WHO keen to review Russian vaccine trials

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The World Health Organization said on Wednesday it was looking forward to reviewing clinical trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine developed in Russia.

President Vladimir Putin declared Russia the first country to approve a vaccine on Tuesday even though final stage testing involving more than 2,000 people was only due to start on Wednesday.The WHO says 28 of more than 150 potential vaccines are currently being actively tested on humans, among which six have reached Phase 3, the final stage when candidate drugs are tested on large groups of people.

Russia's vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya research institute and the defence ministry, is among the 28 in clinical evaluation but is listed by the WHO as only being in Phase 1. "WHO is in touch with Russian scientists and authorities, and looks forward to reviewing details of the trials," the United Nations health agency said in a statement.The WHO added that the organization had been involved in guiding and accelerating research and development efforts since January.

"Accelerating vaccine research should be done following established processes through every step of development, to ensure that any vaccines that eventually go into production are both safe and effective," it said. "Any safe and effective pandemic vaccine will be a global public good, and WHO urges rapid, fair and equitable access to any such vaccines worldwide."


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Few deaths, lower exposure rate than many countries, right next door to China, few high officials infected and the first vaccine from a corrupt system. Sort of like it was planned

It’s all CCP’s tricks; CCP must be sanctioned, otherwise the world is a terrorist attack!!!ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!!!SOS🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠

“President Vladimir Putin declared Russia the first country to approve a vaccine on Tuesday even though final stage testing involving more than 2,000 people was only due to start on Wednesday.” Yikes, no. Stage 3 trials should be tried on tens of thousands of people.

It make you strong on bear.

I will wait...is not on sale :)) so why rush

Many people died from a pandemic which the WHO should have seen coming and should have been prepared for. They failed the entire world population. The only thing I agree with Trump on when he halted thier funding.

нет, спасибо господин Путин

Looks like another 'doping scandal' from Russia!

Brazil, Venezuela and more than 20 other countries are ready to use this vaccine.

Not a chance. After one year I want to see how many still aren't blind or something.


WHO should mind their own business

4UWell Umm, I’ll wait til the US or one of western Europe’s countries gets it done.

Why not. American politicians more worried about elections only. Pharma companies doing nothing.

USA's insane Democrats will do everything in their power to keep Covid-19 political and downplay Russia's progress. They'll probably blame Trump too like the maniacs they are.

Yep but nope!

I trust India’s vaccine more than Russia. If India has a vaccine

Injecting vodka won’t cure the virus.

No thank you

How much will Putin pay NotAMedicalDoctorTedros at the WHO to give it a good review ?

Dr Fauci was the 1st CEO of Moderna, a company created by George Soros. The US vaccine, the Chinese vaccine, the Russian vaccine... You can keep it. I don't need it to live.

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