Wexit Canada interim leader says Trudeau's 2019 win prompted him to back the movement

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The new interim leader of the separatist party Wexit Canada Jay Hill says the re-election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government was what convinced him that Western Canada needs to form an independent nation.

Former Conservative MP Jay Hill is seen in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, October 4, 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian WyldOTTAWA -- The new interim leader of the separatist party Wexit Canada Jay Hill says the re-election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government was what convinced him that Western Canada needs to form an independent nation.

In an interview on CTV’s Question Period, host Evan Solomon asked Hill—who served as a Conservative MP for 17 years and was the house leader and government whip under former prime minister Stephen Harper—when he came to the conclusion that it was time for Western Canada to go it alone. Citing the number of seats in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario and the way the House of Commons seats are allocated, which is based on population, Hill said that it’s clear to him that “we're never going to get a fair deal,” regardless of whether it was a Liberal or Conservative government in power, because political leaders have to “appease” to vote-rich central Canada to stay in power.


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The arrogant and divisive Eastern comments really prove why this movement exists. Divide the country between those who want to work and keep their money and those who want handouts. I'll bet the movement will have the same demographics as it does now.

More to come!!

The tolerant and accepting liberals are flooding the comments proving why westerners want out.

What is weird is they didn't register the provincial party? The only plausible conclusion is it supports jkenney Not that he didn't stock the fire during the provincial election. The dog whistle referendum was a play for votes.

....I'm going to need you to read that title again. Out loud. Slowly. It'll come to you.

Shit head confirmed then.

Let's do this Alberta!

Can you imagine Alberta with no transfer payments, no Federal handouts, no access to water, no postal system, no Health care, railroads etc.etc.

Don’t be fooled. Wexit Canada is the beginning of another Reform/Alliance/Conservative rebrand. The remnants of the CPC will regroup and emerge as the core of Wexit. Only this time they will be further to the right and openly white supremacist. Mark my words.

...moved him to attempt to destroy the country, did it? How touching. Give dickhead a medal.

Great, thanks for splitting the right wing federal vote in Alberta, genius.

I wonder what they'd do if they got what they wanted and we eventually hit 'peak oil'? It's foolish and only serves to prove that if they can't get what they want, they won't cooperate. Fucking cry babies over a pipeline, that I doubt oil companies have any interest in making now

Jay Hill is speaking for millions of Westerners that have had enough with Ottawa, and are ready to do something about it. We have come to a realization that EVERY GOVERNMENT regardless of party will pander to the East while using the West as a piggy bank. Time to choose change.

This is what happens when a divisive leader alienates entire provinces. We need an inclusive leader who can bring everyone together

Why hello new PPC party.

Aww poor baby having a temper tantrum. Sit down fool.

Go ahead, start the party. Result: he LIBS win again, which only exacerbates the issue. They find an ally (of sorts) in the Bloc on the Hill. The CPC continues to miss the mark on what will get them elected. Trudeau keeps his streak as luckiest politician ever.

Separating from the rest of Canada into a country whose entire economy is based on oil seems like a great idea!

Prompted a lot of people to join / support that movement 😡🇨🇦

1/ If they want to leave Canada.. fine. The Alberta Act gets scrapped then. Gee, who owned that land before euro-caucasians? Canadian law is what you used for mortgages, land rights and property deeds - all which will no longer be recognized if you Wexit.

Traitors. Call them what they are.

Whaaaa, that being said just what the conservatives need to keep them from electing MP's from the prairies.

If our provinces enjoy the same power as the states, the Wexit won’t be necessary.

Like Quebec, these threats to form independence because you don’t like the Canadian Government are empty, and they know this. If you don’t like the government, or who is in charge, threatening to abandon your country is not the solution. In fact, it’s more of a temper tantrum.


Wexit proponents could simply take Canada's head, put it on a plate and present to the Americans. A lot will suddenly find the country interesting, particularly if it provides a 'democratic' way to link Alaska to the lower 48, with a bonus in oil, potash, lumber and water supply.

Read Alberta's political positions in 1980 and 1995 re: Quebec separation & complaints about confederation. They were not pretty, practical or charitable. Those arguments will come back and bite Alberta in the derrière. BTW, Québec voted twice to STAY IN the Confederation.

Terrible idea IMO but I understand the anger So called “progressives” backing the very things this country has worked so hard towards puttting an end to A Very blatant fraud who wears blackface and has been accused of racism, has physically and sexually assaulted women etc....

Their party's name is... Wexit Canada? Wexit 'Canada?' Lmao.

Silly Westerners, if they think BC will leave with them they’re obviously clueless. fools

rexglacer Canada really needs to be broken up into different nations. I have zero unifying similarities with the leftist regressive voters out east.

Sore loser!!

Wexit, just like the Bloc, are symptoms of a communication problem. Whether about language, investments into right sectors, or social issues, all of them need two sides able & willing to communicate respectfully with open minds. If that happens, Wexit & Bloc no longer exist.

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