Wildlife research underway after COVID-19 detected for first time in Ontario deer | CBC News

2022-01-24 7:00:00 AM

Cases in wildlife have been detected in deer in Quebec and Saskatchewan, as well as northeastern U.S.

Cases in wildlife have been detected in deer in Quebec and Saskatchewan, as well as northeastern U.S.

A Guelph expert says crucial research is underway after five white-tailed deer in southwestern Ontario tested positive for COVID-19.

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Ya okay With a test that is totally inaccurate..I got Pepsi to test positive...so Pepsi catches Covid too? Wow. Who writes this crap? Who was brave enough to swab their nose? How many doses will wildlife need? Pfizer will like the news!!! We also need lockdowns immediately!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Next step People all joking & shit may not realize that deer is a food-source for large amounts of people. What we don't need or want is it to cause a variant that will replicate in people when consumed. Again.

That's bad , huh? Thanks so much for the excellent journalism. Can't wait to hear what you find on justintrudeau. I mean if you guys can follow up on covid tests in deer well, like wow. a deer with the flu ... you guys are pathetic Stop Dear Antivaxxers, Please stop hanging out with the wildlife. Go home.

Ticks are worse If I recall I think I heard that covid originally was a animal disease, don't worry if they're healthy like the average human they should get right through it! Yes that means that they really don't have to be vaccinated either! Close the trails ! And so how do we know? Are we testing Tell them to stay home for 2 weeks. It will flatten the curve.

Old News… For the first time SARS-CoV-2 was found in three white-tailed deer after samples were taken between Nov. 6 and Nov. 8 in the Eastern Townships region in Quebec, Dec 2, 2021 Guess its time to start lockingdown wildlife and mansating masks and vaccines for them plus an extra billion booster shots each.

⚠️The Timeline of COVID-19⚠️ MUST WATCH‼️ Does experimental vaccines work with Covid ?! Only truth can end the pandemic ! CCPLiedPeopleDied CCP≠CHINESE CCPVirus So start hunting all the deer to vax them? Why are we testing wildlife anyway?

They shall be free! Oh my god really people wake up all these lies That is bull. just another way for them to take our guns.Thinking we will give up our guns so we can't hunt deer.Saying they got covid . being doing this for 50 years. if i get covid from Deer meat I'll let them know🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌 Sheilaconboy5

Deer hunting was in November…any hunters get Covid after shooting and quartering one? Can you tell any more lies? Oh can’t wait until our taxes do not support you and you all lose your jobs, there will be dancing in the streets! Government and medias making fake stories to scary people Was in the States last year.

Experts say unvaccinated deer occupy about 50% of ICU beds. I wonder when/if they'll achieve herd immunity I'll volunteer to give them shots. Man made viruses designed to cross over species are doing what the lab designed them to do. cbcnews needs to go What is the issue here? Just deny entry to all unvaccinated deer or force them to quarantaine for 14 days Problem solved This, allegidly, worked to stop human to human transmission, right? cdnpoli

Those deer are racist, misogynistic, and intolerable. Let them eat their cake. Please say it isn’t so. “He said the bigger concern is that transmission could lead to high replication and mutation rates that could cause issues if they spread back into people.” Do they have a red runny nose? When will Trudeau mandate vaccines for the wildlife? He would vaccinate the dead if he could. onpoli cndpoli COVID VaccineMandates

This is very bad!!! ....so there was no wildlife in those provinces before covid. Interesting spin. Its a pity I cant wipe my butt with this article because I like my phone.