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The Ramble, Central Park

White woman sorry after calling cops when black birder asked her to leash dog

White woman sorry after calling cops when black birder asked her to leash dog

2020-05-26 3:47:00 PM

White woman sorry after calling cops when black birder asked her to leash dog

A white woman has apologized for calling police on a black man in Central Park on Monday, after the two argued about her unleashed dog.

"I'm not a racist. I did not mean to harm that man in any way," she said, adding that she also didn't mean any harm to the African American community.She was walking her dog Monday while Christian Cooper was bird watching.Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper are not related.

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They both told CNN the dispute began because Amy Cooper's dog was not on a leash. Dogs are supposed to be leashed at all times in the Ramble, according tothe park's website.The dog has been surrendered to the shelter he was adopted from days earlier while the dispute is addressed, according to a Facebook post from

"The dog is now in our rescue's care and he is safe and in good health," the post said.Christian Cooper recorded video of part of their encounter andposted it on Facebook, where it has since been shared more than 2,000 times."I'm taking a picture and calling the cops," Amy Cooper is heard saying in the video. "I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life."

The New York Police Department told CNN when officers responded, neither Christian Cooper nor Amy Cooper were present. No arrests or summonses were made, according to NYPD."I think I was just scared," Amy Cooper said. "When you're alone in the Ramble, you don't know what's happening. It's not excusable, it's not defensible."

She told CNN that since the video was posted, her "entire life is being destroyed right now."She has been placed on administrative leave by her employer, investment company Franklin Templeton."We take these matters very seriously, and we do not condone racism of any kind. While we are in the process of investigating the situation, the employee involved has been put on administrative leave," the company's statement read.

The incident is being pointed to as another example of white people calling the police on African Americans for mundane things."I videotaped it because I thought it was important to document things," Christian Cooper said. "Unfortunately we live in an era with things like Ahmaud Arbery, where black men are seen as targets. This woman thought she could exploit that to her advantage, and I wasn't having it."

Asked if he'd accept her apology, Christian Cooper told CNN he would "if it's genuine and if she plans on keeping her dog on a leash in the Ramble going forward, then we have no issues with each other."WHAT LED UP TO THE VIDEO?The incident began between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday morning, both parties told CNN Monday.

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Christian Cooper, who described himself as an avid bird watcher, was out birding in the Ramble. The area is a "a major birding hotspot. It's on the Atlantic flyway," he said.That's when he says he saw a dog off its leash."That's important to us birders because we know that dogs won't be off leash at all and we can go there to see the ground-dwelling birds," Christian Cooper said. "People spend a lot of money and time planting in those areas as well. Nothing grows in a dog run for a reason."

AMY COOPER TELLS CNN SHE WAS WALKING HER UNLEASHED DOG, KNOWING THAT IT WAS  AGAINST THE RULES"He was running in an open field. This man, he was bird watching. He came out of the bush," she said, adding that Christian Cooper was screaming at her.

Christian Cooper says the dog was "tearing through the plantings," and he told Amy Cooper the dog needed to be on a leash. He says he was not screaming at Amy Cooper, and "was actually pretty calm."The two went back-and-forth about the dog leash. Christian Cooper, according to his Facebook post, then told the Amy Cooper: "Look, if you're going to do what you want, I'm going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it."

"I didn't know what that meant. When you're alone in a wooded area, that's absolutely terrifying right?" Amy Cooper said.That's when Christian Cooper says he pulled out dog treats. He told CNN he keeps dog treats with him to get dog owners to put their dogs on leashes. Christian Cooper said dog owners, in his experience, hate it when a stranger feeds their dog treats and immediately restrain their dogs afterwards.

Amy Cooper says he was throwing them at her dog, Christian Cooper says he never threw any treats.And that's when he started recording the incident, Christian Cooper said on Facebook.WHATE HAPPENED IN THE VIDEO?The video begins with Amy Cooper pulling her dog by the collar and telling Christian Cooper to stop recording.

"Please don't come close to me," Christian Cooper says, as she approaches."Sir, I'm asking you to stop recording me," Amy Cooper says.He asks her again not to come close.That's when Amy Cooper says she's going to call the police.

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"I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life," she says."Please tell them whatever you like," Christian Cooper says.The video shows Amy Cooper on her phone."There's a man, African American, he has a bicycle helmet," she says. "He is recording me and threatening me and my dog."

While she's on the phone, her dog appears to be straining and trying to get free while she tries to restrain it."I'm being threatened by a man in the Ramble," she continues in an audibly distraught voice. "Please send the cops immediately!"

The video ends with Christian Cooper saying "Thank You." Read more: CTV News »

Shame on you girl. Well I'm glad to see at least CTV News is not referring to this woman as a 'Karen' as some media is. I for one am not a racist and applaud the fallout she is going through. Thanks Sorry is not enough!!! The damage has already been done! Very disturbing.... Her being white is 100% irrelevant. Except when it’s click bait. Pathetic

She should be charged with fraud or whatever and tried in a court of law. deknatel seen it yesterday..... really unbelievable..sick! I might have missed something (we all did, as the video starts well into whatever is going on here),but she mentioned his race & clothing as a descriptor (appearance) in her call to police. I think the only thing that can be judged from this snippet is her mistreating a pup.

deknatel Only reason she’s apologizing is because she’s all over social media! She’s an a$$ ....just wrong... so wrong Why say white woman? I thought we stopped using the colour if ones skin when reporting misdeeds. You are a news source promoting hate. Read below. Sorry for what ? Lying to authorities, lying about a man threatening you, or practically killing your dog ?

This fiasco was created by the Queen of Bloopers! Racially motivated and it backfired which got her suspended at work! Maybe next time she will think twice before having her melt down over nothing? Forget that, she is choking her dog! Lol not much news these days? Lazy journalism How about racist Canadian woman living and working in New York sorry after calling cops when black birder asked her to leash dog.

This is a form of Senseless Racism, just because of her white privilege. Of course she’s “sorry”. She’s unstable. Hey CNY_SPCA how you like that poor dog being treated. Why is everybody forgetting how she is treating (hanging) this dog? They’re saying she’s Canadian? Instead of writing white woman sorry It should be: Sorry white woman.

Poor dog Don’t make Karen racist 100% she’s like this with everyone Having your dog unleashed in a public place? I'd do the same the man did. There are some animal phobic people out there, pet owners need to respect other people's rights Only sorry because she was recorded and got caught being a racist awful person.

Fake news Sorry isn’t good enough, unfortunately that call quite possibly could have ended his life. “I’m not a racist.” “There’s an African American man threatening my life.” Crocodile tears from a crackpot! She could have both the guy and the dog killed who's the threat here? She apologize now cuz her job is at risk. Her employer put her on admin leave.

No people realize what it means that white young woman calling cops on black young male in a park? It means the black male has a chance to get shot! And still some people defending the woman? She wad basically saying you know what i am gonna use the cops to f$k you up. Can someone explain the Karen thing?

Karen threatens woman’s dog for being off leash, then, because Karens lack self awareness, calls HER Karen for reacting to threat. Now report on the black guy beating up white elderly people in care homes. CTV CANADA'S BIGGEST RACIST NEWS NETWORK.. I heard she's Canadian Typical Karen.. The black guy was a provocative ass

Now fine her for the way she treats her dog. why the fuck her skin colour matter? Hah !! White women, African American ? what you call that ? The video of this woman trying to exert her privilege on this man says it all. I’m glad he took the video, I’m glad she apologized. Rules are for everyone, being white doesn’t give you a pass.

I'm white and she's a racist pig If you have to explain that you’re not a racist, you’re a racist. Call it White privilege, call it systemic/institutional’s all just plain racism. Excitable lady, the guy should not have made a video of her that can really tick people off. But the lady did apologize and it sounded sincere. Maybe the man can give her a few lessons in birding.

She's only sorry because she was identified and may lose her job. There's nothing genuine about her 'apology'. She's a racist and is paying the price Ok it is racist bc they had an argument about her dog and she refered to his race and that's why she called police and emphasized an African American man was threatening her life. It is racist because his race had nothing to do with the issue and her dog being unleashed or birds.

This is a female problem much more than a racial problem. She would have done the same thing to any man. A culture of self importance, entitlement and perceived victimhood has created an infestation of “Karen’s”. Can't expect anything else from a Liberal woke idiot, can we! As she should be. Her reaction was totally OTT, and her poor dog was paying the price.

The dog is to blame for all of this .. she cannot control it needs to get a Pomeranian instead ! Next the man was egging her to call the cops while recoding the video trapping her while she controlling the dog ! Third she watches a lot of Bollywood movies where police hate black White privileged You dont need to apologize for being white ...

CTV CANADA'S BIGGEST EMBARRASSMENT, CANT REPORT REAL NEWS JUST CNN RACIST TRASH NEWS ... Found this on another thread that she had certified as the backstory of from her brother's facebook. Provides some context as to why she felt threatened by him, but her racism thereafter is disgusting and inexcusable

The Zionists or joo news has taken over CTV. More ctv race baiting . This is called sub journalism Her entire life is now being impacted by the video. It must be quite inconvenient for her. It might help to remember that the lives of many racialized people have been impacted for centuries. Typical when a person is embarrassed when caught breaking some social, civil or criminal law, it's to strike out at the person who has caught you & see them as a threat! This threat triggers a frightened psyche to lash out verbally with intolerance, hatred and racism.

She was DESTROYED on social media! Her poor dog being hauled around like that was awful. She shouldn't be a pet owner. I felt so bad for the poor dog. Selfish woman. Saying sorry doesn’t cut it in my book. She should be charged for making a false claim to the police🤬 What’s a black birder? Divisive politics in everything. Divisive politics is why are seniors are prisoners and violent offenders free.

These stories are non representative, stupid, and sensationalist? Not news? Sounds like she's racially profiling and a racist . I think she should be charged with a hate crime. Ya scary think about it how long would it take before msm would notify us if a middle eastern man was walking down young street with a AK 47 shooting white ppl

In Central Park NY. She needs to be charged and her dog taken away. White people should handle things like black folks and just start shooting. If he didn’t video tape her. She can destroy him. Good thing it was caught on camera. She deserved what she got. White women have it so good in the west and they are the loudest and first to complain

How is the colour of the women's skin relevant to this issue? So is this the new standard now? Every story is going to start with the race of the people involved? She's a wacko. Can we call this progress?.... Sincerley, a White Woman who wholeheartedly believes BlackLivesMatter JoyAnnReid Sorry she had consequences, not sorry she did it.

Eeeekk! a WHITE woman!?! Thank you for clarifying. I take back all the things I've said about your shoddy journalism and sensationalist progressive news organization. I'll rewrite an accurate headline for this: Racist NYC woman loses her job and dog after being caught calling in a false police report against a birder, all while abusing her dog in park. (ie she is NOT sorry. She was caught). You're welcome.

Just relax CTV News you screwed up again. The new term for woman like this is, 'Karen'! They scream and shout for no reason but for their absurd left-wing think. Yes lefties get over it, people are starting to realize who the racists members of society are! when a POC of colour commits a crime they don’t me mention race . The media is the enemy of the white people . It’s full of anti whites and cultural marxists

WHY IS THEIR RACE RELEVANT WHAT THE FUCK? I just bet she is! She doesn’t leash her dog, so I default dislike her. Now she is sorry.... Stupid Are we supposed to be sympathetic for her? She should have lost the whole ass job 🤪 What an idiot to think she wouldn’t be exposed for being detestable. But also, work on this headline, all races can agree about how awful Karens are, we don’t need divisive nonesense when there’s an enemy we can all enjoy hating.

Liberal women are often trying. “Black birder” 👎 Karen is soooo full of shit lol lol. That video speaks for itself Karen lol. Busted!!! Polarizing click bait. We will never unify as people when msm keeps polarizing us. United we stand divided we fall. Interesting how CTV chooses its stories. In the past week several stories were run on legitimate networks showing black senior home employees beating on elderly white residents. They were caught by hidden cameras. Criminal charges resulted. CTV didn’t cover any of these stories

You seemed to have missed this story...hmm, I wonder why? Black man beats old white man at Michigan seniors home. Yes I bet she is sorry now that it blow up on her. Unfortunately bigotry, and stupidity! Comes in all shapes sizes and colour! Oh yes and religious factions. Oh ok! We're good now! Karen: I’m calling the cops cause you ain’t black!

she's right, you never know who you're dealing with, a lonely white woman being cornered by a black man, I understand her reaction. Awww poor racist Karen. Beeyotch. Not to mention her treatment of said dog! This sounds like a TheBeaverton headline... Sure. Now she's sorry; but only after being publicly shamed for being a racist ass. 🙄

Would have been better if you left race out of this and just said Karen Nothing like the race-baiting media Pigs at corrupt CTVCCP. Scum Media is an Enemy. In 2020 she is referred to as 'Karen'. Fuck that C word Bet I any money she voted for Clinton and she will vote for Biden this time around. So painfully unaware of their racist tendencies yet first one to call someone a nazi is my guess.

YourMorning This woman should be charged with animal cruelty Chinese baby thinks story is funny She’s only sorry her despicable actions were caught on tape and she was identified. She still justifies her racism. She still abused her dog. Rotten. A lot of people are walking around with mental health issues. This lady needs some kind of medication/therapy

This incident wasn't a race issue. This was about a man daring to tell a woman what to do in public which caused her to be triggered. Indications are that they were both jerks about the whole thing. She should be arrested. She was caught on video declaring that she was calling the cops with false information. She called 911 and lied about the emergency. Waste of resources and potentially calling the cops away from an actual need. Garbage.

She needs serious therapy for sure. shes a ditch pig Not White woman.... racist, abusive person... there saved all other white women from being lumped in with that waste of space White women is ‘Sorry, not sorry!” End of story. She represented the worst form of humanity - trying to invoke her privilege at the detriment of an innocent black man...a human being who deserved better. Let’s hope they throw everything at her, and then some! WeAreOne

Probably not the best time to claim “I’m not racist.” Now sorry when her means of livelihood is at stake but didn’t think of what the other person could have lost from her actions. I see the definition of 'black birder' has changed... White privilege... THIS... is how you framed this story!?! Wow... what a craptastic take on this. Gloss over the racism, the animal cruelty & self entitlement why don’t you... cdnmedia AmyCooper AmyCooperIsARacist uspoli

Oh, I’m sure she is. What amazes me is that a story about a white woman calling the cops gets more (and more race laden) coverage than the young black man beating on white seniors because they were white. Would this get coverage if it were a black woman and a white man? Of course not. She lost her job or rather is on 'administrative leave'. That poor dog should also be on 'administrative leave' from her.

Canadian Karen who drinks cheap box wine but lives in NY instead of Oklahoma Yeah, fuck her. Bullshit. Could you imagine if CTV specified people's races in the headlines every time they reported on a shooting in Toronto? CTV feels the need to specify race in the headline, but only because it's a white woman who was in the wrong. Remember that time CTV ran the headline 'Black man assaults elderly white man in nursing home'? Nah neither do I.

YourMorning I am disappointed in this headline. The news is how she behaved, not that she’s sorry. “White woman” and “black birder”? Come on be better!!! You’re supposed to be a trusted news source in this country. Stop with the sensationalized headlines!!! The battle of the ‘Karen’s’,I love it when you dipshits eat each other. The only victim here is the dog!

To late she all ready showed her true ignorant s Calling the police like they're her own personal hit squad, that woman should be facing a whole bunch of charges. This story is getting more airtime than the guy who beat the man in the retirement home. CTV has basically zero credibility CTV, WTF is a black birder exactly

This wretched harridan was mobilizing a weaponized police force knowing that by identifying her alledged perpetrator as African American she would escalate the stakes. She is nothing less than a villain. I bet she’s sorry. Anyone else think we’re going the wrong way with regards to race and racism ? This headline tells it all, pretty gross. (Disclaimer, the girl was a complete asshat and she deserves what’s coming to her)

Too little too late FTI_US She he just trying to save her ass She's sorry that the World Knows she's Racist & Chocked her Dog Henry while on video AmyCooperIsARacist AmyCooperDogAbuser That poor dog.... I hope she was charged for dog not on leash, false police report, for starters. All I can say is, poor dog.

She's sorry she got caught. How would this have ended if the guy wasn't recording? 'white woman sorry' - the title is actually hysterical shes only sorry she got caught and lost her job.... Fuck her. She knew what she was doing Covid is bringing out the worst and best of us. Covid_19 CentralParkKaren

White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Over Dog Leash Dispute In Viral FootageThe man said he'd asked her to leash her dog. The woman is heard saying she would tell police 'there’s an African American man threatening my life.' She deserves jail time, 20 to 1 she's a trumptard. She should also be charged with animal abuse the way she was choking the dog while dragging it around.

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White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Over Dog Leash Dispute In Viral FootageThe man said he'd asked her to leash her dog. The woman is heard saying she would tell police 'there’s an African American man threatening my life.' She deserves jail time, 20 to 1 she's a trumptard. She should also be charged with animal abuse the way she was choking the dog while dragging it around.

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