Mapleleafs, Sharks

Mapleleafs, Sharks

Why Patrick Marleau's legacy will always be remembered in Toronto -

Patrick Marleau may have gone back to the San Jose Sharks, but his impact over the last few years on a young Toronto Maple Leafs team won't soon be forgotten.

2019-10-09 9:57:00 PM

Patrick Marleau may have only played two seasons with the MapleLeafs, but his legacy on the team won't soon be forgotten now that he's re-signed with the Sharks . (reporterchris)

Patrick Marleau may have gone back to the San Jose Sharks , but his impact over the last few years on a young Toronto Maple Leafs team won't soon be forgotten.

“He means a lot to a lot of guys on this team and he’s a close friend of mine,” said Matthews. “Just the way he is as a player and as a person, I think it’s just something that we can all kind of take bits and pieces of and apply it to ourselves. Not just on the ice, but off the ice as well. Just how he treats people and just the way he is and just his presence.

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“It’s always felt, right?”For Mike Babcock, the arrival of Marleau on an $18.75-million, three-year contract helped kick off a culture shift in the dressing room.Not only did it give him someone that could be held up as a constant example of how to conduct your business, it also signalled to other players around the league that things were changing in Toronto.

Lo and behold, John Tavares signed with the Leafs as a free agent the following summer after picking Marleau’s brain about his experiences with the organization.“What we don’t know, and everyone can speculate on why guys come, but when you’ve got people that have come from other organizations like Patty did, that starts it,” said Babcock. “I thought he really helped out our young guys, he gave us a real good pro — an example of how to eat, how to work out, how to train, how to practice — so we could get on the process of changing the culture.”

Sign up for NHL newslettersGet the best of our NHL coverage and exclusives delivered directly to your inbox!NHL Newsletter*I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time.As a teammate, you can’t help but be impressed while working alongside a guy with a consecutive games played streak of 788 (and counting). Incredibly, that was built entirely in Marleau’s 30’s and will now stretch into a 40-year-old season when he suits up for the Sharks again this week.

“No one deserves it more than him and I know he’ll make the most of it,” said Tavares, now the Leafs captain. “I think it’s just amazing the level that he still plays at, his ability to skate as well as he does. Knowing that he’s going to be pretty close to three decades [in the NHL], right?

“Just amazing how someone like that continues to evolve his game and adapt over time.”Marleau is 110 games behind Gordie Howe for the all-time NHL record in games played and will have a chance to eclipse that mark if he plays into next season. Babcock believes he can do it.

The door is back open after a long summer for Marleau that saw his rights traded to Carolina on June 22 in order for him to be bought out. His top priority was charting a return to San Jose in free agency, but the Sharks were operating near the salary cap ceiling and initially passed on the chance to reunite.

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Fortunately, the veteran remained patient and saw a spot open up for him on a league-minimum $700,000 contract when the Sharks stumbled out of the gates to start the regular season.“That was what was best for his family,” said Babcock. “That’s what he wanted when the season ended and I’m glad it’s all worked out for him.”

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reporterchris Fake News!!! reporterchris Here it is folks...the daily Leaf ass kiss and scrotum lick article from Johnston. In his eyes the Leafs can do no wrong. Not exactly what a reporter should be writing about. reporterchris Omg shut the hell up already reporterchris Disappointing playoff loss.... ya ya ya let’s move on

reporterchris All these comments are exactly why guys don't want to come to Toronto. He was overpaid, Lou's fault, but he chose Toronto. Finally someone chose Toronto. Marleau is a good player but a better human. His legacy may have been short, but he was the 1st to choose Toronto. FAN590 reporterchris What legacy? We’re still chumps. NOT CHAMPS!

reporterchris Did marlo teach Taylour how to drop his pants ? LeafsForever reporterchris He should be remembered very fondly in Toronto for conspiring with them circumvent the salary cap. reporterchris All I remember is Blabcock running his old ass out there in game 7. Who cares? reporterchris What a legacy! 😂

reporterchris reporterchris Losers like always... that’s their legacy LeafsSuck 1967 reporterchris OH SHIT!!!! haven’t tweeted/talked/reported on the leafs in five minutes, better fix that!! reporterchris reporterchris reporterchris Never forget 🤣🤣🤣🤣 reporterchris Look now Patty Mar is great. Made the biggest impact as a walk on player in sooo long. I remember the Leafs back when signed players on the cusp of retiring thinking it'll be a great pick up only to be a dud. Marleau was an amazing role-model and leader.

reporterchris Is leadership really what we're hanging our Marleau hats on considering how the core has conducted themselves over the past season/offseason? Because it definitely can't be his on-ice play or team accomplishments. reporterchris Not surprised that the tiny leaf sycophant reporterchris wrote this fanboy piece. Like the leaf, Marleau has won nothing, absolutely nothing. Fucking leaf hype and nothing less.

reporterchris They grow them right in small town Saskatchewan. He was all class, humble, and always positive. reporterchris Legacy after 2 years? reporterchris When you haven’t won a cup in 50+ years, this is considered a legacy 🤨 reporterchris Legacy? Really? reporterchris His great continued legacy of doing everything for the money, and failing hard in the playoffs.

reporterchris What are people missing? Put contract aside, Marleau was exactly who the young guys needed at the time. He is professional, has great work ethic, and the type of player you want your young guys to look up to. When they talk about Patty, they won't mention 'mistake' once. reporterchris I will never forget Marleau in the 2018 playoffs.

reporterchris Really ‘ turn everting into a Leafs story jonassiegel reporterchris Refused to rest for the playoffs because he wanted to keep his Ironman streak alive that says all you need to know about his character. reporterchris samanthaegghead magnumslabber reporterchris this is a joke. reporterchris Shouldn’t journalists be objective? He’s a great guy, but he cost the Leafs a first rounder and they didn’t advance in the playoffs. I don’t see how it can be said that he was a good signing or that he leaves a legacy. If they won the cup or made the finals, then I concur.

reporterchris He deserves a statue on Legends Row obviously... reporterchris His legacy ? It costs us a first round pick to get rid of him. Last year he was for the boutso. reporterchris agreed Matthews and Marner will never forget how to change diapers and put on Paw Patrol on Netflix reporterchris Yeah. 2 years. 0 playoff rounds won. Great legacy.

FAN590 reporterchris he was a poor signing for the leafs. Over paid and under produced. During the cheapest years of the 3 stars his contract ate up cap space that could've been used to improve the team elsewhere.... and he cost a 1st rounder to go away... Yes he was a nice mentor, but cost 2 much reporterchris It is great to hear that Patrick Marleau returns to his original team, the San Jose Sharks.

Free agent Patrick Marleau returns to Sharks with one-year deal - Sportsnet.caThe San Jose Sharks are bringing back former captain Patrick Marleau. SanJoseSharks Congratulations Patrick !!! SanJoseSharks 😮😮😮😮 timandsid SanJoseSharks geez never saw that coming Sarcasm

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