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'When it comes to the bargaining table, I just don't see Mitch (Marner) having the same credentials to argue for that kind of money,' said @reporterchris. 📽⬇️

2019-09-10 7:30:00 PM

'When it comes to the bargaining table, I just don't see Mitch (Marner) having the same credentials to argue for that kind of money,' said reporterchris. 📽⬇️

NHL insider Chris Johnston discusses who holds the best leverage in the Maple Leafs vs. Mitch Marner contract negotiations, and why Marner doesn’t need to take a discount, but also can’t expect Auston Matthews money.

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reporterchris Hey Sportsnet why don’t you spend half as much time reporting on the players that are playing instead of a player who wants to sit. reporterchris Agreed reporterchris Agree whole heartily. reporterchris He would probably sign at 5x11m, so why don't they offer him that. reporterchris Lol... Marner is a franchise player... Come on... 🙄😂

reporterchris Neither does Matthews, but they gave it to him anyway reporterchris BS He Does! Best all around Leaf. Should be paid accordingly! reporterchris Of course. Marner's team and their cheerleaders need to abandon this point because it is nonsense. reporterchris Maybe Marner wants out of TOR & the Leafs. The pressures of the Canadian hockey market are not for all. The American market can afford him. They need a player like him. NHL hockey

reporterchris Finally some real tea reporterchris Not a Toronto fan but if the leafs dont sign mitch marner they r very stupid he would never leave the team in my opinion he is way better then Austin could ever b reporterchris The thing is, I don’t think Marner is asking for an outlandish number - he’s worth what he’s looking for as he’s carried the team and allowed them to have a winning record during Matthews’ few absences...However, given the circumstances, I don’t see how he expects Toronto...

reporterchris “OK then Kyle” reporterchris Remember that this kid wanted to be signed LAST. Now that he’s at the end and the money has been spent that’s HIS FAULT. No more left in the pot so take a seat. reporterchris Agreed. I would like to know where people come up with this $11M number? reporterchris Marner should get more money he’s better

reporterchris Marner is one heck of hockey 🏒 reporterchris Mitch shows up to play every game some games carrying the team on his back.unlike Matthewsbring them to their knees your worth every penny. reporterchris Got to agree with reporterchris on this 1. Wingers are less valuable, scoring is more valuable & to be able to do it at even 5v5 the way AM has since joining the league is difficult for any player. MM stats were helped by JT (& vice versa). The Captain should be paid the most ;p

reporterchris MM bettered AM in points, assists, primary assists, +/-, takeaways, PK time, TOI, games played, etc. MM had more goals, that's it. Statistically he was better than AM. He'll get near 10 mil x 3 yrs. reporterchris reporterchris 94 points is a really good start reporterchris Lmao the leafs sending out there Homer’s for damage control 😂🤣😂🤣

reporterchris One season doesn’t mean much. Yes, he’s worth a good amount of cash but comparing himself to Matthews just makes him look bad. reporterchris Marner statistically is better. Soooo... either Matthew's is overpaid or Marner will be underpaid. reporterchris Good to see at least one guy has an objective take on this gong show

reporterchris Crazy. He has more points than Matthew's and can carry a line. reporterchris He should have less money than Austin because he's a lw and Austin is center reporterchris Tired of all this B.S. Let’s just start the season and see how it goes. If it is going OK by Christmas keep playing with out signing him. Toronto will still get beat out by the Bruin’s in the first round,but perhaps they will win in 6 games which is far better on my nerves.

reporterchris The third line was over 14 million. Marner was what? 7th in scoring. A year ago OReiley 6.5 was steep.. Lol. Here's the deal Sportsnet. Mr. Thompson makes millions from shit like this and doesnt madate the worst media moguls in the world. Yeah he owns the Jets. NHL=Foolsgold reporterchris Let's simplify this. There's been talk that Mitch's camp wants 9.5 for 3 years. That's as low as I've heard. If that's the case he would have the highest paid bridge in history by quite a bit. Do you think he's the most valuable player in the NHL? He's top 30 but not t10.

reporterchris Leafs will wait for an offer sheet from another team or he can play over seas. Try get 11.6 after a year there. reporterchris Would like to see Bracco on the wing with JT for the time being reporterchris He doesn't but for some reason his dad does!!!! reporterchris Good to see that at least 1 reporter in this city has a brain and isnt on the marner payroll

reporterchris Seems like most of these reporters work for the Leafs. What are the credentials? Height? Shot? How about games played? How about driving the powerplay? The kid is not a Center granted but I would wager he is the best all rounder the Leafs have. Matthews is a ghost in the playoffs reporterchris Can always count on CJ to give the most realistic and fair take, he’s the best in the biz

reporterchris Leafsnet...All Leafs all the time..... regardless od whatever else is going on in the league. reporterchris You're damn right he doesn't have the credentials to argue for that type of money. He has the credentials to argue for MORE money! reporterchris This is why I am giving up watching most sports. It’s all about money . Hold out rinse and repeat .

reporterchris Truth is, I can’t believe a player when they say they want to win a cup and won’t take a little less to raise the chances of that. They want it all!! Now!!!!! reporterchris reporterchris This is why Chris is the best in the business. reporterchris Leafs spreading bullshit again to try to make Marner take a cut. What a joke

reporterchris reporterchris 6 x 9.5 reporterchris reporterchris is a huge breath of fresh air compared to the nonsense we get from Dreger (aka Paul) and most of the TSN crew reporterchris Thanks reporterchris - it’s refreshing to hear someone not suggest that the only solution to this impasse is for the Leafs to give more to appease Marner

reporterchris Marner was on the 3rd line for a while prior to JT arrival... please don’t tell me Marner did more for JT than JT for him! reporterchris 1 time 70 point guys are worth $11.6M? Okay... reporterchris Most replying to this won't even read the damn article...just because Marner had more points, doesn't mean he's worth more than our centers lol

reporterchris More games played, more points that Matthew's the last 2 seasons reporterchris Someone show this to tsn. Chris is a raising star because he doesn’t take sides and makes smart points. I’m ok Marner resenting the winger rfa market but he’s not and should not be paid like a goal scoring C

reporterchris Anyone in this thread that replies Marner is worth more is either a Leafs hater or has no idea what players values are or what drives the team... reporterchris So Matthews is worth the money and Marner isn't? We can agree to disagree on that one. reporterchris reporterchris is like 1 of 3 in this whole citys media landscape that has a clue.....

reporterchris What an absolutely terrible headline LOL reporterchris Marner isn't the best player on the leafs and the only people that believe that are avid TSN_Sports listeners that get it shoved down their throats. He's simply not worth 11+ and definitely not worth more than 91Tavares or AM34 and it's not that close.

reporterchris I totally disagree.. Mitch Marner deserves to get paid.. he carries the team and he carries the crowd come on think about it.. reporterchris He deserves to be the highest paid on the Leafs...its not his fault they gave Tavares 11 and Matthews 11.6...pay him or trade him reporterchris Love the full court press by the Toronto sports 'media' to pressure Marner to sign for less than he's worth once they depleted the vaults for Tavares and Matthews. Laughable cred.

reporterchris Lol reporterchris Nice to see Sportsnet is not working on behalf of Marner like TSN is. Marner is a winger with a career high of 26 goals. He doesn't deserve 11.6. Rantanen with better numbers will not get close to that. reporterchris Lol I’ll will take Marner over Matthews 100 times out of 100. Matthews is injury prone and I bet he won’t even play a full season.

reporterchris When common sense prevails.....

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