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Whistleblower, Long-Term Care Homes

Whistleblower says workers at nursing homes aren't being given protective gear

2020-04-01 5:24:00 AM

Whistleblower says workers at nursing homes aren't being given protective gear

Last Updated Tuesday, March 31, 2020 10:06PM EDTSHARETORONTO -- A personal support worker caring for those most at risk of dying of COVID-19 says she and her colleagues aren’t being given the proper protective equipment to prevent an outbreak.The whistleblower, who CTV News is calling Julie, said the problem isn’t a lack of protective gear, such as face masks, but a growing concern among management that such equipment must be stockpiled in the event of a shortage.

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“It’s there. They lock it up in the basement. They’re saying that they’re saving it,” Julie said. “I’m not allowed to put on a mask to help someone who has a cough.”Outbreaks in long-term care facilities across the country have proven deadly. Canada’s first death from COVID-19 took place at a long-term care facility in B.C. In Bobcaygeon, Ont., 13 residents have died and more than half of the staff now have symptoms.

Julie fears that, without a face mask, she could be unknowingly spreading the virus from one resident to the next.A closed Facebook page for personal support workers reinforces her concerns. Workers have described in a series of posts not having enough equipment to keep residents and themselves safe.

With outbreaks reported at long-term care homes across the country, Julie worries that the national crisis will only worsen.“Canada is going to be the next Bobcaygeon. It’s only a matter of time,” Julie said.“Look what happened in Spain. Elderly people found abandoned and dead. That’s what’s going to happen here because, one, people will be too afraid to go to work. Or two, people will be too sick to go to work and there will be no one left.”

Sharleen Stewart, president SEIU Healthcare, a union representing more than 60,000 healthcare workers, expressed concerns for those working in long-term care homes.“They’re like firemen going into a fire without the equipment. They’re terrified,” Stewart said.

In Ontario, the directive has been to only provide personal protective equipment, or PPE, when a case has been confirmed.“We do have to make sure we have an ongoing supply. When there is a sense of apprehension in that, we understand, but we have to be judicious in our use of it,” said Ontario chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams.

Julie said that, by speaking up, she hopes to raise awareness about what she says is happening on the frontlines of the crisis.“Getting your grandparents ready for the day, bathing them, feeding them, they’re scared right now. That’s us that’s helping them, but no one listens to us. Nobody cares.”

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As of Tuesday, 8,591 people have tested positive for the virus in Canada and 101 patients have died.RELATED IMAGESview larger image

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The personal healthcare worker should be paid a decent wage so they don't need a second job. Then they should stop working and risking their lives. The greed of these care homes is disgusting. Cheap wages, shit hours, wake up people. Say no to these tyrants. This is not a shocker. Nursing homes always had to beg for any supplies they needed. There has always been funding shortages and things like that. This is the sad part.

they dont have it ontarionurses announced today they will run out of n95 masks in 4 days and need 9 mill per week on CP24 11 nurses LHSCCanada refused work no ppe report CTVLondon 91 HCW infected already. Some front line HCW working without ppe. Follow dockaurG and report truth to Ontarians Same with the group homes in Saskatchewan, not able to get masks or sanitizer from the health region or anywhere else, everything has been hoarded and now people are at risk!

So if we have personal support workers moving from one retirement home to another,isn't that a problem? In times like these shouldn't they be regulated? I know in our region they work at more than one retirement home possibly on the same day. That cannot happen. I guess after this is over the powers that be will have to answer for the lack our preparation

Not really a whistleblower, Dr. David Williams acknowledged this practice. He wants homes to have supplies for when they're needed (ie: when an outbreak starts). BUT BUT CHINA, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE As well as some Mental Health Associations workers Whistleblower? For weeks various nurses have been threatened with disciplinary action if they use PPE due to shortage. It’s common knowledge that has been ignored by CTV

To protect them from patients or patients from them? They aren't. My friend had to make her own masks, they don't have any We used to call them squealers or rats... Retweet this all day long.

Billionaire’s Instagram-perfect isolation on a luxury superyacht draws public outrageAs the world’s wealthy stay in vacation homes, custom bunkers or floating palaces, workers from nurses to supermarket cashiers juggle childcare and risk infection working essential jobs I've got way more to think about in my life than the comings and goings of billionaires. perhaps he is moses? When their supplies run out they will have to come up for more.... so no it's not a perfect isolation. Don't forget boats can sink and bunkers can burn....🚣‍♂️🔥😷

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