What is systemic racism? There is broad national confusion about the concept

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The idea of systemic racism is not about individual attitudes. It is about how society works. Good people can participate in systemic racism

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A still image from a video taken by a bystander on May 25, 2020, shows Minneapolis police arresting George Floyd.

It also blinded police to their own role in reproducing stereotypes about young Black men through public messaging with an emphasis on “street gangs,” which grabbed more attention as a racial explanation for social problems, far more than other factors like poverty, over which police have little control.Article content continuedtap here to see other videos from our teamLivingstone identifies as Black and has grandparents from Jamaica, Guyana, Quebec, and the Netherlands.

The pandemic has offered an especially revealing glimpse of how Black Canadians have been disproportionately affected by the virus, not only because of higher rates of economic vulnerability and closer living conditions in the tower blocks that made up many of Toronto’s inner suburban community outbreaks, but also because of over-representation as frontline health-care workers.

Race is complex, she said, and cited her own research, and the discovery that in one cohort of high school students, Canada-born Black students had higher graduation rates than Canada-born white students, but the overall “Black” category was skewed down by lower achievement among recently arrived Black students. The whole thing promoted a false stereotype of race-based underachievement.

The first and fundamental critique of multiculturalism, she said, which is often obscured when Canadians praise themselves for being so welcoming of people from distant lands, is about the place of Indigenous people, and how to square that with the nation’s professed values.Article content continuedCanadians have a tendency to think the social changes of the latter 20th century settled the problems of systemic injustice once and for all, with legislated equality.


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GeoffZochodne racism word invented in 1920’s Soviet Union created by a communist high ups the power of these words is the communist mass murder 66 million is cover for west European invasion Nazi elected out of fear murders feed devils angel human or animals hybrids, make world evil

Only if you just speak to white people.

It's a racism so subtle and nuanced that it may not even be there at all

Broad national confusion = right wing news source is trying to discredit a legitimate problem impacting racialized communities

Ask Rex Murphy or Conrad Black or Jason Kenney - whatever they say is immaterial, but if you actually listen to their voices, you’ll hear it: pure, unadulterated SystemicRacism - it’s in your rag, too; turn the pages, it’s on each & every page. Know why you don’t see it?

According to the Commish, it might be the genetically determined length of your inseam.

People who experience it, and those who understand what they're talking about when they explain it, understand. As a newspaper it behoves you to get clear on this. Because lots of regular people have managed without teams of journalists.

Gnosens Let’s have a clear and undisputed definition before we go further

It is an invisible thing that the political left consistently tells white people they are all guilty of, and that no other race is capable of it.

Govt, MSmedia and gramma and grampa lie ...the control of the narrative with whitewashed lies created this confusion. If you knew your legacy is one of hateful assholes would we be in this situation now.

Sadly this article didn’t add anything just more confusion. u need to break it down like any type of discrim or labels markers weaknesses whether it’s gender or disability. there’s a lot of diff types of discrim & reasons. so u need to start there & consult w better experts

Some racism in Canada & U.S. but not systemic.

If only someone knew and had said something on the subject before now.

LIBERALS! Creating 100% more of it since 2015!

It is interesting to see white people react to SJW demanding and protesting. Canada has made positive progress with race and gender. There is always more to do.But our P.M. cries we are racist and genocidal. It’s about looking good and getting votes. It’s about faux white guilt.

It is anything the liberals define it as. If you disagree you are racist.

Deliberately obtuse is an interesting look for a national newspaper.

no there isnt lol

The racism lie 'provided justification for the next chapter of the coordinated insurgency.' 'The goal is to inflame civil unrest along racial lines on an emotional platform of social justice. A divided house cannot stand & the enemy know this too well'

There is no confusion--Canada is not a racist country, and Canadians are not racists. Stop lying. We have one of the best countries in the world, and we will fight you liars to the death to keep it that way.

Lots accuse others for being ignorant / playing dumb / simply racists for “denying” this “serious” problem, but no one has given a clear answer what it is / where it is.

There is no “broad national confusion”. Canada is NOT a racist country. This fabricated “crisis” was created by politicians to promote their disgusting Politics of Division. Well done Liberals. Keep promoting victimhood.

To the RCMP commissioner: Institutional racism (also known as systemic racism) is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organisation....Madame commissioner if you cannot define systemic racism, start by googling the words & work from there!

Have the protesters define it for us

Still not a Thing.

'Systemic racism' means whatever who utters the term wants it wants it to mean. Like 'Social Justice' and 'Social Licence'.

Do you think if you moved to China or Iran that there wouldn't be racism? Canada is one of the least racist countries but Turdeau and the media like stirring the pot...it keeps the heat off of Turdeau's many shortcomings...including his Butt buddy.

It's a conspiracy theorist wet dream believing that Canada has 'systemic racism' is negating the plethora or races and cultures that currently work in the system, last I checked there's more and more racialized people in all the facettes of government.RealityCheck


Its Monday. Please move on to the media's next scheduled catastrophe. Anticipation......

In add to pushg the false narrative of syst racism, the art promulgates incidiary comments abt Qc being an exclusionary society in which if you aren't white you're not a Quebecer. No stats & studies to prove syst racism just anecdotes & unmeaningful data. Gutter journalism.

Liberal BS

No more excuses.Govts are charged with effectively addressing all kinds of complex public policy issues; & are required by constitutional & Intl law to get this one right; relying on the legal resources they have & guidance from human rights commissions & UN human rights bodies.

Systemic racism is a political idea that democrats and liberals dreamt up to win black votes. Systemic racism is now the subject of guerilla protests by left wing radicals demanding that white people give up their privileged lives so that blacks have more money and power. BLM

You mean this?

You would think someone would just read the definition. Try Webster. “d : fundamental to a predominant social, economic, or political practice” Not that it exists, it is “Fundamental” - the operative word

Pourquoi vous mettez en avant plan Anne-Marie Livingstone qui dit que le Québec est une société d'exclusion qui croit que «vous êtes blanc ou vous n'êtes pas le Québec»? Ce sont des propos incendiaires qui ne font que provoquer la discorde sociale.

The only confusion is among people who don't want to change their racist ways. For victims of racism and anybody else with any sense of right and wrong it is pretty un-confusing.

Sounds like we all need to read this informative book written by a white person to help us understand how subtle and hard to perceive systemic racism often is. Our denial is a sure sign we are oblivious

Here's an idea to help with the confusion. Shut up and listen instead of yapping off all the time.

It's a nebulous concept that leftist love to propagate so you can never declare success and continue to increase government control and reduce individual rights while accomplishing nothing else.

There’s broad national confusion among the practitioners of systemic racism. There’s NO confusion among the victims of systemic racism. The perpetrators are attempting to muddle the issue. This time it won’t work. Let’s unite and eliminate systemic racism. Thank you 🙏.

you can't handle the truth rasism ragism done backroom dealing social networks . S-lave trade trade winds watt ever free radical homeland t-errorist rasa dunce joint Kim philby hanuman flying burning monkey tail trouble with pan puer. Black history Africa Sri Lanka India china

It’s leftist bs.

No Confusion 'Systemic Racism' is a Made Up Term, Similar to 'Islamophobia', Used by the Left to Divide People, and Punish WrongThink TheMoreYouKnow✔️ MSMDefcon101 🤡❄️🎈🔥 It's All Racism! All The Time!

Turvy-Topsy it.

Beneficiaries of racist systems always play dumb, blame the victim or claim it was done to benefit the victim. i.e. 'civilizing the savage'. Read history of slavery, segregation, residential schools etc. 'All lives matter' and 'confusion' on systemic racism is in that tradition

There is no definition

Good Question. Lucki the Lame Ducki certainly is confused! The bigger question is .. How and why have we as Canadians willingly embraced -Systematic Stupidity?

There is NOT. The liberals and the leftist media have created this along with the anarchists.

Not confusion, wilful blindness, blessed ignorance, by the same people who would call police to throw you to the ground if you bbq , sleep, swim, read, dance, shop while black.

It is a lie

Ya among powerful white people running organizations.

Systemic discrimination on the basis of race is systemic racism.

Stumbling over the term is one form of systematic racism, bc you’d rather play dumb. Let me add this to the pile of Tory BS, residential schools, carding are two forms of systematic racism!

If you don't even know what it is, how can you say you have it?

Systemic racism is a myth. Systemic Marxism is the real problem within our institutions and it's glaringly obvious particularly in the education system and teacher's unions.

They are spending so much time arguing about the definition. These aren't stupid people. It a useful distraction from committing to actual action. BS.

The politicization of a serious social issue so that politicians and special interest groups can retain their power bases and the funding that come with them

It’s a complete hoax intended for woke progressives to continue voting for lefties

You are a disgrace. Why aren’t you sound the alarm about Trudeau?

Because it's a fallacy

There’s no confusion. It’s an attempt to gain political power by some people who have no credibility or intestinal fortitude, some who have used hyperbole and sadly violence to achieve their objectives while hypocritical leaders dither.

It's when you hire someone because of the colour of their skin, not their merits right?

It's a lie

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