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What is coronavirus contact tracing and how important is it as Canada reopens?

“That’s how you shut down an epidemic, you shut down transmission from one person to the next.”

2020-05-23 5:04:00 AM

“That’s how you shut down an epidemic, you shut down transmission from one person to the next,' one expert says.

“That’s how you shut down an epidemic, you shut down transmission from one person to the next.”

. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said he supports a national, co-ordinated approach.Federal contact tracers are already helping public health authorities in Ontario — more than 200 of them are helping trace contacts of positive cases.2:26Doug Ford encourages anyone who needs coronavirus test to get tested

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Doug Ford encourages anyone who needs coronavirus test to get testedPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has said they’re ready to make thousands more calls a day when any province asks. Statistics Canada has also provided 1,700 interviewers who can make 20,000 calls per day to help with contact tracing efforts, he added.

Story continues below advertisement“We need to get in touch with everyone who may have been exposed to the virus to make sure they quarantine and monitor themselves for symptoms or get tested,” Trudeau said on Friday.For Bogoch, it’s a little difficult to assess how Canada is doing so far in terms of contact tracing. Public health regions are “performing differently,” he said.

READ MORE:Strictly anecdotally, Bogoch said he has, in general, heard of contact tracing done “efficiently” in some settings and “very slowly” in others.“And a lot of it comes down to resources,” he said.If enough people buy in to the idea of an app, then it can help complement existing contact tracing efforts. But an app is not a blanket solution, he added.

5:31Coronavirus outbreak: Dr. Njoo says federal government ready to support provinces on contact tracingCoronavirus outbreak: Dr. Njoo says federal government ready to support provinces on contact tracingHe’s not the person to warn against putting too much faith in digital technology. Canada’s deputy chief public health officer Dr. Howard Njoo also warned Friday that apps are not a silver bullet.

Benoit Barbeau, a professor in the biological science department at the Université du Québec à Montréal, said it appears Canada is just starting to ramp up its contact tracing. The country has “not necessarily been proactive” in increasing testing or tracing.

Story continues below advertisementTransmission by asymptomatic or presymptomatic but contagious people, for instance, has been “a real important problem.”READ MORE:“Contact tracing will at least make these people aware that they might be carriers even though they are not showing any symptoms or have not yet developed any symptoms,” Barbeau said.

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Second waveA second wave is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.As Canadian Medical Association president Dr. Sandy Buchman said Friday, a second wave of COVID-19 is “inevitable.”“There’s never been a pandemic in recorded history that didn’t have a second wave, and often that second wave is even worse than the first,” he told Global News Radio.

Reopening in a way that minimizes deaths and cases can be done with “good data.” And that good data comes from testing extensively, to find out where exactly new cases are coming from.Only then can you trace.READ MORE:“We have to be able to identify hot spots, because then you can trace,” Buchman said.

Tracing means some people would stay home, under quarantine, while others could then go back to work or go back to school.Story continues below advertisement“If we identify more hot spots or people getting sick, we can slow down a little bit,” he said.

“If we find that we’re not seeing the disease out there, we can open up more. So it’s kind of a win-win both ways. That’s really what we’re calling for.”ReopeningIn Canada, the COVID-19 epidemic is at a different stage across the country — some urban areas have high figures, while other provinces (such as New Brunswick) have reached a point where they’re going days or weeks without a new case.

That is why, for many parts of the country, it’s “completely reasonable” to lift some of the restrictions from the lockdown.“Mainly, you know, the the eastern provinces, the prairies, Alberta, British Columbia, these are places that by and large have this epidemic under much better control,” Bogoch said.

1:43Saskatchewan restaurant owners eyeing reopening day with cautionSaskatchewan restaurant owners eyeing reopening day with cautionBut there’s still a concern about testing levels in provinces like Ontario and Quebec, which collectively report the overwhelming majority of new daily cases in Canada in recent weeks.

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“There’s obviously the concern that if we don’t have the diagnostic testing capacity — or maybe we have the capacity, we’re just not using it — and if we don’t have the appropriate level of contact tracing in place now, we can certainly contribute to greater community transmission,” Bogoch said.


Leave the smart phone at home. The way to shut down an epidemic would be temporary isolationism aka shutting the borders in January. Instead we have 6500 dead, 85000 infected, total shutdown of the economy, restricted freedom of movement and now electronic tracking. I bet Trudeau is proud of his response.

full body condoms with a rebreather what else would work conspiracy Freedomsafety For the next 30 days if we want to stop this, no one is allowed to leave their homes without a mask and gloves! Or shut everything down completely for 14 days. Then there shouldn’t be any new cases! Wud that help? This adds the fuel to the fire that this is all about government control. Tracing our every step sounds like a wonderfully free country to me..... Fml

It’s too late to close the barn door after the horses have left! Once this app is introduced intoCanadian society it will be there forever. Privacy will be but a memory. Snitch lines and tracing apps, how did Canada get to this point? CCP Canada State Media hard at work. 600m for this wonderful Fake News. Say goodbye to Democracy. TrudeauLied HajduLied TamLied

Nope! JustinTrudeau can stick it up his ass! How about a wide scale sanitization of the city like we saw in italy and south korea? Thats how U violate the CHARTER of RIGHTS & FREEDOMS. That 'contact tracing' is spying on CDNS every move & everyone they associate with. Your watching citizens full stop no pretty name changes that!! With this Communist JustinTrudeau gov its so ripe to abuse CDNs its sick...

No you shut it down by stopping the panic and freeing society to go back to work. It's a nasty bug - but nothing more. And there will be others. This is how you get a whole lot more control over your citizens and destroy privacy all together and make a new means of invading peoples lives. Can see by the comment section that opening up is way too soon since people are this terrified of something like contact tracing.

MARKO BEASTO There are no experts on this pandemic. If there were, they all wouldnt have been wrong so many times. Are they friggin crazy! This episode of Black Mirror is getting out of hand! How about trace where sex offenders are or murders. Not law abiding citizens Oooooooooo, one expert says this? Well Crispy Fried Rat Turds, IDGAF. What do MANY experts say? Let’s take the advice of many people. Remember what happened when we listened to that one quack that JennyMcCarthy was promoting?

New headline That's how you shut down a culture, you shut down contact between friend's, family and individuals, one expert says. It’s only possible is places like rural Canada where cases are low. Urban, hard hit areas are next to impossible. You can try but it’s unrealistic to expect it to be the answer

Yes we have entered Bizarro World where we will train people to spy on other people. In the US they figured they would need millions trained in watching other people. Your a fool if you think they're going to use it just for a little virus. I figured they would be pushing this George Soros garbage eventually. Yes he had to stick his filthy money in hear sooner or later as they also try to push the stupid idea south of the border.

So knuckleheads you realize if you have an electronic device you are tracked, that info is used to sell adds and is sold for marketing. The info is taken from your device no mater what you think you block. Tracing is very benign and in no way infringes your rights. Or lock down. Id2020 Sorry you're not convincing us. Anything the msm pushes for is an absolute no!

On a scale of zero to 1984, how big brother is this? Oh hell no! This covid-19 bs has already gotten way too far out of hand to the point of absurdly ridiculous. No damn way will add some damn app to track my every move. Pay my phone bill and I’ll consider it...consider, but still 99% no! Wouldnt it be easier if we all just never leave the house again?

Will it be able to find all the mutants too? Will Charles Xavier be helping out with the software? Did Santa approve of this? Will Xi Jinping and the CCP be helping monitor citizens? Your 'expert' is delusional One step away from arresting people for personal interactions. I would have done this it worked in South Korea , but I don’t trust Trudeau and his communist allies! So a hard pass! TrudeauDictatorship Chinazi cdnpoli bcpoli Vancouver

This is beyond frightening. The potential for abuse is huge. How about a trial run for all our politicians to see where they are going and what they are doing......after all they answer to us not the other way around This has gone far past the point of surreal These “experts” have been wrong from the beginning of the COVIDー19 pandemic. My dog has more competence.

You really pushing this ‘contact tracing’ Trying too make it common place as to give up our privacy & freedoms for the appearance of safety Shall we add up all the things you’ve been wrong about so far? I'll go to prison for life before that happens

'The second wave will come': Is Canada prepared for a COVID-19 resurgence?Experts are warning that there is not enough testing, tracing or information for Canada to be properly equipped to deal with a second wave of COVID-19 infections. There was barely a first wave. Got my list of stocks ready

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COVID-19 pandemic highlights need for more public toilets in Canada, experts sayas some provinces begin to reopen their economies — and residents increasingly venture outside — the demand for restrooms will rise They exist once— in stores and restaurants—but Canada’s drug problem meant companies stopped allowing non-customer use. I don’t see how public washrooms would be any different. We’ll end up with Vancouver style public washrooms—stalls with no doors. i.e. unuseable

NP View: Canada isn’t alone in its fight with China anymoreIt is clear that China’s authoritarian rulers have burned a lot of bridges as of late, and most of those bridges led straight to democratic countries that have historically been allies of ours I think it's more like Canada finally joined the rest in a fight against China Canada was never in a fight with China. Trudeau is so far up china’s ass he can do a prostate exam. The liberal fight is all show. How many countries has China invaded? If China is a threat, as suggested for a long time, why does Canada let in only 1300 Japanese but 300000+ Chinese annually? Why is China invested in Canada's asphalt egg? Why are Chinese secret society gang members judges and justices?

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