

CKNW This is such a politically biased report by Global 'News'. This is why so many people don't have faith in the media to offer fair and balanced reporting. Shame on Global... You mean the inept former deified AG has been wasting tax payers money so her Fraser Institute hubby can fly around the country? So much for scruples and integrity

GlobalBC How low can we go should be JustinTrudeau and his liberals election mantra. They can't win on merit so will malign all others. Hold up your expenses Justin, oh wait yours are illegally gotten gains. Let's dig deeper. LiberalsMustGo LiberalHypocrisy justinmustgo GlobalEdmonton Everyone focusing on this being a hit piece on JWR and ignoring that 5 of the 6 MPs who are ripping Canadians off the most are the Fiscal Conservatives

JWR is toxic, she ✖️refused Indigenous file! As Minister of 🇨🇦JWR had real power to change Indigenous lives. She refused! She quit! Toxic! teamTrudeau 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 to They got money from ,no surprise.. Nothing to do with her riding being the furthest from Ottawa with the most expensive air fares of course. Nice of Global to do Telford’s dirty work and launch this Drive By Smear.

GlobalCalgary This article came out the same day the election is called, coincidence? spouses fly free.. no GlobalEdmonton Just when you thought their might actually be a politician with integrity. yes well this was a liberal mistake... this is why we need to know where every tax dollar is going.. total waste of away with this fund now.

680CJOB Seriously? Squirrel news. Besides the fact many CPC MPs live in the west as does JWR, the spend by liberals pre-election is: 20,000 TIMES higher, Let me do that again for squirrel writers, 20,000 TIMES higher, than JWR spousal travel over 4 years. And you report this.🤣 Anyone else remember when Trudeau wanted to spend $65,000 on just wiring a jacuzzi for his summer home and stick us with the bill? Or when he spent thousands to constantly have his plane stocked with booze?

TheWestBlock Well looks like the Liberal assault on JWR has started and is being fully endorsed and facilitated by Watch for more dirt soon from the likes of CBC and CTV so called news. 600 mil buys alot of favors, right JustinTrudeau GlobalCalgary No wonder global and Butts terminated her! Any reason why you didn't name the Conservative big spenders? Let me guess. You're working to elect the Conservative Party and AndrewScheer.

Justin Trudeau rang up more than three times that in food, liquor on only five flights. cdnpoli I guess if you say it loud enough.... TrudeauMustGo notAbot TrudeauCorruption Chime in the slander from MMEDIA. I am not usually one to defend a Liberal former Liberal. But this clearly is to slander and discredit Raybould more. Funny how the 3 years B4 JustinTrudeau his corrupt Liberals & MMedia like Global didn't have issue with it....

JWR is a self serving sour grapes bloated backstabbing snake....she played the are they going to square this with their new 'ethics' hero..hahhah Let me guess this committee investigation will not be shut down. TheWestBlock Doing one article about JWR (who wasn't the top spender), and another article about all the other top-spenders makes this an obvious hit-piece. This is, frankly, gross.

The most egregious with spousal expenses were the Conservatives, no surprise there! However, will JWR speak HER truth on this? Thought not... Sounds legit. I’ll allow it. 👍🏼 News flash, Canada is big and flights are expensive. Also global news is a mouth piece for discraced politicians who continue to perpetuate corruption at the expense of hard working people all while maintaining the ponzi scheme that is our dollar. Stupidity and greed. News is bs.

I’m tired of all parties! They are all the same, just doing a different dance to the same tune 🤑🤑🤑 When we are going to place a cap on MPs and spouse traveling expenses? Shouldn’t that be covered in MPs base salary ? A BC MP chose to fly her spouse to Ottawa rather than to fly herself home for the weekend which simply substitutes one travel expense for another and is effectively cost neutral to the government. But the PM wants to smear that MP so amandacconn obliged with a slanted hit job.

I don't have a problem with this Its very expensive to travel in Canada Especially between Vancouver and Ottawa Bringing your other half may be pushing the boundaries but let's compare her expenses with someone you like and see how it compares. And use someone from Vancouver. Now do cathmckenna and JustinTrudeau and their family and friends 🛩✈️

OMG 😮! ThankYouForYourDonation This just goes to show no politician is safe when they’ve targeted you. They’ll even make your use of an approved program look “dirty”. Maybe we should instead be looking at changing the program if we are so upset... she hasn’t broken any rules.... Trying to slam her some more? How much has JustinTrudeau and his family spent? Or better yet let’s look at the entire liberal_party bottomfeeders

Alternate headline: Canada needs more airline choices In her past spirit of transparency Ms Wilson-Raybould should address this issue if she hopes to retain any credibility. She maybe credible but did a bit of a dance in her “answer”.🤔🇨🇦 Now do Justin Trudeau and his travel costs on the taxpayer dime.

How much we paid for terrorist Trudeau and his buddies Yet the citizens paid 250k for Trudeau’s family to attend a illegal vacation? And 200k for two non elected staff members to move 4 hours away to their new jobs that liberals refuse to inform Canadians on how much we are paying them! Liberal party of corruption alive and well!

Now do Justin, Ralph, Harjit and Seamus!! JUSTIN TRUDUMB PRESSURED JWB TO GIVE SNC LAVALIN A BREAK. THATS THE STORY. Global news shills for the liberal party. State run media. 1984. 'I am very appreciative that there are House of Commons provisions that permit spouses to travel as designated travellers.' I don't know many business travelers with this provision. Maybe the fact it's in there in the first place is the bigger problem.

This isn’t a subject that applies to just one person or just on party, I’d be more interested in story calling out every MP. Now do your master Trudeau In the private sector, such expenses are personal! Remember that the Liberals that approved this spending also approves Mr. Trudeau’s party plane. Boooooo

You don't get stellar headlines like this without greasing the wheels a bit -Justin Trudeau All the parties do this isn't this a bit like a 'Salvation Army' Captain eating at the 'Queen E' with collections she makes while on Duty?!!! ....and Liberalism just goes on and on and on....Show us what Liberal Cabinet Ministers cost us in flights...she the WHOLE picture. LiberalHypocrisy

Jacinallhonesty 600 million gets you an attack dog for whoever the liberals want gone. Seem pretty shady that out of all the people you guys happen to pick out her. Media on the payroll. Global crawls out from the sewer to spread their bullshit There needs to be a cap on spending for travel or anything you claim. And once you max that out you pay out of your own pocket. This is our money you are wasting. And i think we have a right to control where it goes.

Interesting stuff, not surprised to see O’Regan with questionable travel expenses. This is all peanuts compared to the cost of Trudeau and his cabinet campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime since the last session of parliament ended. All the parties abuse their positions, focusing on one party and not the other and bickering amongst ourselves is what they want. If we take them all to task together things may change.

Typical. We work our asses off. Pay taxes through the nose it takes 4 average people’s annual taxes to fly one, yes one spouse around. Baffles and boggles the mind. Isn’t her husband a registered lobbies, register after she became AG? While she was a liberal, and we all know liberals are entitled to their entitlements.

The hypocrisy of the Liberals climatechange platform. Strange, more people aren’t angry or seeking Accountability. Imagine if you will attacking a minority and a woman while totally ignoring Butts spent the same amount moving around Ontario What was the figure for recent office Renovation by Liberals. 182,000?

It's the ethics part of it isn't it. cdnpoli ableg Anyone remember Mike Duffy?, he should be in jail. The libs have the hit on JWR Justin Trudeau rang up more than three times that in food, liquor on only five flights. bcbluecon Puglaas SheilaGunnReid cdnpoli Whoa! Coming from ag is totally unacceptable. Now the case of never-bite-hands-feed-you Puglaas pot calling the stunning JustinTrudeau kettle black!

thats not a lot imho compared to others . niw like what TrudeauWorstPM hands out to non canadians in exchange for votes

Taxpayers footed bill for $4.5M in trips by MP spouses, partners over last four yearsSpousal travel cost taxpayers $4.5 million over the last four years. These are the top spenders : cdnpoli Better pay that annuity.. How about disclosing the travel costs of Liberal MP families? Welcome to Canada

Election day: Manitoba Tories seek 2nd mandate with promise of tax and cost cutsBrian Pallister is seeking a second mandate for his Progressive Conservatives in the Manitoba election today with a to-do list that includes further cost cuts and reduced taxes. Please Manitoba, kick them to the curb. Costa Rica having an election today? Let me guess, Mennonites swung the vote because PC’s argued that liberals would tax schmauntfett and take their Verenicki.

Trudeau has narrow lead nationally but enjoys big advantage in Ontario: pollThe Liberals have a narrow three-and-a-half point lead over the Conservatives nationally but have opened up a sizeable advantage in Ontario, a new poll has found. CP24 FAKE News Network Once again CP24 reporting BULL 🐂 💩 SHIT Polls as the only poll that matters is on Election Day October 21/19 Then we can all watch the Liberal Media CRY US A RIVER over Trudeau’s Liberal Socialists LOSS ! I thought CP24 stood for City Pulse. It's clear has no clue what's really going on in this Province. I guess that what you get with bias paid propaganda media. unfollow “Trudeau has narrow lead ... Hillary Clinton has strong lead over Donald Trump in polls” 😆👍

HuffPost is now a part of OathLousy source, but most Canadians agree with his comment. To bad he can’t our country

Diane Francis: Trudeau’s reckless inexperience is hurting the Canadian economyThis is a classic tax-and-spend regime, run by a prime minister and cabinet without managerial or financial discipline or experience 81,000 new jobs in August. Get bent. Um Prince Jackwagon's Perpetual Blank Stare, Haida Tattoo, Rolled-Up Sleeves & 1/2 Page Resume, Beg to Differ Less Than 2 Months RCMP TeamJackwagon 🤡 BecauseIts a GongShow SNCNormanEthicsAtwalKhadrBoyleISIS TrudeauJr PeterPanPM UsefulIdiot2TheWorld MagicKingdom Lowest unemployment in years

Mets GM: No rift with Syndergaard, team over Ramos catching - Sportsnet.caMets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen has denied a rift exists between pitcher Noah Syndergaard and the team over Wilson Ramos catching his starts.